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1POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1785 Forwarding Agent Entire - Bishop Mark for April 1785. Addressed to Jersey care of Hillgrove & Durrell, Southampton. Written up on album page70.00
2POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1820 Entire to Dublin, re-addressed to Chester. With good Jersey Scroll handstamp. With manuscript 1/8 crossed out and reposted to Chester40.00
3POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1837 Entire from France. Rated 9 decimes. With St Malo transit datestamp15.00
4POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - Sep 1839 Letter to France with manuscript 5 Decimes. With circular 'OUTRE- MER /ST MALO datestamp in red. (SG cat no CF33)50.00
5POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1825 Part wrapper to Colchester with Jersey Scroll handstamp . Endorsed 1s 2d postage. With London transit mark30.00
6POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1842 Letter to France with 'OUTRE-MER / ST MALO' datestamp in red. Charged 4 decimes (SG cat no CF24)38.00
7POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1845 -Entire in English to Cognac concerning supply of Brandy and wine. Endorsed 10 pence. With datestamp in red. With 'ILES C/ST MALO' datestamp & flat top '3' in red. Cognac arrival cds25.00
8POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY -1853 Entire - Jersey to St Malo. With 'ILES-C ST. MALO' Datestamp in red and St Malo datestamp Postage levied by St Malo Post Office. Endorsed '7' - 7 decimes postage due for unpaid letter from Jersey20.00
9POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1860 Entire letter to Nantes. 4d cancelled with 1441 Lozenge, small figures. Octagonal ANGL BM Granville and Boxed PD both in red alongside. Cherbourg A Paris Railway cancel and Nates Destination 5 Juil 60 on reverse. Light central vertical fold.70.00
10POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1862 Entire letter to St Malo. Two 4d cancelled with two strikes of the 3176 Lozenge small figures. Octagonal ANGL BM St Malo and Boxed PD both in red alongside. Wax mark on reverse, light horizontal fold well away from stamps and a little foxing100.00
11POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1862 Entire to Philadelphia, U.S.A. 2/- rate. With 2 x QV 1/- stamps with JERSEY 409 cancels. Endorsed via Queenstown. With U.S. PAID handstamp and '42 cents ' handstamp in red70.00
12POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1867 Entire from France to Jersey with 2 French stamps cancelled in France . With LA REOLE datestamp on Front. With square 'PD' in red & framed 'G' in black. With CARTARET & JERSEY datestamps on reverse28.00
13POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1870 Entire to Oporto, Portugal . With QV 6d cancelled with fine Jersey duplex, code 'C'. With PORTO arrival datestamp. From C.W. Robins & Co. Interesting contents. Fine cover50.00
14POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1873 - Ephemera - Fine engraved illustrated invoice for H Pellow, Hearse & Mourning Coaches, Bath St., St. Helier. Invouce to Capt. Lowe for hire of carriages8.00
15POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1874 envelope from France to Jersey. Redirected back to France. With manuscript 'Not Known' in red. and endorsed 'Not for New Street.' With fine Jersey arrival datestamp (Au 28/ 1874). With circular hanstamp 'MORE TO PAY'. Eleven different datestamps on reverse, including a fine Jersey datestamp, code B230.00
16POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1885 Cover from France (25ct rate) to Somerville Hotel, Jersey. With Jersey s / circle datestamp on reverse (code C2) and superb ST. AUBYNS (code P) datestamp also on reverse50.00
17POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1887 Underpaid cover from Jersey to Atlanta, U.S.A. With QV 2 1/2d Jubilee stamp cancelled with Jersey squared circle. Underpaid with hexagonal T25 handstamp. No JE lettering beneath this taxe mark. With U.S. circular ' DUE/ 10 CENTS' handstamp. With 5 x U.S.A. 2ct postage due stamps & ATLANTA arrival cds30.00
18POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY 1889 Entire from Jersey to Calvados. Fine Jersey Sq Circles on pair of QV 2½d and St Malo transit alongside. Various Railway cancels including a fine 'Dinan A Avranches' cancel on reverse. Roughly opened17.00
19POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1893 Uprated Registered postal stationery envelope to Bordeaux. 3d embossed up rated to 8½d with 3 QV stamps. With '409' numeral obliterator cancels & oval JERSEY registered datestamp. With BREST a PARIS transit mark. Senders details cut from back flap30.00
20POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1894 JAPANESE green postal stationery card addressed to M. Tomlin, 19th P.W.O. Regiment, Jersey With Yokohama datestamp. Message in English. Scarce mail from Japan25.00
21POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1896 cover from Jersey to Torquay. Fine sq. circle cancel on QV 1d lilac. FIVE OAKS cds on reverse13.00
22POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1897 Attractive Court card postally used (1d rate) to America. With Jersey d/circle datestamp10.00
23POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - Early unused advertising card for Belfords cigars, 35 Halkett Place5.00
24POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1898 P/stationery cover from India to Jersey. With Jersey arrival datestamp on reverse10.00
25POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1899 Court card of Bouley Bay to Seine, France. Pair of 1/2d QV vermilion with Jersey d/circle cancels AU 27 99 and Granville transit alongside.12.00
26POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1899 Letter Card to Blackheath. QV 1d Lilac with JERSEY d/c cds & fine SAMARES cds on reverse12.00
27POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1901 QV ½d postal stationery card to London with fine Jersey squared circle cancel (with time code)8.00
28POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1902 - P/card to France. With d /circle ST MALO cancel on KEVII 1d stamp on front of card. Fair ANG BM cancel on reverse. With French arrival datestamp12.00
29POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1902 Postal stationery Entire from India with fine Jersey Sq Circle AU 11 02 on reverse.11.00
30POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1902 -37 - Group of 10 French stamps (Including strip of 3) with 'JERSEY/ FRANCE M.B.' datestamps20.00
31POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 Postcard to France . KEVII stamp on front cancelled with 'ST MALO, ILLE ET VILLAINE' datestamp in red. (SG cat no CF33)40.00
32POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 - Postcard to Paris sent at ½d printed matter rate. KEVII stamp cancelled with fine GRANVILLE MANCHE d/circle datestamp. With ANG B.M. / GRANVILLE octagonal datestamp. Alongside there is a fine oval cachet of Grand Hotel du Palais de Cristal. Nice item38.00
33POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 postcard to Yeovil. With fine Jersey squared circle cancel with time code3.00
34POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 - Unpaid P/card from Pairis to Jersey. Routed via London. With 2d I.S.D. surcharge mark8.00
35POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 Underpaid postcard from Dinan, France to St Helier. With French triangular 'T' handstamp and LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/ 409 handstamp. With 3d surcharge mark in manuscript. Endorsed ' Refused'18.00
36POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904/ 7 Two postcards with GOREY datestamps - codes 'C' and 'A'5.00
37POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 P/card from ST LUCIA to Havre des Pas. Nice item5.00
38POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 p/card to La Moie School House,Jersey With fine ST PETERS datestamp alongside stamp4.00
39POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1904 P/card from Chebourg to St Helier. With fine Cherbourg datestamp. Routed via Carteret. On arrival in Jersey - LIABLE TO LETTER RATE/409 h/stamp applied. Endorsed '3' (d) in manuscript10.00
40POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1905 - Postcard to England with fair FALDOUET datestamp3.00
41POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1905- P/card to Manchester with MILLBROOK datestamp, code C3.00
42POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1906 - P/card from France to St Helier. With French stamps cancelled with JERSEY - FRANCE M B datestamp (SG cat no. CF78) and with fine PAQUEBOT handstamp in violet alongside50.00
43POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1907 postcard to London with BEAUMONT datestamp, code'A'3.00
44POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 23 Dec 1907 postcard to St Ouens with fine FIVE OAKS datestamp, code C4.00
45POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1907 - Postcard sent locally with fine ST MARTINS, JERSEY datestamp, code 'A'4.00
46POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1906/ 7 - Postcard of a Field Artillery &2nd Batt. Royal Jersey Light Infantry in Camp 1906. Published by Le Brun, Rozel, Jersey. Postally used 1907 with ST JOHNS CHURCH datestamp, code 'A'8.00
47POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1907 P/card to France. Stamp on picture side with scarce CONWAY ST, JERSEY datestamp (* code)85.00
48POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1908 LL Postcard (LL 235) to Seine France. Carried on the Gorey to Carteret service. KE VII stamp on front with CARTERET, MANCHE datestamp. PAQUEBOT datestamp on reverse25.00
49POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1908 - P/card from France to La Haule Jersey with ST SERVAN datestamp6.00
50POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1908 Underpaid p/card from Natal to St Helier. With Natal ' T10c' & Southampton 1d surcharge mark5.00
51POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1909 - P/card to France with GRANVILLE/ MANCHE transit datestamp6.00
52POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1909 - P/card to St Helier with CARTARET datestamp. Carried on Carteret - Gorey service. With JERSEY - FRANCE MB datestamp. On album page with detailed write up25.00
53POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1912 P/card from France to Beresford Street, St Helier. With French stamp cancelled with PORT BAIL d/circle datestamp. On album page with detailed write up20.00
54POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1908 - P/card sent locally with SAMARES datestamp, code C4.00
55POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 23 Dec 1912 postcard sent locally with fine FIRST TOWER datestamp, code C3.00
56POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1912 - French stamp on piece with JERSEY d/circle datestamp9.00
57POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1906 Postcard to Five Oaks with ST AUBIN datestamp (No code) Posted 24 December6.00
58POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1910 - P/card to London with fine ST MARTINS JERSEY datestamp,4.00
59POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1912 Postcard to St Helier with ST. OWENS datestamp, code 'C'3.00
60POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1910 -Fine KEVII red postal stationery card to Germany (1d rate) with fine Jersey datestamp5.00
61POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1911 P/card to Seine et Oise France. Fine Granville d/c on 1d KE V11 stamp with octagonal ANGL B M Granville and Seine arrival datestamp alongside.17.00
62POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1907 - postcard to Sarthe, France via St Malo. With KEVII stamp cancelled with ST MALO datestamp. With 'ANG. B.M. SAINT MALO cds alongside. With 'HOTEL de la POMME D'OR ' cachet 40.00
63POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1914 Postcard - France to Jersey - . French stamp cancelled JERSEY - FRANCE M B datestamp (SG cat no. CF79 - Day/ month reversed in handstamp)40.00
64POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1908 Postcard from Jersey to Paris via Granville. With KEVII 1d stamp folded over front of card With 'GRANVILLE, MANCHE ' cds on front. & octagonal ' ANGL. B.M. GRANVILLE' datestamp30.00
65POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 25 December 1913 - Postcard sent locally on Christmas Day. With Jersey d/circle datestamp3.00
66POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1913 Postcard to France. Underpaid. With superb Jersey hexagonal 'T10/JE' surcharge hanstamp80.00
67POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1913 Postcard to Essex with GOREY datestamp, code A3.00
68POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1914 Postcard to France. Shows picture of ship SS LAURA. With stamp on front cancelled with ST MALO datestamp. With 'ANG. BM. ST MALO' datestamp on address side. With detailed write up. States that card probably posted in mobile box on the S,S. Laura18.00
69POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1915 Postcard to Guernsey with KGV ½d stamp. Fine 'Too Late' handstamp alongside60.00
70POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1921 Underpaid postcard from Surrey to Jersey. With 1d /422 surcharge mark (Kingston, Surrey) With 1d postage due cancelled with Jersey datestamp10.00
71POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1923 Underpaid p/card from New Zealand to St Helier . With New Zealand and Southampton 1½d surcharge handstamps. With ½d & 1d postage dues cancelled with Jersey datestamp10.00
72POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1931 Postcard to Surrey. 1d rate with St AUBIN s/ circle datestamp without code letter5.00
73POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1933 Registered envelope from USA . Fine Cleveland, Ohio transit datestamp. With oval Jersey Registered datestamp on reverse. Nice item16.00
74POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - June 1937 - First Flight cover from Jersey. Addressed to London Office of Jersey Airways. Flown to Southampton. With JERSEY AIRWAYS /FIRST AIRMAIL FLIGHT ' cachet in blue - green8.00
75POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - June 1937 - First Flight cover from Jersey. Addrerssed to Newport. Flown to Southampton. Has 2 strikes of JERSEY AIRWAYS /FIRST AIRMAIL FLIGHT ' cachets ~ one in blue ; other in red10.00
76POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - May 1939 illus cover for First Inter Island flight to Guernsey. Addressed to Guernsey Airways, c/o Guernsey Airport10.00
77POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1784 - 1829 - 9 Pieces of correspondence to Priaulx and Dorey from London and France. Most have ratings marks in manuscript and some have Bishop marks20.00
78POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1795 Entire from Guernsey to Doncaster. Manuscript 3/3 charge. With scarce GUERNSEY Concave handstamp. With transit datestamp on reverse. Scarce item80.00
79POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1800 Entire from Sothampton to Thomas Sausmarez, Guernsey. With SOUTHAMPTON straight line handstamp30.00
80POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1806 Entire from St Austell addressed to Priaulx, fowarded by Letter Forwarding Agent, Nicholas Robilliard / Wemouth /Dorset. Endorsed 1/1d. On album sheert with detailed write up75.00
81POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1814 wrapper from Paris to Guernsey with P. PAYE PARIS handstamp in red. Pre paid 7 decimes on reverse. With 4/2d manuscript mark - being postage due for a double letter. With London Forteign Office and General Post datestamps on reverse. Nice item40.00
82POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1818 Wrapper from Cork, Ireland to Priaulx & Co, Guernsey. Endorsed 2/4. With fine CORK 134 mileage mark in red. Scarce from Ireland35.00
83POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1830 -Wrapper from Guernsey to London. With GUERNSEY double arc datestamp and manuscript p 1/1 in red15.00
84POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1835 Wrapper from London to Guernsey. With manuscript '3/3'. With Lombard St. datestamp12.00
85POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1841 Entire with QV 1d red Imperf cancelled with black Maltese Cross addressed to Southampton. With SOUTHAMPTON PENNY POST handstamp. Re-directed to Kings Road, Guernsey. With handstruck '1'40.00
86POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY- 1844 Entire to Hampshire. With scarce Guernsey Handstruck '1' numeral in red. (SG cat no, GC13 GC13). Used instead of adhesive With Guernsey and Basingstoke double arc datesamps. Scarce item80.00
87POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1881 Cover from India to Guernsey. With Bombay transit mark and Guernsey arrival datestamp15.00
88POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1861 fine cover to New York. With QV 1/- stamp with fine Guernsey 324 duplex cancel, code B. Endorsed via Liverpool. With '5 cents' handstamp in red applied on arrival. Fine cover50.00
89POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1864 Part entire from E D Mourant et Cie, St Malo to Guerin Brothers, Guernsey. With St Malo cds, Red framed PD, & very fine Guernsey receiving 19mm datestamp (SG cat GC38)3.00
90POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1866 Entire letter from France to De Sausmarez, Guernsey. With London PAID handstamp in red Fine Paris datestamp and Guernsey arrival datestamp, code B20.00
91POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1871 Cover from Boston to Guernsey. With Guernsey s/circle arrival datestamp on reverse10.00
92POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1871 cover to Duquemin, Master Carpenter, Cobo. QV 1d plate cancelled with Guernsey duplex10.00
93POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1901 P/card to Canada. With KE VII stamp tied with Guernsey datestamp. With light ST SAVIOURS rubber datestamp alongside. Underpaid. With hexagonal T5 /LV surcharge handstamp applied en route at Liverpool Handstruck '2' applied in Canada . With Canadian 2ct postage due stamp alongside. Nice item20.00
94POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1903 P/card with Guernsey squared circle cancel3.00
95POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1904 (?) P/card with Guernsey squared circle cancel and ST. ANDREWS datestamp alongside4.00
96POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1904 Underpaid p/card from France to Guernsey. Routed via London where 1d /I.S.H. surcharge mark was applied12.00
97POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY-. 1905 UPU Postal stationery card from Portugal to Col Coleman, "Beauregard", Guernsey Guernsey. Fine datestamp - 'PORTO CENTRAL' 23 1 05.11.00
98POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1905 Postcard from Guernsey to Rennes via BINIC. With KEVII 1d stamp on picture side with BINIC datestamp . With manuscript PAQUEBOT (listed in C.I. postal history cat. as SG 67a) Also with BM in oval datestamp60.00
99POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1906 P/card sent locally with fair ST PETER IN THE WOOD datestamp alongside stamp3.00
100POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1907 postcard sent locally with ST SAMPSONS datestamp, code D3.00
101POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1908 P/card sent locally with superb ' THE VALE datestamp (* code)4.00
102POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1911 P/card to London . KGV stamp cancelled with worn COBO rubber datestamp in grey black10.00
103POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1913 P/card to France. With KGV 1d stamp on front cancelled with fine COBO rubber datestamp12.00
104POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1921 P/card to Kent posted at seldom seen 1½d rate. With GUERNSEY d/circle datestamp3.00
105POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1927 Cover from Shanghai, China to Catel, Guernsey5.00
106POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1936 cover to The Vale with KEVIII ½d definitive cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel.4.00
107POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1937 cover with KEVIII ½d & 1d definitives cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel.5.00
108POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1936/37 Two items both with KEVIII stamps . Both with ST SAMPSONS d/ circle datestamps8.00
109POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1937 - Plain FDC of GB Coronation stamp with Guernsey machine cancel5.00
110POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1938 Front to Guernsey with 6 x ½d Leeward Islands stamps cancelled with a Boston, Mass slogan cancel. With purple cachet - 'Lady Nelson' . Posted on High Seas. Canadian National Steamship10.00
111POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1939 P/card underpaid from America to Guernsey. Routed via Southampton. With Southampton 1d surcharge handstamp and 1d postage due stamp with St Peter Port, Guernsey datestamp8.00
112POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1939 Illus. Flight cover for first mail flight by Guernsey Airways to Southampton. With Guernsey machine cancel. Forwarded to Leicester. Slight foxing6.00
113POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - May 1939 Plain First Flight cover for first airmail flight from Southamton to Guernsey. With green circular cachet for GUERNSEY AIRWAYS / 8 May 1939/ GZ. With Southampton slogan cancel12.00
114POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 6 May 1940 Registered cover with GB Centenary 1d, 2d, 2 1/2d & 3d values tied with light COBO d/circle datestamps . With COBO registration label12.00
115POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1940 Invoice for Guernsey Waterworks Dept.5.00
116POSTAL HISTORYSARK - 1926 - P/card from Ranger Camp, The Seigneurie, to Buckinghamshire . With KGV 1d cancelled with fine SARK s/circle datestamp, code A8.00
117POSTAL HISTORYSARK - 1937 Postcard with 2 x KEVIII ½d definitives with SARK d/circle datestamps10.00
118POSTAL HISTORYSARK - THE TOPLIS STORY - interesting collection in 9 sheets giving the history of Arthur Toplis in Sark. including 6 early items either to him or from him20.00
119POSTAL HISTORYALDERNEY - 1865 cover from Portsmouth addressed to a Major in the Artillery in Alderney. With Guernsey transit datestamp on reverse. Scarce destination80.00
120WWAR 1GUERNSEY - P/card (Guernsey LL 182 coloured) to Sussex. Dated 5 FE 15 and text includes statement - "Cousin George Norman has volunteered for the front".15.00
121WWAR 1JERSEY -. RP Postcard from the POW Camp (Barack Block B5) to Bitterfeld, Germany. Shows Group of POW's including musicians inside Building. No Censor cachets, these were unescessary because the card did not include a message. Fine105.00
122OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - November 1939 Censored Cover from England to Queens Road, Guernsey. Scarce PC66 censor tape on left side but cover open on three sides.10.00
123OCCUPATIONJERSEY - June 1940 commercial cover from Canada addressed to Jersey. Routed to London where 'NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp applied. . Returned to Canada.'MAIL SERVICE SUSPENDED' handstamp. 'DEAD LETTER OFFICE, OTTAWA/ AUG 1940' handstamp in blue. Mail held until 1946. With oval handstamp - 'Canadian Postal Censorship / OTTAWA / JAN 1946' Unusual cover.150.00
124OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Unused postcard showing German troops marching through St Peter Port6.00
125OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Unused postcard showing Bomb damage in St Peter Port8.00
126OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Unused postcard showing Air Raid in St Peter Port harbour4.00
127OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 27 DEC 1940 cover with 2d Centenary Bisect with Guernsey s/circle datestamp10.00
128OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 27 DEC 1940 cover with 2d Centenary Bisect with THE VALE datestamp15.00
129OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 27 DEC 1940 Registered cover addressed to Lloyds Bank Ltd. Guernsey. With 6 x 2d Centenary bisects (making 6d rate) with Guernsey s/circle datestamps anf GUERNSEY registration label. Scarce100.00
130OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Jan 1941 cover with Centenary Bisect cancelled with MARKET PLACE datestamp15.00
131OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 11 Jan 1941 - Commercial cover with KGVI 2d definitive bisect. With Guernsey machine cancel18.00
132OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 24 Jan 1941 - Commercial cover with KGVI 2d definitive bisect. With Guernsey machine cancel Inter Island. Addressed to Greve D'Azette, Jersey20.00
133OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 23 Jan 1941 Commercial cover from States Committee for Control of Essential Services to St. Peters with machine cancel 23 JAN 1941 on 2d Centenary Bisect and GV1 ½d Definitive. Tear to envelope flap. This does not detract. Nice item45.00
134OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 21 Feb 1941 commercial cover with 2d Centenary Bisect. With GUERNSEY machine cancel15.00
135OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 22 Feb 1941 P/card with 2d Centenary Bisect & 1d Arms. With COBO d/circle datestamp12.00
136OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 22 Feb 1941 cover with 2d Centenary Bisect & 1d Arms. With GUERNSEY s/circle datestamps10.00
137OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 24 Feb 1941 Last day cover of 2d Centenary bisect on plain postcard. Philatelic8.00
138OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 6 Feb 1941 - Commercial item from H.M. Receiver General, Guernsey to St Sampsons. With 2d Centenary bisect. Endorsed 'Gone Away' With '1d/ POSTAGE DUE FOR RETURN TO SENDER' h/stamp40.00
139OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 10 Feb 1941 - Cover to Jersey with 2 x 2d Centenary bisects and KGVI 1/2d definitive. With Guernsey/ St Peter Port datestamps25.00
140OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 21 Feb 1941 cover with GB 1d Centenary, Centenary 2d Bisect and 1d Arms (3d rate). With Guernsey s/circle datestamps12.00
141OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Feb 1941 - Uprated KGV 1d postal stationery card with 2d Centenary bisect. Cancelled with VILLE AU ROI datestamp. Scarce usage of KGV postal stationery card during the Occupation30.00
142OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 18 Feb 1941 - cover with 2 x 2d Centenary bisects plus 1d Arms. Guernsey s/circle datestamps25.00
143OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Feb 1941 -Long cover with 4 x 2d Centenary bisects plus 1d Arms with VILLE AU ROI datestamps50.00
144OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 18 Feb 1941 - Unusual registered cover with 2 x 2d bisects 2 x 1d Arms stamps & KGVI 1½d definitive - with GUERNSEY s/ circle datestamps and GUERNSEY registration label40.00
145OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1941 Commercial long cover from States Committee for Control of Essential Commodities with 2d Centenary bisect and light Guernsey machine cancel. Re-directed to SARK. Cover has centre fold.45.00
146OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 18 Feb 1941 cover with 2d Centenary bisect & KGVI 1/2d definitinive plus INVALID 1d Centenary bisect. Two stamps cancelled with Guernsey d/circle datestamp . 1d bisect not cancelled. With 1d 324 surcharge handstamp. Very scarce item175.00
147OCCUPATIONSARK - 22 Feb 1941 - Cover with 2d Centenary bisect and 1d Arms. Both with fine SARK d/ circle datestamps Addressed to Stocks Hotel, Sark. 50.00
148OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 27 June 1940 Commercial uprated postal stationery cover from Liverpool addressed to St. Peters, Jersey. With British ' NO SERVICE/ RETURNED TO SENDER' handstamp. Nice item50.00
149OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1941 commercial cover from America addressed to St Helier, Jersey. Routed via England where ' NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp was applied. Slight tear lower right but does not detract. Scarce45.00
150OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - ½d Arms stamp - Group of Nine different shades U/mint . Written up on album sheet. Nice lot25.00
151OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 6th printing - Very lightly mounted mint10.00
152OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 12th printing - Mounted mint10.00
153OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 13th printing (Guernsey Press Co.) Lightly mounted on 1 stamp. Others u/mint12.00
154OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Upper corner block of four, with sheet number in margin. U/mint8.00
155OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1d Arms stamp - Four U/mint stamps - Scarlet on thin paper; scarlet on thick paper; vermilion and carmine. Plus two 2½d Arms (U/mint) - Ultramarine and pale ultramarine. Written up on album sheet12.00
156OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Block of 6 U/mint5.00
157OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 2 ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 3rd printing ("PRESS" ) U/mint. Large margin18.00
158OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 4th printing ("PRESS" ) U/mint. Small margin18.00
159OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1d Arms on blue bank note paper - Imprint block of 4 (7th printing) U/mint. Some perf separation in margin. Low reserve18.00
160OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1d Arms on Mourning cover. With Guernsey machine cancel3.00
161OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1941 Twice used cover, 1d rate. First use 6 AUG 1941 to Catel, second use 1 NOV 1941 to St Sampsons, clear machine cancels. Fine condition.15.00
162OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY 1941 Registered cover with 3 x ½d Arms stamps, 1d Arms and 2d Centenary stamp. With 'GUERNSEY' registration label12.00
163OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - April 1941 Registered cover with 2 x ½ d Arms, 1d Arms, 2d Centenary and KGVI 1½d definitive 'With GUERNSEY registration label15.00
164OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY -1941 Cover with 2 x ½d Arms with LES GRAVEES datestamp8.00
165OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Nov 1941 advertising cover sent locally. With 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel4.00
166OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1941 Registered cover with upper corner blocks of 4 of ½d and 1d Arms. With Guernsey s/circle datestamps (code 1) and GUERNSEY registration label15.00
167OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Oct 1941 registered cover with 2 x ½d Arms, 3 x 1d Arms and 1½d Centenary stamp. With Guernsey datestamps. With 'GUERNSEY 5' registration label (in use - Oct 1941 - January 1942)15.00
168OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Apr 1942 Commercial Inter Island cover to Jersey. With 3 Arms stamps & Guernsey machine cancel5.00
169OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Apr 1942 registered cover from Head Post Office. With 2 x ½d Arms ans 2 x 1d Arms both on blue banknote paper plus KGV 2½d definitive (Scarce usage). With GUERNSEY s/circle datestamps and GUERNSEY 4 registration label (used at Head P.O. from Jan 1942 to Dec 1942). Nice cover60.00
170OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Aug 1943 Registered long cover with 7 x ½ d Arms ( including one on blue banknote paper) and 3 x 1d Arms ( One on blue banknote paper), cancelled with ST SAVIOURS datestamps. ST. SAVIOURS reg label40.00
171OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - July 1944 cover with 2½d Arms to Jersey. Commercial. Nice Inter Island cover8.00
172OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Aug 1944 Advertising cover with 2½d Arms sent locally. Guernsey machine cancel6.00
173OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - Apr 1944 Registered cover with 4 x 2½d Arms stamps. Cancelled with LES GRAVEES datestamp. With 'GUERNSEY 1' registration label. Nice item20.00
174OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - April 1944 registered cover with 2½d Arms and 2 x Jersey 1½d Views stamps - all cancelled with ST MARTINS, GUERNSEY d/circle datestamps & ST MARTIN'S / GUERNSEY registration label. Unusual18.00
175OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - April 1944 registered cover with ½d, 1d, 2½d Arms and GB Coronation stamp - all cancelled with ST MARTINS, GUERNSEY d/circle datestamps & ST MARTIN'S / GUERNSEY registration label. Unusual20.00
176OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - April 1944 registered cover with ½d, and 2 x 2½d Arms and GB - all cancelled with ST SAMPSONS datestamps and GUERNSEY 6 registration label20.00
177OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1944 Registered cover with 4 x 1d Arms plus 2 x 1d Arms on Blue banknote paper. Posted from Head Post Office with provisional 'GUERNSEY 8' registration label . GUERNSEY 8 label used at Head Post Office between Jan 1943 and April 194430.00
178OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with 2 x ½ d Arms, 2 x 1d Arms & 2½d Arms. Posted from Head Post Office with provisional GUERNSEY 8 registration label. Few examples of use of this label on this date20.00
179OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with ½d Arms, 2 x 2½d Arms. Posted from Head Post Office. With Guernsey s/circle datestamp & Guernsey provisional registration handstamp - R166920.00
180OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with ½d , 1d and 2½d Arms plus ½d & 1d on blue banknote paper. Posted from Head Post Office. With Guernsey provisional registration handstamp - R 27950.00
181OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1941 -1d Arms U/mint marginal block of 4 . One stamp has 'white circle' variety10.00
182OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1941 - 1d Arms - marginal Imprint strip of 3. U /mint5.00
183OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1941 - 1d Arms - on chalky paper U /mint12.00
184OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 - ½d Views stamp in u/mint corner dated block of 4 - 1.5.43 printing18.00
185OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 1d Views - U/mint corner dated block of 6 - 7.5.43 printing10.00
186OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 1½d Views stamp in u/mint corner dated block of 4 - 18.5.43 printing10.00
187OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 2½d Views stamp in u/mint corner dated block of 4 - 31.5.43 printing10.00
188OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 1d and 2½d Views stamp in u/mint gutter pairs5.00
189OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 2½d Views -Fine u/ mint marginal block of 30 (10 x 3) with sheet no. and gutter margin20.00
190OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 3d Views stamp in u/mint corner dated block of 4 - 4.6.43 printing10.00
191OCCUPATIONJERSEY - April 1941 - Block of 4 x 1d Arms on plain FDC with Jersey datestamp & machine cancel8.00
192OCCUPATIONJERSEY - Jan 1942 cover with 2 x ½d Arms showing 2 distinct shades of green. With Jersey s/circle datestamp3.00
193OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 - 2 p/cards with 2d & 3d Views stamps respectively used on first day with Jersey datestamps5.00
194OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 Plain first day cover with 2 x ½d Views. With Jersey s/circle datestamp, code 3.8.00
195OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 Cover with gutter pair of ½d Views. Jersey machine cancel for first day of issue4.00
196OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943/44 Batch of 6 cards/ covers with various Jersey Views stamps. Low reserve6.00
197OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 unaddressed cover with 2 x2d Views with STOPFORD ROAD datestamp8.00
198OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 cover with 2½d Views with Jersey machine cancel for 29 June - first day of issue3.00
199OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 1943 Cover with 1d Arms and set of 6 Jersey Views stamps - Each cancelled with Jersey datestamp for actual date of issue.8.00
200OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 29 June 1943 Registered cover with marginal block of 4 of 2½d Views with Jersey s/ circle datestamp code 6. With Jersey 'C 71' provisional registration handstamp in blue.15.00
201OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 29 June 1943 Registered cover with 2½d and 3d Views with Jersey s/ circle datestamp. With provisional Jersey registration handstamp - B 400915.00
202OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 29 June 1943 Registered Express cover with Jersey Arms stamps and set of 6 Views stamps plus seldom seen KE VIII ½d definitive. With Jersey s/circle datestamps , code 6. Attractive cover18.00
203OCCUPATIONJERSEY - June 1943 Registered cover with pair of Jersey Arms stamps and set of 6 Views stamps cancelled with FIVE OAKS d/circle datestamps. With JERSEY 16 registration label22.00
204OCCUPATIONJERSEY - Nov 1943 Commercial cover handmade from tomato box wrapping paper with Jersey 2½d Views cancelled with ST. AUBINS d/ circle datestamp.25.00
205OCCUPATIONJERSEY - 2 Jan 1945 Cover addressed to First Tower with Jersey circular 1d PAID handstamp in red - Type 2 ½d adjusted to 1d type), Nice item30.00
206OCCUPATIONJERSEY - March 1945 - . Printed P/ card from R.J.A. & H.S. Agricultural Department (Herd Book) to Mr S Du Feu, St John, requesting Herd Book Certificate for slaughter of Cow on November 28th, 1944. With fine Jersey 1d PAID handstamp (½d adjusted to 1d type), 35.00
207OCCUPATIONINTERNEE - 1944 lettersheet from Biberach (W E Ashton 926) to Mrs C O Lacey,Cornwall. With Biberach
datestamp 29.8.44, fine Biberach Circular censor handstamp and British crown over Passed Censor cachet
cachet With St Ives machine cancel 22 SEP 1944 on reverse.
208OCCUPATIONINTERNEE - Oct 1943 Biberach postcard to Guernsey (Bird) with circular Biberach censor handstamp8.00
209OCCUPATIONINTERNEE - "THE BIRD-CAGE' - ILAG VII, LAUFEN 1944. Scarce book (93 pages) relating to life in the Camp. Printed in English. Fine condition50.00
210OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - 13 May 1944 cover from German soldier in Jersey ( Feldpost nr: - 36804 ) to Germany . With fine German Feldpost datestamp.25.00
211OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - April 1942 cover from German soldier in Jersey ( Feldpost nr: -26652C ) to Berlin . With fine German Feldpost datestamp.25.00
212OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - Jan 1944 miltary cover (Fleischmann) from Guernsey ( Feldpost nr 30613C ) to Germany25.00
213OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - Apr 1943 miltary cover (Caspers) from Guernsey ( Feldpost nr 24200 ) to Berlin25.00
214OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - ALDERNEY - October 1941 - Scarce Feldpost cover from soldier of 158 Construction Division based on Alderney ( Feldpost Nr : 05552) to Vienna, Austria80.00
215OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - ALDERNEY - November 1941 - Scarce Feldpost cover from soldier of 158 Construction Division based in Alderney (Feldpost Nr 05552) to Vienna. Includes a letter . This letter is headed ALDERNEY. This was agains the rules A court martial offence if discovered. However, letter not censored. With English translation. Scarce150.00
216OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - October 1942 - Feldpost cover from LEIPZIG to a soldier based in Jersey Feldpost Nr : 4273525.00
217OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - Nov 1941 - Unusual cover from German military with Feldpost datestamp (frree postage) addressed to Mr Colebank, Trinity Post Office, Jersey30.00
218OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - March 1944 probably from German military in France addressed to Bucktrouts , Guernsey. Unusual - with circular Ax handstamp of Paris . With Feldpost datestamp40.00
219OCCUPATIONFELDPOST Registered - July 1943 - From Feldpost Nr L22649 (Jersey) to Rechenberg , Germany. With Feldpost 712 datestamp and Feldpost 712 registration label . With 2 line handstamp on front - 'Frei durch Ablosung / Reich' With 2 line handstamp on reverse - ' Dienstelle der Feldpost Nr. / L22649 Luftgaupostamt Paris. Scarce item Slightly creased along right hand side of envelope80.00
220OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - Nov 1944 - Superb cover sent post free through the Jersey Postal system with St Helier, Jersey datestamp. From PLATZKOMMANDANTUR, St Helier. Addressed to Dr Mattas, St Helier. With contents - Entitled ' Beschluss' - Decision. Scarce item60.00
221OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - Apr 1944 cover and letter from Vienna to a soldier in Feldpost Nr 01742 (Jersey)50.00
222OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - Jersey. 1½d GV Postal Stationary Cover to Dijon, France. Uprated with ½d Views and 25pf Hitler Head, Feldpost and Jersey cancels 20 NOV 43. Censor tape with Paris OKW handstamps in red on reverse. Envelope flap a little roughly opened.50.00
223OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - 1943 From Head Postmaster, Jersey to Head Postmaster, Marseille. With 25 pf stamp tied with Feldpost datestamp. Censored in Paris. With OKW censor tape, - code x. Unusual80.00
224OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY - March 1944 commercial cover from Le Sueur, St Helier to France. 25pf rate Censored in Paris. With OKW censor tape, - code x.60.00
225OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - France to GUERNSEY - 1943 commercial registered cover from Lille. Not censored50.00
226OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY to Clermont Ferrand, France - 1943 commercial cover This was in the non occupied zone . With 25pf German stamp with 2 cachets - 'INADMIS' and ' RETOUR A L'ENVOYEUR. With pink label attached with endorsement -' Inadmis - zone non occupie.' Scarce item120.00
227OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY - Dieppe to Jersey 1943. Censored in Frankfurt. With 'OKW code e' roller censor handstamp. 4 Fr letter rate. With censor's information slip. Commercial. Unusual ,seldom seen80.00
228OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY - Germany to Jersey 1943. With circular 'Ae' handstamp of Frankfurt60.00
229OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY to Banque du France, Rochefort sur Mer. - 1943 commercial cover Censored in Paris. 25 Pf rate. With German OKW censor tape, code 'x'.60.00
230OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY to Granville, France - 1943 Unusual commercial plain postcard Posted at 15 Pf postcard rate. With message on reverse. Routed via Paris where circular Ax handstamp applied in red. Card has centre crease but this does not detract55.00
231OCCUPATIONFELDPOST - 1943 cover from Comite de Presse, Paris to Deutsche Inselzeitung, Jersey. Sent post free. With feldpost datestamp. Propaganda mail . 'Propaganda aussesstelle Sonderfuhrer'80.00
232OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - GUERNSEY --April 1944 cover from France to St Saviours Guernsey . 4 Fr rate. Censored in Paris. With OKW censor tape, - code 'x'50.00
233OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY 1943 cover from Jersey to Belgium. 25 Pf rate. With two unnecessary Jersey stamps. Routed via Cologne where cover received the 'Ac' roller cancel in red40.00
234OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY 1942 Uprated French postal stationery card commercially used from Paris to Jersey. No censor markings40.00
235OCCUPATIONCIVILIAN FELDPOST - JERSEY - May 1941 Registered cover from France addressed to Bath St., St Helier Jersey. Routed via Cologne where item censored. With German OKW censor tape. (code 'c'). MISSENT to America in error. New york datestamp on reverse for July 1941. Sent from U.S.A. to England. Censored by UK Examiner 4567. Re registered with LONDON F.S. registration label. Forwarded on to Jersey via Lisbon with transit datestamp on reverse. Re censored by German OKW. Routed via Saint Lo, France where rare German 405 Feldpost registered datestamp was applied in October 1941. Interesting cover400.00
236OCCUPATIONGUERNSEY - 1941 Percy B Young & Co receipt with Guernsey 2d revenue stamp6.00
237OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Feb 1944 - Jersey to MEF , Egypt. Part of address cut out. With Egyptian censor handstamp. No reply on reverse. Scarce100.00
238OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - May 1941 - England to Guernsey with rare 'TIMBRE REPONSE ' handstamp150.00
239OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Jan 1944 - Sheffield to Guernsey with reply. With fine NANCY censor handstamp20.00
240OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - type 61 -October 1940 England to Guernsey. Sent as an enquiry form - no message on front. Reply - 24 Jan 1941 with Bradshaw signature . Fine condition20.00
241OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - type 61 - November 1940 England to Guernsey. With message Reply sent 15 Feb 1941. With Bradshaw signature. Arrived Peterborough - 25 May 194118.00
242OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - type 61 - November 1940 England to Jersey. With reply dated Feb 1941. With Jersey embossed seal of the Bailiff of Jersey used on its own on reverse (Gurney Red Cross Book - type M26 (v)25.00
243OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - May1941 - England to Jersey with reply. Rather battered form. However, has red DRK / Eing/ Ausg dated August 1941 (Gurney type M 13) on the front. On the reply seal, there is a Jersey embossed seal (M26 (v) and a 'Gepruft/diensstelle / feldpost Nr 35372' handstamp. The latter was applied by the Feldkommantur in St Helier. Low reserve because of poor condition20.00
244OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - June 1941 - England to Guernsey with reply. With COUPON REPONSE h/stamp20.00
245OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Jan 1944 - Chester to Guernsey with reply. With fine NANCY censor handstamp Reply dated 1 June 194420.00
246OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - June 1942 - Jersey to Middlesex. with reply. With Berlin censor handstamp and British octagonal crown / PASSED handstamp in red on reply side. Censor code - T106 - unusual20.00
247OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Jan 1944 - Guernsey to Scotland. with reply dated 24 July 1944. DELAYED return No censor cachets on reverse. Delivered after Liberation. Swiss Red Cross datestamp - 24 July 194512.00
248OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message forms - Batch of 3 English FR type all to Guernsey with replies. 194212.00
249OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Jan 1943 - Croydon to Jersey with reply. Unusual - part of message has been deleted by censor20.00
250OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message forms - 2 different -1941 -Guernsey to England. without replies10.00
251OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message forms - 3 different -1942/43 - England to Guernsey . with replies12.00
252OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Sep 1943 - UK to Guernsey - Children's message with reply6.00
253OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Scarce form from Jersey to U.S.A. with reply. Feb 1942120.00
254OCCUPATIONRED CROSS message form - Scarce form from SARK to Cornwall . with reply. Feb 1941100.00
255OCCUPATIONRED CROSS - Instructional leaflet - FR/CL/21 (Gurney L18)20.00
256OCCUPATIONRed Cross Postal Message Scheme, Air Mail cover Birmingham to Geneva, Resealed with PC90 tape. Paris AX Censor on reverse in dark red.10.00
257OCCUPATIONRed Cross Postal Message Scheme, Air Mail cover Halifax to Geneva, June 1943 - Resealed with PC90 tape. Paris AX Censor on reverse in dark red.12.00
258OCCUPATIONRed Cross Window Envelope5.00
259OCCUPATIONRed Cross Window envelope - fine condition- with 'Deutsches Rotes Kreuz' handstamp in blue.18.00
260OCCUPATIONRed Cross Window envelope - with 'Deutsches Rotes Kreuz' handstamp in red & superb Berlin censor handstamp20.00
262LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - 9 May 1945 cover with 2½d Arms cancelled with ST MARTINS d/circle datestamp8.00
263LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - 17 May 1945 Fine Illus Souvenir of Liberation card with 2 x 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel. Addressed to retired Naval Officer at the Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth . Re-addressed to him in Lincolnshire. With Portsmouth Victory Bells slogan cancel. Nice item25.00
264LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - July 1945 Bert Hill Liberation card commercilly used to Glasgow. Woth KGVI 2½d stamp20.00
265LIBERATIONJERSEY - 12 M AY 1945 cover with 2 x 1½d Views with Jersey machine cancel Posted to Lancashire5.00
266LIBERATIONJERSEY - Commercial cover to London, machine cancel 17 MAY 1945 on 2½d Views. Attractive "Orviss Means Service" advertising in red.15.00
267LIBERATIONJERSEY - 1946 Rates circular with Jersey 1d PAID handstamp8.00
268LIBERATIONJERSEY - July 1945 cover to London with KEVIII stamps with Jersey machine cancel6.00
269LIBERATIONJERSEY - 30 JULY 1945 cover to Glasgow with fine FPO302 datestamp. Endorsed 'O.A.S'60.00
270LIBERATIONJERSEY - Aug 1945 Registered cover with all the basic Guernsey & Jersey Occupation stamps all cancelled with oval registered Jersey datestamps15.00
271LIBERATIONSARK - APRIL 1946 cover with Jersey 2½d Views cancelled with SARK d/circle datestamp. Addressed to Jersey10.00
272LIBERATIONGERMAN P.O.W. mail - Feb 1946 P.O.W. from German soldier in Camp 801, Guernsey to Germany. With large double circle P.O.W. Camp 801 cachet. From Mueller100.00
273LIBERATIONGERMAN P.O.W. mail - July 1947 card from same soldier now at Camp 276, Pinhoe to Germany60.00
274LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 pair on illus FDC with Guernsey d/circle datestamp to Scotland8.00
275LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 pair on illus FDC with Guernsey Machine cancel to London6.00
276LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 1d value on commercial cover. Guernsey Machine cancel3.00
277LIBERATIONGUERNSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 2½d value cover. (10 May) With Guernsey d/circle datestamp. Includes a headed letter from the Bailiff detailing the sending of this stamp. Signed by Sherwill, the Bailiff. Very unusual20.00
278LIBERATIONGUERNSEY -Liberation Anniv 1948 two pairs on illus registered FDC with Guernsey s/circle datestamp, code 10 With GUERNSEY registration label15.00
279LIBERATIONJERSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 pair on illus FDC with Jersey s/circle datestamp - code 68.00
280LIBERATIONJERSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 pair on illus FDC with Jersey d/circle datestamp - code 215.00
281LIBERATIONJERSEY - Liberation Anniv 1948 pair on plain FDC with SAMARES d /circle datestamp8.00
282LIBERATIONSARK -19 July 1948 - Liberation Anniv 1948 pair on plain cover to Jersey8.00
283LIBERATIONJERSEY - April 1948 GB Royal Silver Wedding pair on 2 plain FDCs. Both stamps cancelled with ST MARY's d/ circle datestamp, code B. Some tone spots on the covers. Low reserve.15.00
284MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY -1953 cover with BEA 6d plus 1d Airway Letter Service label8.00
285MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1954 Flight cover (London - Jersey)with 9d B.E.A. Air Letter Service Label. Cancelled with Jersey Town & B.E.A. WATERLOO AIR TERMINAL datestamps8.00
286MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1958 Illus. FDC of 3d Regional with Jersey s/circle datestamp3.00
287MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1958 Illus. FDC of 3d Regional with AUGRES s/circle datestamp5.00
288MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1958 Illus. FDC of 3d Regional with ST AUBIN d/circle datestamp5.00
289MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1958 Commercial Registered Cover from Johore, Malaysia to Bournemouth. With unframed MISSENT TO JERSEY handstamp10.00
290MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1964 Illus FDC of 2½d Regional with Jeresey First Day of Issue slogan cancel5.00
291MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1964 iilus FDC of 2½d Regional with Jeresey First Day of Issue slogan cancel5.00
292MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1965 Plain cover with GB Lister & Commonwealth Arts sets used on first day of issue with Jersey cds3.00
293MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1966 cover with 4d Regional with fine ST MARTINS JERSEY d/circle datestamp3.00
294MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1967 GB Paintings set on cover with fine FIVE OAKS d/circle datestamp3.00
295MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1968 cover with ST OUENS d/circle datestamp, code B3.00
296MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1971 Cover to Guernsey with invalid GB Regional stamp. With Jersey surcharge mark - 'STAMP INVALID/ 8d TO PAY and 2 x 4d Guernsey Postage Dues affixed on arrival8.00
297MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1971 Local cover with invalid GB Regional stamp. With Jersey surcharge mark - 'STAMP INVALID 8d TO PAY and 2d and 2x 3d Jersey Postage Dues affixed8.00
298MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY- 1972 Registered cover to England. With GREVE D'AZETTE datestamp and JERSEY 17 reg label5.00
299MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY- 1972 Registered FDC of Royal Silver Wedding. With GROUVILLE datestamps and GROUVILLE registration label5.00
300MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1973 Registered FDC of Societe Jersiaise, BEAUMONT d/circle datestamps & BEAUMONT reg label5.00
301MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1975 Registered cover to Somerset with Ville au Roi datestamps & GUERNSEY 8 registration label5.00
302MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY 1977 Cover to Sheffield with invalid British stamp. With Guernsey framed STAMP INVALID h/stamp British 2 x 7p postage dues affixed on arrival5.00
303MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1978 Commercial cover with incomplete franking impression . With Jersey surcharge handstamp - TO PAY/ POSTAGE CANNOT BE PREPAID BY MEANS OF INCOMPLETE FRANKING IMPRESSION.6.00
304MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1978 Recorded delivery cover with CARREFOUR SELOUS d/circle datestamps4.00
305MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - Paquebot 1978 plain cover posted on the Havelet. With Paquebot cachet type GP4. GB 7p stamp not tied by Guernsey cds8.00
306MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - Paquebot 1978 Hovercross Ltd cover posted on Hovercraft GH- 2018. With 'Paquebot' cachet type GP4. GB 8½p stamp tied with SARK datestamp8.00
307MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1977 Cover underpaid from Belgium to Guernsey. With surcharge mark GE10 . With 3 x 2p postage due stamps3.00
308MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1979 Cover from Holland to St Helier.With surcharge marks applied in London and Jersey. 2 x 10p Jersey postage dues . Returned to sender. CHARGE NOT COLLECTED h/stamp applied to the postage dues8.00
309MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1983 Registered postal stationery env (£1.11p rate) with MAUFANT s/circle datestamp and JERSEY 6 figure registration label5.00
310MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1987 Two Registered cover with fine ARCADE s/circle datestamp (codes A & B). Both with GUERNSEY 6 figure registration labels6.00
311MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1988 Registered cover unaddressed with BRIDGE datestamp (Code A)3.00
312MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1988 Registered cover with TOWN MILLS s/circle datestamp & JERSEY registration label4.00
313MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1985 cover to France with invalid Guernsey stamp. With Jersey framp STAMP INVALID handstamp and T22/22 surcharge mark. With French postage dues applied on arrival5.00
314MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1988 Unpaid cover. With Jersey framed surcharge mark - 'POSTED UNPAID/ 24 p TO PAY'. With Jersey 4p and 20p postage due stamps5.00
315MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY 1996 cover with CHEAPSIDE s/circle datestamp3.00
316MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY 1996 cover with FIVE OAKS d /circle datestamp3.00
317MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY 1996 cover with GOREY d /circle datestamp (code B)3.00
318MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY 1996 cover with GROUVILLE datestamp3.00
319MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY 1996 cover with MILLBROOK datestamp3.00
320MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1996 Registered cover (£3.19p rate) with GEORGETOWN SID datestamp4.00
321MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1996 Registered cover (£3.19p rate) with ROUGE BOUILLON SID datestamp - code A4.00
322MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1996 Registered cover (£3.19p rate) with ST AUBIN SID datestamp, code A4.00
323MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1996 Registered cover (£3.19p rate) with ST PETER SID datestamp - code A4.00
324MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - 1996 Registered cover (£3.19p rate) with VAL PLAISANT SID datestamp4.00
325MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - Airletters - 5 items- GSA3 (5p); GSA5 (6½p Rotary); GSA6 (6½p); GSA7 (6p on 5p); GSA8; (½p overprint on GSA6)3.00
326MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1973 FIRST Flight . Pair of official BEA covers. Guernsey to Amsterdam & return6.00
327MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - April 1974 BA airway letter service FDC for 55p label. London to Guernsey8.00
328MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - May 1976 BA airway letter service FDC for £1 label. London to Guernsey8.00
329MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - Postal stationery 2 xG size Registered envelopes with embossed Tudor Rose design. JSC1c 1969 3s 5d & JSC 7 1972 22½p uprated ½p3.00
330MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1957 - 2005 127 covers each with a special event handstamp & or cachet. . Many illustrated25.00
331MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - 1973 - 2010 131 Covers each with an International Stamp Exhibition or Stampex special datestamps/cachets. These are exhibitions where the Guernsey Post Office has had a stand. Useful lot30.00
332MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY - Maxi card commems. 1970 Christmas to 1995 Welcomeing Face; 1985/7 View defs 1992/7 Flower defs. All FDI. + many mint. 43 sets. 259 cards. All in binders. Heavy lot. Retail cost £ 20040.00
333MODERN POSTAL HISTORYGUERNSEY- 1982 -89 Guernsey's Own 201 R.A.F. Squadron 5 Illus flight covers. Two are signed8.00
335MODERN POSTAL HISTORYJERSEY - Early 1900's - 2 Christmas Greetings Cards 23rd & 25th December dates. One has St Johns Church cds5.00
336STAMPSJERSEY - Regionals 1958+ Plate blocks for 2½d, 3d non phos; 3d single band phos; 4d sepia; 4d blue; 5d blue 7 blocks plus various blocks and singles. 132 stamps in lot5.00
337STAMPSGUERNSEY - 1969 Full sheet of 30 stamps - ½d value.Cyl 1A1A u/mint2.00
338STAMPSGUERNSEY - 1969 - Full sheet of 30 of 1/6d stamp (40 degree latitude) with variety extra line of latitude in R2/1. Cyl 1A1A U/mint4.00
339HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1931 RP Postcard to Southampton. Fair strike of the Herm, Guernsey d/c 6AU 31. Part of "Channel Isl" missing from bottom of postmark.120.00
340HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1953 ½d Coronation stamp - 4th printing. Upper left corner marginal. U/mint12.00
341HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1953 2d Coronation stamp - 4th printing. Upper left corner marginal. U/mint10.00
342HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1953 6d Coronation stamp - 4th printing. Upper left corner marginal. Minor gum bend. U/mint12.00
343HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1954 Postcard with 8 doubles bisect. Posted at 1½d rate to U.S.A.10.00
344HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1957 Neolithic man 4 doubles - 2 imperf colour trials in yellow & purple brown.5.00
345HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1957 Neolithic man set of 4 on Illus FDC to Southampton8.00
346HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1957 Royal Visit - 4 values fine used (4 double; 8 double; 2d and 6d)10.00
347HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1957 1d Provisional bisect used on a postcard of Belvoir Bay (18 October 1957) - last day of validity. Addressed to A.G. Wood, Herm Island10.00
348HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 Map & Boats set on Illus FDC to Southampton5.00
349HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 Royal Visit set on Illus FDC8.00
350HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1966 4 DOUBLE stamp in complete sheet of 30 with sheet no. in margin10.00
351HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 -6d Boat definitive Perforated Proof in fine sheet of 30 (Backman cat no. 51 P1)25.00
352HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 -6d Boat definitive Imperf Proof in fine sheet of 30 (Backman cat no. 51 P2)25.00
353HERM & JETHOUHERM - 3d definitive 1968 reprint - (cat no. 109) in fine sheet of 30. No sheet number20.00
354HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 - 3d Definitive in complete sheet of 30 with sheet no.5.00
355HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 - 6d Definitive in complete sheet of 30 with sheet no.5.00
356HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 - 1/ 6d Definitive in complete sheet of 30 with sheet no. Edge of sheet attached to backing paper10.00
357HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1961- 3d Definitive reprint in complete sheet of 30 with sheet no. Perf 14.75 x 1410.00
358HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1961 EUROPA 3d; 6d and 1/6d values only in complete sheets10.00
359HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1949 Map set 1st printing. F.Used15.00
360HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1949 Map set 1st printing. U/mint20.00
361HERM & JETHOUHERM - 3d definitive - in 2 strips of 10 U/mint - being 1961 and 1968 reprints15.00
362HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 6d definitive in 3 strips of 10 U/mint - Strip 1 - Perforated proof unissued shade; strip 2 Imperf proof Strip 3 - Perforated proof - issued shade30.00
363HERM & JETHOUHERM - 1959 Map & Boat definitives - 3d, 6d & 1/6d values in u/mint strips of 1020.00
364HERM & JETHOUJETHOU- 1962 EUROPA in complete sheets of 12. Fine used12.00
365POSTCARDSJERSEY - Set of 12 colour photographs of Ambulance service5.00
366POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Cards - 4 B&W of Shipping. Green & white backs. No. 9 U, 10 M, 15 U, 26 M20.00
367POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 10 Guernsey Boat leaving St Helier. White back. Coloured Fine unused15.00
368POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 18 - Arrival of Granville Boat B&W green back( 4*). Postally used14.00
369POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 19. Arrival of Granville Boat. Used 1911, green back, few marks. 16.00
370POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 28. The Harbour. White back, mint, fine25.00
371POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX card - 30 - Fort Regent. B & W. Fine unused20.00
372POSTCARDSJERSEY - LLCard 55. Halkett Place, Post Office. Green back, mint, fine22.00
373POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 58. Victoria Street. Green back, mint, fine22.00
374POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 81 - St James's Church , B/W Green back (4 *) . Fine unused16.00
375POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 86 - St Helier Masonic Temple B /W on cream card . Unused15.00
376POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 86 - St Helier Masonic Temple coloured Reverse side printed in GERMAN! Unused25.00
377POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 87. Temple Royal, Crescent. Green back, mint, fine75.00
378POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 94 L'Hermitage (Interieur) B&W green back, used (4*)20.00
379POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 101 - Le Corbiere- B/w Postally used . With diagonal crease. Low reserve8.00
380POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 104 Rocks of the Corbiere. Coloured card. White back. Postally used20.00
381POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card124 - Have des Pas. B /w . White back. Stamp on front. Postally used 19126.00
382POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 129. Vue Generale de Gorey-Pier. Sepia card with white border. Mint, fine18.00
383POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 154 Railwayline to Gorey B&W with ½d stamp but no writing, green back( 4*) . Unused18.00
384POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 159 Bouley Bay The Greve- coloured card Fine unused20.00
385POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 162 - Rozel General View - B/W green back. Message on reverse8.00
386POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 164 - Rozel Bay Harbour - coloured card . Postally used to Canada8.00
387POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 167 Faldouet Dolmen - B/ W Green back. Fine unused10.00
388POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 167 Faldouet Dolmen - Coloured card. Fine unused10.00
389POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 168 - St Helier - La Mont-es-Pendu. B/ W.Green back. Postally used8.00
390POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 170. Plemont, L'Aiguille. Sepia card with white border. Message on reverse. Few marks50.00
391POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 171 - Sion Chapel - B/ w green back.. Fine unused. Scarce50.00
392POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 173 St Marys Church B/W green back. Fine unused40.00
393POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 174 - St Clements Church B/W green back. Fine unused40.00
394POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 175 - Trinity Church B/W , green back, Fine unused40.00
395POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 177 - Maison de St- Louis B/ W green back. Fine unused20.00
396POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 178 - Plemont ' The Heedle Roch ( Note mis spelling ) B/ w. Printed in France. Inscribed ' CARTE POSTALE ' in bold. Unused10.00
397POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 178 - Plemont ' The Neelde Roch ( Note mis spelling ) B/ w. Printed in France. Inscribed 'POST CARD on reverse. Unused10.00
398POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 185 - Plemont. B/W. green back. Fine unused4.00
399POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 186 - Plemont Point b/w green back. Unused. But large vertical crease in card. Low reserve8.00
400POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 186 - Plemont Point coloured cream back. Unused. With small diagonal crease8.00
401POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 187 - Saint Catherine - S. Bay B/w Cream back. Postally used15.00
402POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 188 - St Peters Valley B/W - green back, Fine unused20.00
403POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 191 - Pontac - The Gardens. B/ W green back. Postally used.20.00
404POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 192 - Pontac Interior of Chalet Hotel B/ W.Green back. Postally used. Sl corner creases. Scarce60.00
405POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 193 - Pontac - An ally of the Labyrinth B /W .White back. Fine unused80.00
406POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 194 - Inscribed 'St Mary's Valley' Incorrect. Should be 'St Peters' B/w green back . Unused10.00
407POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 195 - St Mary's Valley. B/w green back. Unused8.00
408POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 196 - The Church, Grouville. B/w green back. Fine unused40.00
409POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 197 - Grouville Church. B/ W. Green back . Fine unused35.00
410POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 198 - Saint Jean - The Church - B/W green back. Fine unused30.00
411POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 200 - St Laurent Church - B/W green back. Fine unused35.00
412POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 201 - St Clements Bay B/W. Green back. Postaaly used12.00
413POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 202 - General View of St Martin green back. Unused40.00
414POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 203 - St Martin Church. B/w. Green back. Fine unused30.00
415POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 204 - Portelet Bay. B/w. Green back. Postally used15.00
416POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 205 - Entrance to St Ouens Manor B/W. Green back. Fine unused37.00
417POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 207 - St Ouens Windmill B/w. Green back. Fine unused40.00
418POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 210 - The Grots B&W green back( 4*) unused,25.00
419POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 218 - Saint Brelade - L'Eglise - The Chuch B/W. Green back. Fine unused15.00
420POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 222. - Study of Rocks. White back, used 1910, few marks. 40.00
421POSTCARDSJERSEY -LL Card 224 - - Premiere Tour - La Gare (First Tower) B/W. White back. Postally used20.00
422POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 238 - 'Rozel - Excursion Car' B/w . Green back. (4 * ) Fine unused30.00
423POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 240 - 'A Farm' B/w . Green back. Fine unused15.00
424POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 243 - Montorgueil Castle. Green back, mint, fine. UNUSUAL Carte Postale back.20.00
425POSTCARDSJERSEY - Germain Fils of St. Malo - 11 B&W and 1 coloured Cards. Mixture of unused and used. Nos. 1861, 1866, 1891, 2387, 3438, 3443, 3448, 3450, 3459 M&U, 3461 and one multi scene. Good value18.00
426POSTCARDSJERSEY - ND Photo 15 B&W and 3 blue tinted Cards. Mixture of unused and used. Nos. 2, 7, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 22, 27, 30, 31, 32, 34, 44, 46, 49, and one of Mont Orgueil Castle. Good value25.00
427POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 20 Town Church B & W> Postally used with stamp on front8.00
428POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 22. Royal Crescent. Mint, linen type finish.38.00
429POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX card 23 Queen Street.(Shows Allix shop ) B/W. Fine unused18.00
430POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 28. S S Laura. Used 1908, linen type finish.17.00
431POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 30 Fort Regent B&W used10.00
432POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 32. Statue of Queen Victoria. Coloured. Used 1907. Few Marks.45.00
433POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 44 Maison Victor Hugo B&W unused14.00
434POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 45 Guard Government House B&W used10.00
435POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 67. Court House. Coloured, used 1910. Difficult card but has minor faults.45.00
436POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 69 Cathedral St Thomas B & W Postally used10.00
437POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 70 Interieur de la Cathedrale St Thomas. Coloured. Message on reverse. Fine60.00
438POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 77. Soldiers on the March. Coloured, Mint, fine.28.00
439POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 82 Salvation Army B&W used ½d KEVII cancelled with hexagonal ANGL. B. M. Granville handstamp25.00
440POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 88. Coloured, La Promenade Used 1910. Stamp neatly on front.80.00
441POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 102 View taken from West mount B&W used20.00
442POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 105 General View St Aubin's Bay. Coloured card Postally used.70.00
443POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 107 St Marys Church B&W. Unused20.00
444POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card -124 Grouville Church - B& W . Small ink stain on lower left corner. Unused10.00
445POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card -125 St Peter Church - B& W - Unused10.00
446POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 127 St Martins Church Coloured Fine unused12.00
447POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card 128 Saint Clements Church B & W Fine unused20.00
448POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 129 Trinity Church B & W . Fine unused18.00
449POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 130 St Ouen Church - B & W Fine unused10.00
450POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 131 Greve de Lecq B&W unused13.00
451POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 131 St Saviours Church. Coloured . Postally used10.00
452POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 137 St Brelade's Bay B&W unused10.00
453POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card -144. St Thomas Boys Brigade. Used 1910. Stamp and date on front.20.00
454POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 149 - Farmyard. B & W. Fine unused12.00
455POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 160.King Charles Cottage. Coloured. Used 1911. Stamp neatly on front. Few marks.80.00
456POSTCARDSJERSEY -. ALLIX Card - 160. King CharlesCottage B/W Used 1909. Stamp neatly on front. Few marks.28.00
457POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 166 Greve de Lecq Caves B&W unused20.00
458POSTCARDSJERSEY - ALLIX Card - 181 Anne Port B&W unused25.00
459POSTCARDSSHIPPING - Wreck of The Dunsinane, 1904. Published by Guerin. Fine unused8.00
460POSTCARDSSHIPPING - 2 cards - 1. 1905 Wreck of the Hilda 2. Survivors of the Hilda. Fine unused cards15.00
461POSTCARDSSHIPPING - Close up of the Wreck of The Hilda. 2 cards - different views. Fine unused20.00
462POSTCARDSSHIPPING - Wreck of the Roebuck, 1911. Fine unused card12.00
463POSTCARDSSHIPPING - Wreck of The Attala, 1926. Fine unused10.00
464POSTCARDSSHIPPING - Sepia card of the St Julien. Fine unused3.00
465POSTCARDSJERSEY - ED Series booklet of 10 cards complete B/W. - 181; 167; 165; 156; 147; 145; 139; 131; 112; and 103. All green backs. Green & gold on cream cover15.00
466POSTCARDSJERSEY - ED Series booklet of 20 cards complete B/W. - 181; 182; 177; 176; 167; 165; 164; 156; 147; 143; 142; 139; 137; 131; 127; 112; 110; 100; 103. Green backs. Red & gold on cream cover15.00
467POSTCARDSJERSEY - Advertising on reverse of PC for Furnished Apartments, Mrs le Quesne, 23 Belmont Road. Mint.13.00
468POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - St Peter Port Harbour B/W. Published by N Grut. Fine unused6.00
469POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Braye Harbour B/W. Published by N Grut. Postally used 19566.00
470POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - No 5 The Bungalows L'Ancresse. Coloured card in the Banks Brownsey Central Series. Mint, Fine28.00
471POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - States' Airport 232. Fine RP by Grut. Shows main building with old cars and bus. Mint15.00
472POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - Glasshouses. Matt finished, sepia RP by Grut. Mint15.00
473POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - T.S. Caesarea arriving from England. Sepia RP in Bramley's Topical Photos Series. Mint30.00
474POSTCARDSJERSEY - La Haule, Railway Station. Coloured, Used 1911, Published JWS 3480.60.00
475POSTCARDSJERSEY - Corbiere Hotel and Railway Station. Mint, Coloured, Peacock Series.18.00
476POSTCARDSJERSEY - St Aubins Bay 89. Mint, Coloured. Only card to show train in front of Hotel.15.00
477POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pontac. Used 1923, Coloured. Shows railway line in front of Chalet Hotel.12.00
478POSTCARDSJERSEY - Palace Hotel, View from lower Gardens. Sepia, Mint.12.00
479POSTCARDSJERSEY - Trinity, Carmel Wesleyan Chapel. On reverse Birthday wishes to Philip De Caux. 15 Aug 1920 aged 8, from Chapel.6.00
480POSTCARDSJERSEY - St Martins Wesleyan Chapel. Mint.6.00
481POSTCARDSJERSEY - St Saviour, Eden Wesleyan Church. Used.6.00
482POSTCARDSJERSEY - St Brelade, Tabor Wesleyan Chapel. Mint.6.00
483POSTCARDSJERSEY - Bathing Pool, Havre des Pas, 298. Coloured, Albert Smith. Used. Pair Arms 29 JAN 42.12.00
484POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Coloured Multi View RP. Four Bay views with Airport and Rapide as central view. Mint, fine14.00
485POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Fort Albert from Butes. Published Heatley, Real Photo Series. Mint10.00
486POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Telegraph Bay, Woodbury Series Coloured 1689. Mint.7.00
487POSTCARDSALDERNEY - In Telegraph Bay. Woodbury Series Coloured 1691. Mint.7.00
488POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Rocks Platte Seline. Woodbury Series Coloured 1695. Mint, few marks.7.00
489POSTCARDSALDERNEY - 2589 Corblets Bay & Fort. Sepia RP, Mint, Published W & E Bailey13.00
490POSTCARDSALDERNEY -2619 Cachaliere Pier. Sepia RP, Mint, Published W & E Bailey.13.00
491POSTCARDSALDERNEY -2649 St Annes. Sepia RP, Used 1937, Published W & E Bailey.13.00
492POSTCARDSALDERNEY -2907 Granville Bay. Sepia RP, Mint, Published W & E Bailey.13.00
493POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 1 - Creux Harbour B/W unused, Green back 2*3.00
494POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 1 - Creux Harbour Coloured unused 2*3.00
495POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 2 - Creux Harbour coloured. Used. Ship almost berthed 3*5.00
496POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 2 - Creux Harbour B/W Used, Ship entering harbour, stamp on front. Delaminating2.00
497POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 3 - Landing of Passengers B/W unused Green back. Slight creasing 4*8.00
498POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 4 - "Alert" in Harbour B/W Unused, 3*8.00
499POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 4 - "Alert" in Harbour Coloured different view Unused, 3*10.00
500POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 5 - Creux road from Tunnel B/W Unused, Pale green back 3*8.00
501POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 5 - Creux road from Tunnel Coloured Used, 3*8.00
502POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 6 - Creux Road B/W Unused, Green back. Slight creasing 3*5.00
503POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 7 - Port du Moulin B/W Unused, Green back. 3*8.00
504POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 7 - Port du Moulin Coloured Unused, Slight nick at bottom. 3*3.00
505POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 8 - Port du Moulin B/W Unused, Green back. 3*8.00
506POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 9 - Port du Moulin Natural Arch B/W Unused, Green back. 3*8.00
507POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 9 - Port du Moulin Natural Arch Coloured Unused, Green back. 3*10.00
508POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 10 - Guiliot Caves B/W Unused, Green back Slight creasing 2*3.00
509POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 11 - Entrance to Guiliot Caves B/W Unused, Green back Slight creasing 2*3.00
510POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 12 - Harve Gosselin Coloured Used, 2*3.00
511POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 12 - Harve Gosselin B/W Unused, Green back. Some paper marks on back 2*2.00
512POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 12 - Harve Gosselin B/W Unused, Pale Green back. 2*3.00
513POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 13 - Sea shore at Harve Gosselin B/W Unused, Green back. 2*3.00
514POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 13 - Sea shore at Harve Gosselin Coloured Unused, Green back. 2*3.00
515POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 14 - French Canon on Hoge back Point B/W Unused, White back. 2*3.00
516POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 16 - Natural Arch, Dixcart Bay B/W Unused, White back. 2*3.00
517POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 16 - Natural Arch, Dixcart Bay B/W Unused, White back. Produced for Dubras Ltd. Jersey et Guernsey 2*5.00
518POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 16 - Natural Arch, Dixcart Bay, Coloured Unused 2*4.00
519POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 18 - General View of Dixcart bay Coloured Used but not posted, 2*3.00
520POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 19 - Bec du Nez Unused, Green back. 4*20.00
521POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 20 - Les Autlets B/W Unused Green back. 3*8.00
522POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 20 - Les Autlets Coloured Unused 3*10.00
523POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 21 - Les Autlets & Brechou B/W Unused 2*3.00
524POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 21 - Les Autlets & Brechou Coloured Unused 2*4.00
525POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 22 - Derrible Bay B/W Unused Green back with some staining 2*2.00
526POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 22 - Derrible Bay B/W Unused White back 2*3.00
527POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 23 - Pegane Bay B/W Unused Green back 4*20.00
528POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 24 - Grande Greve Bay B/W Unused White back 2*3.00
529POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 24 - Grande Greve Bay Coloured Unused 2*4.00
530POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 25 - Grande Greve Bay B/W Unused Green back 4*20.00
531POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 26 - Le Fregodee B/W Unused Green back 4*40.00
532POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 27 - Sark Mill B/W Unused Green back, slight creasing 5*40.00
533POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 28 - Pilcher's Monument Unused Green back, slight creasing 4*15.00
534POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 29 - Sark Prison B/W Unused 1*2.00
535POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 30 - The Post Office B/W Unused Green back 4*20.00
536POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 31 - The Church B/W Unused Green back slight creasing 4*15.00
537POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 32 - La Rade Cottage B/W Unused Green back 5*40.00
538POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 33 - Varouque Cottage B/W Unused Green back 5*40.00
539POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 34 - Beauregard B/W Unused Green back slight creasing 4*15.00
540POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 35 - The Vicarage B/W Unused 3*8.00
541POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 36 - Bel Air Hotel B/W Unused Green back slight creasing 2*3.00
542POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 37 - Dixcart Hotel B/W Unused 2*3.00
543POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 38 - Stock's Hotel B/W Unused Green back 2*3.00
544POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 39 - The Avenue B/W Unused Green back 4*20.00
545POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 39 - The Avenue Coloured Unused Green back 4*20.00
546POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 40 - La Seigneurie B/W Unused 4*20.00
547POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 40 - La Seigneurie Coloured Used 4*25.00
548POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 41 - La Seigneurie Lane B/W Unused Green back 3*10.00
549POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 42 - Entrance to the Seigneurie Coloured Unused 2*12.00
550POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 42 - Entrance to the Seigneurie B/W Unused 2* Produced for Dubras Ltd Jersey et Guernsey15.00
551POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 43 - In front of the Seigneurie Arch B/W Unused Green back. Slight creasing 5*40.00
552POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 44 - The Well, Beausejour B/W Unused Green back. Slight creasing 2*3.00
553POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 44 - The Well, Beausejour Coloured Used not posted. 2*5.00
554POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 45 - The Well, Beauregard B/W Unused Green back. Slight creasing 4*15.00
555POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 46 - Brechou Island B/W Unused Green back. 2*3.00
556POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 46 - Brechou Island Coloured Unused 2*5.00
557POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 47 - Pegane Bay and Brechou Island, B/W Unused Green back. Slight creasing 4*15.00
558POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 48 - La Coupee B/W Unused Green back. Slight creasing 1*2.00
559POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 48 - La Coupee Coloured Used 1*3.00
560POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 49 - La Coupee B/W Unused. Notch in left hand side. See Image 1*2.00
561POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 49 - La Coupee Coloured Used 1*3.00
562POSTCARDSSARK - LL Card 50 - La Coupee Blue print Unused Crease on right hand corner 1*2.00
563POSTCARDSSARK LL Card 7 - Port du Moulin. Sepia card. Printed by B.B & C0., Guernsey. Unused10.00
564POSTCARDSAURIGNY - Batch of 11 different modern card showing different planes5.00
565POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pontac - Early postcard showing railway line and station in the distance. Unused8.00
566POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pontac - Early coloured postcard showing railway line and station in the distance. Hotel in foreground10.00
567POSTCARDSJERSEY - postcard of Western Railway Quay. Postally used 19035.00
568POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card - Sepia - Un numbered with white border - St Heliers, Elizabeth Castle. Unused5.00
569POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card - Sepia - Un numbered with white border - Bouley Bay - The Beach Unused6.00
570POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card - Sepia - Un numbered with white border - Havre des Pas Unused6.00
571POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card - Sepia - Un numbered with white border - St Aubin, General View. Used 19096.00
572POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card - Sepia - Un numbered with white border - St Heliers, The Royal Square. Unused10.00
573POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card - Sepia - Un numbered with white border - Mail Boat Alberta Unused10.00
574POSTCARDSJERSEY - West Park Station & Promenade. Pub. By F.F., Jersey. Fine unused8.00
575POSTCARDSJERSEY - No 1 - St Helier - General View - Albert Smith card "Rembrandt " series5.00
576POSTCARDSJERSEY - No 2- Montorgueil Castle - Albert Smith card "Rembrandt " series - postally used5.00
577POSTCARDSJERSEY - No 6- Rozel Bay- Albert Smith card "Rembrandt " series - unused5.00
578POSTCARDSJERSEY - No 14- Elizabeth Castle- Albert Smith card "Rembrandt " series - unused5.00
579POSTCARDSJERSEY - No 21- St Helier - General View of the Harbour- Albert Smith card "Rembrandt " series - unused5.00
580POSTCARDSJERSEY - No 48- St Helier - The Esplanade - Albert Smith card "Rembrandt " series - unused5.00
581POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 15 Excursion Cars on Glategny Esplanade. B/ w green back. Fine unused18.00
582POSTCARDSJERSEY - Janvrins Cottage Interior, Portelet Bay. B/ W Photographic card. Fine unused 5.00
583POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - Vauxbelets card - Green houses. B/w. Message on reverse ( no number)20.00
584POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - Vauxbelets card - Inside of the stable B/w. Postally used20.00
585POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - Vauxbelets card - An avenue. B/w. Postally used10.00
586POSTCARDSJERSEY - Anne Port Farm - Coloured card - Wyndham series . Postally used5.00
587POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - VIMIERA Card 8 La Chapelle - Façade Nord10.00
589POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - VIMIERA Card 14 La Ferme - Le Poulaillier10.00
590POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - VIMIERA Card 16 La Fenaison10.00
591POSTCARDSJERSEY - The Esplanade B/ w - Used 1906. Pub by Rowes Cash Stationers10.00
592POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 44 Greve de Lecq - Printed in blue. Fine unused10.00
593POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 75 Saint Helier New Market - printed in blue. Fine unused10.00
594POSTCARDSJERSEY - LL Card 117 Saint - Aubin Belcroute Bay - Printed in blue. Fine unused10.00
595POSTCARDSJERSEY -Arrival of the mail Boat- Pub by Albert Smith . Fine view of horse & carriages. B /W Used 190310.00
596POSTCARDSJERSEY - A Jersey car ( (Horse & carriage) Coloured. _ Albert Smith5.00
597POSTCARDSJERSEY - Chalet Hotel, Pontac. Colured, Albert Smith -,Unused8.00
598POSTCARDSJERSEY - Jersey cows . Coloured. Albert Smith . Used 19044.00
599POSTCARDSJERSEY - Jersey Beauties (cows) . Coloured . Albert Smith. Used 19044.00
600POSTCARDSJERSEY - Craig Tara Tea rooms,Samares Fine early photo card with locals in foreground5.00
601POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pontac House, St Clements Bay, Jersey . Used 19534.00
602POSTCARDSJERSEY _ General Post Office. Pitt Series. Used 190910.00
603POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Booklet. Complete 20 Cards, Souvenir D'Hauteville House. Less usual booklet with many title printing Reverse of cards also unusual with printed lines for the address . No mention of word "POSTCARD' on reverse errors (LL88 & 89 Draving rather than Drawing, LL 77 with no number or "G" for Guernsey etc).35.00
604POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 23 - St Peter Port Coal Quay - B /W - with long message on reverse. Major misprint on card. Actual printed number is '2' instead of '23'. White back25.00
605POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 7 - St Peter Port - St Barnabas Church B/W. Green back. Postally used25.00
606POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 11 - St Peter Port from St Julian's Pier - B /W Green back. Fine unused20.00
607POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 12 - St Peter Port - North Esplanade - B /W. Green back. Postally used 190818.00
608POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 13 - St Peter Port St Julians Weighbridge and Glategny Esplanade 2 cards from different printings One fine unused green back; other green back ,used 1919. Views show different positions of bicycle; B/w12.00
609POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 18 - St Peter Port Salvation Army Band - B/W . Green back. Fine unused30.00
610POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 19 - St Peter Port Prince Consort Statue & Quay 2 cards from different printings.12.00
611POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 20 - St Peter Port - Prince Consort's Staue & Quay. B/ W. Green back. Postally used40.00
612POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 22- St Peter Port - Coal Quay & Crown Hotel. ERROR Misspelt as 'GROWN' Hotel B/W. White back. . Shows tram in foreground. Postally used18.00
613POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 27 - St Peter Port - The Jetty Extension - B/ W Green back with message on reverse Right hand lower corner crease - hence low reserve15.00
614POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 34 - St Peter Port - Ladies Public Bathing Place. B/W. Green back. Fine unused18.00
615POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 35 St Peter Port - The Reindeer entering harbour. Coloured. White back. Fine unused40.00
616POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 36 - The Ship - St . Helier in harbour- B/W white back. Fine unused40.00
617POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 38 - St Peter Port - Arrival of the Reindeer B/W. Green card. Fine unused30.00
618POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 94 - Hauteville House- Portrait of Victor Hugo. B/W green back. Fine unused4.00
619POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 109 - St Peter Port - Fort George Infantry. Green back. Unused Sl stain marks on reverse20.00
620POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 124 - Cobo - The rocks - B/W . Green back. Postally used 191420.00
621POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 128 - Cromlech, - L,Eree. B/W. Cream back. Unused4.00
622POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 129 - Rocquaine Bay and Imperial Hotel. B/W. White back. Fine unused4.00
623POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card - 129 - Rocquaine Bay and Imperial Hotel. B/W. White back. Postally used. Different printing to previous lot8.00
624POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 130 - Rocquaine Bay B/W. Pale green back. Unused. Small ink splodge on front5.00
625POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 131 - Fairie's cave, L'Eree. B/W. Green back. Postally used 19088.00
626POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 133 - Castel Church B/W. Green back. Fine Unused.25.00
627POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 134 -St Martins Church BW. Green back. Fine unused20.00
628POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 138 - St Andrews French Wesleyan Chapel.B/W. Green back. Fine unused25.00
629POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 142 - Torteval Church. B/W. Green back. Postally used 191230.00
630POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 159 - Moulin Huet Bay - B/W. Green back. Fine unused12.00
631POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 160 - Moulin Huet, Low tide. B/W. White back. Fine unused4.00
632POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 164 - Moulin Huet Bay - - B/W. Green back. Postally used 191225.00
633POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 171 - Saints Bay - the monument. B/W Green back. Fine unused15.00
634POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL card 172 - Saints Bay - Children on the Sand. B/W. Green back. Fine unused10.00
635POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL card 172 - Saints Bay - Children on the Sand. Coloured. White back. Postally used5.00
636POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 173 - Saints Bay - Low tide - B/W. Green back. Postally used12.00
637POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 185 - The Gouffre - B/W . Green back . (4*) . Fine unused25.00
638POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 187 - Icart Point and south cliffs. B/W. Green back. Fine unused30.00
639POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 188 - Gouffre Hotel and Valley - B/W . White back. Fine unused15.00
640POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 190 - Cliffs near Creux Mahie. B/W . Green back. Fine unused8.00
641POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 192 - Pleinmont Point B/W - Green back . Fine unused8.00
642POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 194 - Corbiere Point - B/W. Green back. Postally used20.00
643POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 195 - St Sampson's. B /W. Green back. Fine unused20.00
644POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 199 - St Sampson's Church. B / W. Green back (4*) . Fine unused30.00
645POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 211 - Butter making B/W. Green back. Fine unused15.00
646POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 213 - Milking Time - B/ W White back. Postally used4.00
647POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 221 - Interior of a Tomato House B/W. White back. Unused. Front of card - fine but reverse side is slightly faulty. Hence low reserve15.00
648POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 223 - St Peter Port - General View - Dark sepia. White back. Fine unused10.00
649POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 216 - St Peter Port Vegetable Market Interior - B/ W. White back. Fine used25.00
650POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 225 - 'ST PETER PORT' - Blue printing /white border. White back. Unused. Inscribed - Specially produced for Guernsey Press Co. Slight scuffing at top of card. Crease marks on reverse10.00
651POSTCARDSGUERNSEY - LL Card 226 Saint Pierre Port - Interieur du Marche. B/w. White back. Postally used24.00
652POSTCARDSCHANNEL ISLANDS - LL Card 56 - Milk Maid - Coloured card. White back. Fine unused10.00
653POSTCARDSCHANNEL ISLANDS - LL Card 210 - Going a Milking - Coloured card - White back. Fine unused15.00
654POSTCARDSCHANNEL ISLANDS - LL Card 211 - Butter making - Coloured card - White back. Unused. Poor condition3.00
655POSTCARDSCHANNEL ISLANDS - LL Card 214 - Excursion car - Coloured card - White back. Fine unused8.00
656POSTCARDSCHANNEL ISLANDS - LL Card 219 - In the Fields Coloured card - White back. Message on reverse20.00
657POSTCARDSCHANNEL ISLANDS - LL Card 219 - In the Fields B/W - White back. Fine unused8.00
658POSTCARDSJERSEY - Early coloured Novelty card showing old Royal Mail van inscribed 'Greetings from Jersey'. Unused5.00
659POSTCARDSJERSEY - Early coloured Novelty card showing old Jersey Charabanc. Postally used 19274.00
660POSTCARDSJERSEY - Group of 6 different Jersey Novelty cards ~ Mostly 1920/30's.20.00
661POSTCARDSJERSEY - Early sepia card of Maison St Louis. Unused5.00
662POSTCARDSJERSEY - 1911/13 - 2 early photographs of trains on Jersey Eastern Railway. With details in pencil on the reverse8.00
663POSTCARDSJERSEY - Set of 12 modern cards showing Jersey Churches. Published by Societe Jersiaise. Mint. Fine4.00
664POSTCARDSSARK - Fine early photo postcard of SARK Lifeboat as part of 1911 Coronation celebrations. Fine unused20.00
665POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Early sepia postcard of S.S. Courier at Alderney20.00
666POSTCARDSALDERNEY - Set of 8 modern comic Alderney cards. Fine unused4.00
667POSTCARDSJERSEY - Early B/W view of Grosnez Castle. Unused3.00
668POSTCARDSJERSEY - Early view of St Aubin. B/W - 'F.F.' series. Unused4.00
669POSTCARDSJERSEY - S.S. REINDEER passing Elizabeth Castle - B/ W - 'F.F.' series. Unused3.00
670POSTCARDSJERSEY - Group of 5 unused cards - all 'F.F.' series - On the Sands; Corbiere Lighthouse; Quiet Nook in St Marys, Archirondel Tower; La Haule Lane. All unused8.00
671POSTCARDSJERSEY - Early photographic card - Weighbridge during potato season. Great view. Unused4.00
672POSTCARDSJERSEY - West Park Station & Promenade . 'F.F.' series. Fine unused7.00
673POSTCARDSJERSEY - La Haule station 'F.F' series. Unused5.00
674POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pitt series - group of 5 unused cards - nos. 34, 37, 38, 41 and 44.6.00
675POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pitt series - another group of 5 unused cards - nos.6, 14, 15, and 286.00
676POSTCARDSJERSEY - J.W. & S. series of early postcards all unused . Nos. 408; 413; 414; 417; 422;4.00
677POSTCARDSJERSEY - Fine photo card of Paddle Steamer Conqueror in St Helier Harbour. Pitt series 89. Unused6.00
678POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pitt series no. 13 - S.S. Roebuck - 2 cards ~ different printings ~ showing different views of the ship.6.00
679POSTCARDSJERSEY - Pitt series no 18 - Shipping Jersey cattle. Unused5.00
680POSTCARDSJERSEY - Batch of 24 different postcards. Mostly pre 19406.00
681POSTCARDSJERSEY - Batch of 5 different early comic cards. Fine unused6.00
682POSTCARDSJERSEY - Superb booklet of 24 cards , published by Foot, Jersey. Fine condition20.00
683LATE LOTSJERSEY 1869 Scarce cover from Jersey to Paris with 4 x QV 1d reds. With scarce unframed ' INSUFFICIENTLY STAMPED' handstamp applied in Jersey. With 12 decimes manuscript mark applied in Paris. Mounted on album sheet with full write up. Very few examples of this handstamp recorded350.00
684LATE LOTSJERSEY - July 1948 cover from British Zone , Germany to Samares, Jersey. Commercial, not censored10.00
685LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1951 plain FDC of Festival of Britain stamps with fine GEORGETOWN, JERSEY datestamps8.00
686LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1955 piece with large blue Parcel Post label, (type JE 5) . Label cut back slightly at top left. With 4 x QEII 1/- stamps , 1d stamp and 2 KGVI £1 stamps - all cancelled with ROUGE BOUILLON datestamps25.00
687LATE LOTSJERSEY - July 1973 - Collection of 8 x 4p Commonwealth Reply coupons all with different Jersey P.O. and sub Post Office datestamps6.00
688LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1989 Underpaid commercial cover from Kenya to Jersey. With Jersey arrival datestamp on reverse. With Royal Mail yellow label. With 3 line 'UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED' handstamp and scarce 'JERSEY/ FOR CORRECT DISPOSAL ' handstamp. Unusual item.8.00
689LATE LOTSStanley Gibbons Channel Island Specialised Catalogue of Stamps and Postal History. 1983 edition. Fine3.00
690LATE LOTSALDERNEY - c 1900 - Map mounted in cardboard frame6.00
691LATE LOTSEVENING POST Newspaper - Nov 1941 Contains news relating to Red Cross messages6.00
692LATE LOTSPENNY POST und SUB POST OFFICES auf GUERNSEY & JERSEY BY L. Mayr & K.A. PETERS 1983 Very detailed catalogue in German5.00
693LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1845 Entire from Jersey to Cognac, France. With 'ILES - C ST. MALO' double circle datestamp in red. With flat topped '3' charge mark in red (SG cat no. CF42). Plus 10 decimes manuscript charge mark30.00
694LATE LOTSGUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 5th printing - (Blue banknote paper) u/mint. Some tone spots on top perfs.15.00
695LATE LOTSSARK - LL Card 54 - Little Sark Ruins of Silver Mines B/W Green back. Postally used30.00
696LATE LOTSJERSEY - LL Cards. 32 B&W. Mixture of unused and used. Green & white backs. Some with slight scuff marks or small stains. No. 1 M & U, 3,10, 20, 21, 46, 47, 48, 51, 59, 60, 93, 96, 100, 101, 111, 112, 114, 137, 150, 158, 165, 179, 181, 184, 189, 194 M&U, 217, 218, 240. Good value80.00
697LATE LOTSJERSEY - LL Card 41 - First Tower ( shows station and train). B/W. White back. Fine unused40.00
698LATE LOTSJERSEY - LL Card 94 - St Helier - L'Hermitage . B/w. Green back. Unused. Slight corner bend40.00
699LATE LOTSJERSEY - LL Card 104 - Rocks of the Corbiere. Coloured card. White back. Postally used20.00
700LATE LOTSJERSEY - LL Book of 18 large B/W views. Cover in poor condition15.00
701LATE LOTSGUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Blue Green. Top right corner block x4. Sheet No. 24 4th Printing. Stamps UM, hinge mark in selvedge40.00
702LATE LOTSGUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Ultramarine. Imprint block x4 1st Printing UM. Two fox spots on rear20.00
703LATE LOTSJERSEY 6 FDCs - Queen 31.12.99, £10 01.01.00, Marine Mammals 07.07.00, Queen Mum 04.08.00, year of Snake 24.01.01, Queen
704LATE LOTSGUERNSEY - FDCs. 74 Commemorative FDCs 6/5/80 - 17/11/92 inc. Minisheets + 7 FDI sets of Stamp Cards16.00
705LATE LOTSGUERNSEY - Commemorative Stamps UM 1992 - 2000 complete. Face value £12732.00
706LATE LOTSALDERNEY - Commemorative Stamps UM 1991 - 2000 complete. Face value £5213.00
707LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1993 Year Set excluding Definitives + Reprints of some Definitive Arms of Parishes and Scenes. Face value £246.00
708LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1994 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £164.00
709LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1995 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £215.00
710LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1996 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £164.00
711LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1997 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £3810.00
712LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1998 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £195.00
713LATE LOTSJERSEY - 1999 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £185.00
714LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2000 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £349.00
715LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2001 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £328.00
716LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2002 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £4211.00
717LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2003 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £297.00
718LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2004 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £4010.00
719LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2005 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £338.00
720LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2006 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £5514.00
721LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2007 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £6115.00
722LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2008 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £6717.00
723LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2009 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £5012.00
724LATE LOTSJERSEY - 2010 Year Set excluding Definitives. Face value £6817.00
725LATE LOTSPOW Lettersheet - February 1943 - Oflag 111c to Jersey - (Cpl Denis Liot)20.00
726LATE LOTSPOW Lettersheet - October 1943 - Stalag 383 to Jersey - (Cpl Denis Liot)20.00
727LATE LOTSPOW Lettercard - Feb 1941 - Stalag 20A to Jersey - (J Gates) Routed via England with UK censor handstamp20.00
728LATE LOTSPOW Lettersheet - Apr 1943 - Stalag 20A to Jersey - (J Gates)20.00
729LATE LOTSItalian POW Postcard - July 1943 to Jersey (From E Vincent to his uncle). UK & German transit censors100.00
730LATE LOTSFELDPOST - CIVILIAN - 1942 Italy to Continental Hotel, Jersey. With Italian & Munich censors100.00
731LATE LOTSFELDPOST - CIVILIAN - 1942 Italy to Maria Fenton, Greve D'Azette, Jersey. With Italian & Munich censors100.00
732LATE LOTSFELDPOST - 1943 Cover from Jersey, 25 Pf letter rate, to Queree at Fort D'Hauteville Prison with Paris censor. Top left corner of cover missing - but scarce item100.00
733LATE LOTSFELDPOST - Military - Feb 1944 - Fair FELDPOST cancel - to a Marine at F.P. Nr : M08100 - (12th Patrol Boat Flotilla Coastal Defence)100.00
734LATE LOTSUK POW Card - March 1946 - From Camp 168 ( Kirkham, Lancs.) to Jersey . With Lancashire postmark. Written in Polish. Slight damage to top of card. However, nice item30.00