Annual Competition Results 2021

Apologies for delay in publishing results which are published below.

The following competitions were judged by Graham winters FRPSL and the respective standard is given for each entrant:

Sussex Cup for Postal History & Postal Markings

Guernsey Early Philately, Julian Bagwell. Gold.  Winner.

Handstamps applied to mail arriving in France from the Channel Islands,1755-1839.  Richard Flemming.  Gold.

Postal History Correspondence, a different view. Steven Power. Vermeil

Society Cup for Stamps

The Constant Errors & Varieties of the First Pre-Decimal and Decimal Definitive Stamps of Guernsey. Nicholas Stuart. Vermeil.  Winner.

Guernsey 3d Regional Stamps.  John Goose.  Large Silver.

Guernsey Regional Stamps used in Alderney.  John Goose.  Silver Bronze.

Occupation Postal History and Markings. 

German Occupation of the Island of Alderney, 1940-1945.  Richard Flemming. Large Vermeil.  Winner.

The Red Cross Message Service 1940-1945.  Alan Whittaker.  Large Vermeil.

Open Philately Competition Cup.

First Official Airmails 1937-1984.  Alan Whittaker. Vermeil.