Auction – April 2023

C.I.S.S. 22nd April 2023 POSTAL AUCTION NS21

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Prices Realised

1JERSEY - 1797 Entire letter to Scotland. Endorsed 1/7d. With JERSEY concave handstamp150.00220.00
2GUERNSEY - 1809 Entire to Poole. Endorsed 1/6d in manuscript. Weak GUERNSEY concave handstamp50.00100.00
3GUERNSEY - 1827 Entire letter from Guernsey to the Hospital, Colchester. With Guernsey Scroll handstamp60.00
4GUERNSEY- 1838 cover to Guernsey with FREE datestamp in red10.0030.00
5GUERNSEY - 1836 Entire letter to Dorset. Endorsed 1/-. With fine Guernsey double arc datestamp in black20.0022.00
6GUERNSEY - 1836 Entire letter to Wiltshire. Endorsed 1/-. With fair Guernsey double arc datestamp in black16.00
7JERSEY - 1837 - Entire to Cornwall with manuscript ½d. With Jersey double arc datestamp. With scarce fair 'Jersey/ Penny Post' handstamp and framed No. 1. handstamp80.00150.00
8JERSEY - Feb 1840 - Entire from Jersey to Norfolk. With manuscript '1' in red. Endorsed 'Paid'. With Jersey double arc datestamp and London transit datestamp in red32.00
9JERSEY - 1841 Wrapper to London with QV 1d Black cancelled with black Maltese Cross. 3 margins. With Jersey double arc datestamp and London arrival datestamp220.00260.00
10GUERNSEY - 1843 QV 1d pink envelope addressed to Oxford. With weak Maltese Cross cancel. Poor Guernsey d/arc datestamp. Oxford arrival datestamp. With 'SHIP LETTER/SOUTHAMPTON' handstamp on reverse40.0040.00
11JERSEY - 1845 Entire to Paris with light 'Iles C St Malo'. With flat topped 3 in red. On reverse fine Jersey double arc datestamp in red. Endorsed '10'. Faint Paris arrival datestamp in blue. Light fold. Nice item26.00
12JERSEY - 1848 Entire letter from Jersey to Plymouth. With Jersey double arc datestamp in red. With fine Jersey Handstruck '1' in red and circular PAID handstamp in red. With Plymouth arrival datestamp. Scarce item80.00100.00
13JERSEY - 1847 Letter to Bicester. With QV 1d red imperf cancelled with poor '409' numeral obliterator. With Jersey double arc datestamp in red10.0010.00
14JERSEY - 1856 Cover to Dublin. With '409' numeral obliterator. On reverse - a fine BEAUMONT U.D.C. in blue. Partially overstruck with Jersey double arc datestamp150.00300.00
15JERSEY - 1857 Cover to Nottingham with QV 1d stars cancelled with fine "409" numeral obliterator. Jersey and Nottingham double arc datestamps on reverse.12.009.60
16GUERNSEY - 1857 Cover to Gloucester with '324' numeral obliterator & fine double arc datestamp12.009.60
17JERSEY - 1858 cover to Bristol via London. With QV 1d cancelled with '409' numeral obliterator and small Jersey single circle datestamp, code C, on reverse. Stated to be earliest recorded date. With Bristol arrival datestamp15.0021.00
18JERSEY - 1860 Wrapper to Beziers, France. With QV 4d stamp cancelled with French lozenge cancel (1441 Granville) (SG CF58). With octagonal 'ANG B.M. GRANVILLE' in red (SG CF49). Beziers arrival cds60.0048.00
19GUERNSEY - 1860 Boite Mobile to St Malo. With strip of 3x QV 1d reds plus another 1d red (4d rate for ¼ oz.) Cancelled with faint St Malo large numeral 3743 lozenge obliterator (SG CF66). Plus a red octagonal ANGL. B.M. St Malo datestamp for October 1860 (SG CF47)120.00
20JERSEY - 1870 (15 December) - BALLON MONTE to Jersey. Written up on album page. Fine item. Scarce300.00300.00
21GUERNSEY - 1873 Local cover from GUERNSEY COMMERCIAL BANKING COMPANY. Guernsey duplex10.008.00
22JERSEY - 1874 Cover to London. With fine Jersey '409' duplex cancel. On reverse, scarce fine example of MILLBROOK 21mm s/circle datestamp, code A. Type is illustrated in D. Gurney's book - Jersey Sub Post Offices50.0050.00
23JERSEY - 1874 Entire letter to London with fine Jersey duplex cancel, code D12.0013.00
24GUERNSEY - 1875 Cover sent locally to Catel. With fine Guernsey duplex, code B10.008.00
25JERSEY - 1878 QV 1d Postal stationery card to London. Fine Jersey duplex cancel, code C8.008.00
26GUERNSEY - 1880 Cover sent locally with fine Guernsey duplex cancel, code A10.008.00
27JERSEY - 1880 Cover to Transvaal, S. Africa. With QV 6d stamp cancelled with Jersey duplex, code C. With Pretoria arrival datestamp on reverse40.0040.00
28GUERNSEY - 1882 Local cover to Catel. With QV 1d lilac cancelled with Guernsey duplex, code B8.006.40
29GUERNSEY - 1885 Local cover with 2x QV ½d green (SG 164) with fair Guernsey duplex15.0010.00
30JERSEY - 1885 Postal stationery env. From America. With Jersey arrival datestamp (code B2) on reverse7.005.60
31GUERNSEY - 1888 Cover from Solicitor in Guernsey to Jersey. With QV 1d lilac cancelled with Guernsey squared circle datestamp, code B. Jersey arrival datestamp on reverse. 1 cm vertical tear at top of envelope. Low reserve6.006.00
32JERSEY - 1892 QV 1d brown UPU postal stationery card to Holland. Jersey squared circle cancel8.00
33GUERNSEY - 1893 mourning cover to The Isle of Man. With QV 1d lilac cancelled with Guernsey squared circle10.00
34JERSEY - 1894 QV 1d red postal stationery card to Paris. Fine Jersey squared circle cancel, code F5.005.00
35GUERNSEY - 1894 QV 2½d postal stationery envelope to France. Guernsey squared circle datestamp and 'Calais a Paris' TPO transit datestamp. With French arrival datestamp on reverse12.0019.00
36GUERNSEY - 1895 Cover to America with ½d orange & 2x 1d lilac. Cancelled with Guernsey squared circle datestamps, code C. With American arrival datestamp on reverse15.0016.00
37JERSEY - 1895 QV 1d pink postal stationery envelope to Kew. With Jersey squared circle cancel, code E. With Kew arrival datestamp. Returned to sender8.00
38GUERNSEY - 1897 Cover to Cape Colony with ½d orange and 2x 1d lilac. Guernsey squared circle cancels 15.0020.00
39GUERNSEY - 1898 cover to S. Africa - 2½d rate. With Guernsey sq circle cancel 12.0012.00
40JERSEY - 1899 Court card to France with QV 1d lilac. Cancelled with part Carteret, Manche datestamp. With octagonal 'ANGL. B.M. GRANVILLE' datestamp (SG CF 50)30.0030.00
41JERSEY - Album page with 16 QV /KEVII all with squared circle cancels with different letter codes or time codes Includes code 'L' (1896) - stated to be the only recorded example15.0018.00
42GUERNSEY - QV 10/- stamp with circular GUERNSEY packet datestamp. Good perfs30.0042.00
43GUERNSEY - Postcard sent locally with KEVII ½d stamp cancelled with fine '324' single obliterator. With 2 bars above and below the '324' . SG GC28b. Seldom seen25.0028.00
44JERSEY- 1896 QV 1d UPU postal stationery card to Paris. With St Malo transit datestamp. From Le Maire Schmit (Boots and shoes), Ile de Jersey8.008.00
45GUERNSEY - 1898 French postal stationery card with GB QV ½d orange used from Guernsey to Cornwall. With fine Guernsey squared circle cancels. Unusual6.004.80
46GUERNSEY - 1901 Fine mixed view Court card from Guernsey to France. With 2x QV ½d green cancelled with Guernsey squared circle datestamps8.0016.00
47JERSEY - 1901 Postcard to France with QV ½d green. Jersey d/circle datestamp5.00
48JERSEY - 1901 Court card to Belgium with QV 1d lilac8.0013.00
49SARK - 1902 Postcard from Sark to Somerset. With fine Sark datestamp alongside stamp8.008.00
50GUERNSEY - 1902 Fine KEVII registered postal stationery envelope to Jesus College, Oxford. With Guernsey s/circle datestamp. Nice item20.0027.00
51JERSEY - 1903 Underpaid postcard from France to Jersey. With superb PAQUEBOT handstamp (SG JP2) and 1d 409 surcharge handstamp40.0065.00
52GUERNSEY - 1904 Underpaid postcard from Granville to Guernsey. Routed via London where weak hexagonal taxe mark applied together with fine '1d. I.S.D.' surcharge mark. With Guernsey arrival datestamp7.0026.00
53GUERNSEY - 1904 Postcard with superb violet 'FOREST GUERNSEY' rubber datestamp alongside stamp20.0016.00
54GUERNSEY - 1905 UPU Postal stationery card from Portugal to Col. Coleman, Guernsey. Fine hexagonal 'PORTO CENTRAL' datestamp
55JERSEY - 1903 Cover to France posted at 5d rate with 2x KEVII 2½d stamps. Correct rate for mail up to 1 oz. With Granville a Paris TPO and Avranche datestamps on reverse8.006.40
56JERSEY - 1904 Postcard to France . KEVII stamp on front cancelled with 'ST MALO, ILLE ET VILLAINE' datestamp (SG Cat no. CF33)25.00
57SARK - 1906 Postcard from Sark to France. 1d rate. With stamp and Sark datestamp on front of card8.008.00
58GUERNSEY - 1906 Unpaid postcard from S. Africa to Guernsey. Endorsed 'Unpaid'. With S. African octagonal Taxe handstamp. With GB KE VII 1d stamp cancelled in Southampton. With Southampton surcharge mark - '2d 723'. With St Andrew's arrival datestamp. Unusual10.0032.00
59GUERNSEY - 1903 postcard with St Sampsons datestamp, code D3.0012.00
60GUERNSEY - 1906 postcard with superb FOREST GUERNSEY rubber datestamp in violet alongside stamp10.008.00
61JERSEY - 1905 (?) - Birthday postcard with KEVII stamp cancelled with Trinity rubber datestamp45.0045.00
62GUERNSEY - 1912 postcard with COBO GUERNSEY rubber datestamp in violet cancelling stamp10.007.00
63JERSEY - 1906 Postcard to France. With oval hotel cachet - 'HOTEL CONTINENTAL/ JERSEY'. With KEVII stamp cancelled with fine CARTERET/ MANCHE' datestamp. With French PAQUEBOT handstamp alongside30.00
64JERSEY - 1906 Boite Mobile item - P/card to France with GB KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with 26mm. ANG. B.M. SAINT MALO datestamp. With light oval Grand Hotel du Palais de Cristal handstamp (Harris type GHPC 4)20.0020.00
65JERSEY - 1907 - KEVII 1d postal stationery card to France. Seldom seen8.006.40
66GUERNSEY - 1909 Postcard with fine St Saviour's rubber datestamp alongside15.0021.00
67JERSEY - 1908 P/card to Paris with KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with Granville, Manche datestamp. With fine octagonal ANG BM GRANVILLE datestamp alongside21.0021.00
68JERSEY - KEVII newspaper wrapper addressed to Hamburg. ½d rate6.00
69JERSEY - 1909 Postcard from Ceylon to Jersey5.00
70JERSEY - 1910 Postcard to Paris. With KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with GRANVILLE d/circle datestamp. With fine octagonal ANG. B.M. GRANVILLE datestamp in black (SG CF49)46.0036.80
71JERSEY - 1910 Boite mobile item. Postcard to Paris with GB KEVII stamp on front with 26mm ANG. B.M. ST MALO cancel (SG CF75). Another cancel on the back. 20.00
72JERSEY - 1911 Postcard from Canada to Jersey with fine St Martin's, Jersey datestamp alongside stamp5.009.00
73GUERNSEY - 1911 postcard from Curragh Camp Ireland to Guernsey4.004.00
74JERSEY - 1911 Postcard to France 1d rate, KEVII stamp cancelled with Octagonal ANGL. M. B. Granville datestamp. With GRANVILLE MANCHE datestamp alongside20.0020.00
75JERSEY - 1911 Postcard to France. Boite mobile item. GB KEVII ½d stamp on front with GRANVILLE MANCHE cancel. With octagonal ANGL. M.B. Granville datestamp alongside20.00
76JERSEY - 1912 Underpaid postcard to France. With manuscript 'T' and French 10ct postage due stamp10.008.00
77GUERNSEY - 1913 Uprated postal stationery card from Sofia, Bulgaria to Guernsey13.0013.00
78JERSEY - 1913 Postcard from Firenze, Italy addressed to Jersey. With 'MISSENT TO NEW YORK' instructional handstamp20.00
79JERSEY - 1904 Postcard with Augres datestamp4.008.00
80JERSEY - 1908 Postcard with Beaumont datestamp3.003.00
81JERSEY - 1908 Postcard with First Tower datestamp3.003.00
82JERSEY - 1904 Postcard with Five Oaks datestamp alongside stamp4.004.00
83JERSEY - 1926 Postcard with Gorey datestamp. Asterisk code. 1d rate5.00
84JERSEY - 1910 Postcard with Gorey Village datestamp4.004.00
85JERSEY - 1907 Postcard with St Aubin datestamp. Without code letter3.008.00
86JERSEY - 1927 Postcard with St Aubin datestamp. Without code letter. 1d rate4.004.00
87JERSEY - 1908 Postcard with St Martins datestamp3.00
88JERSEY - 1929 Postcard with St OUENS datestamp. 1d rate6.006.00
89JERSEY - 1910 Postcard with St Marys datestamp4.004.00
90JERSEY - 1905 Postcard with St Peters datestamp3.003.00
91JERSEY - 1918 Postcard with Samares datestamp3.00
92JERSEY - 1904 Card to France with fine Grouville datestamp alongside stamp5.004.00
93ALDERNEY - 1908 Postcard with fine Alderney d/circle datestamp6.0011.00
94GUERNSEY 1914 Postcard from Cherbourg to Guernsey. Missent to Jersey where Jersey datestamp applied. No Guernsey arrival datestamp4.004.00
95GUERNSEY - 1918 Completed Army form from Sub Record Office Guernsey to a Father in St Peter Port. Relates to the death of his son and location of his burial8.0021.00
96GUERNSEY - 1916 Postcard of Bailleul, France to Guernsey. With d/circle datestamp - ARMY POST OFFICE H2 (11 Corps HQ Ypres/ Somme). With hexagonal censor handstamp in red 77612.0026.00
97GUERNSEY - 1915 Cover from a Nurse in No.4 General Hospital, Br. Expeditionary Force, France to her friend in Guernsey. Cover censored and sent post free (On active service). With Army Post Office d/circle datestamp Includes interesting long chatty letter10.0030.00
98GUERNSEY - 1917 Cover to Guernsey sent post free on active service. Censored. With Army Post Office datestamp, code S19. Letter enclosed10.0021.00
99JERSEY - 1917 Postcard sent post free to Jersey. With red oval 'PASSED BY FIELD CENSOR' handstamp. With Army Post office datestamp, code RZ8.0013.00
100JERSEY - March 1918 Postcard sent post free to Jersey. With red rectangular "Passed by Censor' handstamp With Army Post Office datestamp, code S.788.008.00
101C.I. - 1917/ 1918 - Two letters from Cpl Carter who was a P.O.W. in Sennelager Camp on headed stationery10.0016.00
102GUERNSEY - July 1918 cover addressed to Pte. Duquemin, 1st Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, British Prisoner of War, Germany. Sent post free. With good COBO rubber datestamp. With 'OPENED BY CENSOR / P.W. 979 Label on reverse. Iitem returned to sender with German label ( In German and French) - 'Return to sender / Destination Not found./ Kaiserlick Deutsches Postamt, Berlin N24. Nice item30.0060.00
103JERSEY - Special YMCA 'On active service' postcard addressed to Jersey . With special cancel - 'received from H.M. Ship'. From soldier to his Mother in Jersey. Slightly foxed8.0016.00
104GUERNSEY - 1917/18 - FRENCH SEA PLANE BASE - 1918 cover from the base to France with weak cachet applied at the base. With detailed write up on album page. Scarce item40.00220.00
105GUERNSEY - 1917 Telegram from Cherbourg to Guernsey with Guernsey datestamp6.0030.00
106JERSEY - 1910 Postcard to France, 1d rate. With GRAND HOTEL /DE LA POMME D'OR' cachet in violet8.0010.00
107JERSEY -1917 postcard from France addressed to Jersey. With Krag machine cancel 'ARMY POST /B/ JAN 17. With red oval crown 2098 censor12.0012.00
108JERSEY - 1919 KGV 1½d Postal stationery env with St Peters, Jersey datestamp18.0018.00
109SARK - 1923 Postcard to Belgium. With KGV 1½d stamp cancelled with fine Sark s/circle datestamp8.008.00
110JERSEY - 1920 Cover posted at 1d rate to HQ 234, Infantry Brigade, Egyptian Expeditionary Force5.005.00
111GUERNSEY - 1924 Postcard to Essex with 'COBO, GUERNSEY' rubber datestamp in grey black15.00
112GUERNSEY - 1927 & 1928 Two covers from America to Guernsey. Interesting contents - one is endorsed SS. Aquitania; other endorsed SS Berengaria. (Contents mention Captain who saved survivors of Titanic)8.0016.00
113SARK - 1930 Postcard to Hampshire. With fine Sark d/circle datestamp8.008.00
114GUERNSEY - 1931 Thunderstorm card from Guernsey to Huddersfield10.0011.00
115JERSEY - 1932 Thunderstorm card from Jersey to Huddersfield10.0010.00
116GUERNSEY - 1935 Thunderstorm card from Guernsey to Huddersfield together with Thunderstorm Survey leaflet15.0024.00
117GUERNSEY - 1933 Airmail cover to Guernsey from New Guinea. 1/9d rate. Seldom seen10.0055.00
118GUERNSEY - 1934 Postcard to Surrey with Quay B.O. d/circle datestamp8.008.00
119SARK - 1930 Postcard to London. With fine Sark d/circle datestamp8.00
120JERSEY - 1936 Airmail cover to the Nile Hotel, Wadi Haffa, Sudan. 3d rate with 2x 1½d definitives. With Khartoum arrival mark on reverse10.0010.00
121JERSEY - 1933 Registered envelope from USA . Fine Cleveland, Ohio transit datestamp. With oval Jersey registered datestamp on reverse. Nice item12.00
122JERSEY - 1936 CRASH MAIL - Cover from Singapore to Jersey. Carried on Imperial Airways flying boat SCIPIO. Crashed in Crete August 1936. Forwarded via London where 'DAMAGED BY SEA WATER' cachet applied. Written up on 2 album pages with picture of accident and full details of the event. Interesting lot30.0065.00
123JERSEY - 1935 Airmail cover from Australia to to St Brelade, Jersey. 1/6d rate. Re-routed to St Aubin. With good St Brelades Bay single circle datestamp alongside stamp15.0060.00
124JERSEY - July 1937 postcard to Belgium with GB KGVI Coronation stamp with Jersey machine cancel5.007.00
125JERSEY - 31 May 1937 - First Airmail flight by Jersey Airways Ltd. 2 covers - Jersey to Monmouth and Monmouth to Jersey. The former with Jersey Airways blue and red cachets; the latter with a red cachet25.00
126JERSEY - 31 May 1937 - First Airmail flight by Jersey Airways Ltd. - Jersey to Southampton Airport With Jersey Airways meter cancel and Jersey Airways blue cachet12.00
127JERSEY - 31 May 1937 - First Airmail flight by Jersey Airways Ltd. Jersey to London. With circular London Office circular cachet with arrival date & time. With Jersey Airways meter cancel and Jersey Airways blue cachet12.009.60
128JERSEY - 31 May 1937 - First Airmail flight by Jersey Airways Ltd. Jersey to Southampton Airport. With violet Jersey Airways cachet ( applied at Southampton)12.0012.00
129GUERNSEY - May 1939 First Flight cover from Southampton to Guernsey with rectangular violet cachet - GUERNSEY / SX / AIRWAYS12.0012.00
130GUERNSEY - 22 May 1939 First flight cover from Guernsey to Southampton. Circular GUERNSEY AIRWAYS / GZ cachet in black. Addressed to London12.0012.00
131GUERNSEY - 22 May 1939 First flight illus. cover from Guernsey to England. Addressed to Market Harborough. Pilot signed18.0018.00
132JERSEY - May 1939 - postcard carried on First airmail flight from Jersey to Guernsey12.0012.00
133JERSEY - Feb 1940 unstamped French On Active Service envelope to Jersey sealed wiith French Military censor tape. Tied with oval French military censor handstamp. With 2 line hospital cachet - 'HOPITAL COMPLEMENTAIRE / DU LYCEE DE GARCONS DE GUERET'. With GUERET machine cancel15.00
OCCUPATION (See Late Lots)
134GUERNSEY - 28 June 1940 Cover from Wigan to Guernsey which missed the final sailing of the mail boat. With 'NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER 'cachet60.00110.00
135JERSEY - 28 June 1940 Cover from England to Jersey. With SERVICE SUSPENDED cachet together with a separate 'RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp 60.0060.00
136JERSEY - 28 June 1940 Cover from Le Gallais & Sons addressed to Staffordshire. No postal service. With UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED handstamp. With St Helier datestamp for 15 July 1940 alongside so not returned until that date60.0075.00
137JERSEY - 15 JULY 1940 Cover addressed to Guernsey. With KGV Silver Jubilee 2½d stamp and Jersey machine cancel. Stated to have been sent on the first day that the Inter Island mail service started during the Occupation20.0032.00
138GUERNSEY - August photo p/card showing German troops marching in St Peter Port6.0022.00
139JERSEY - 16 JULY 1940 local cover with GB 1d Centenary stamp. Jersey machine cancel5.0021.00
140JERSEY - AUG 1940 Cover with KGV Jubilee stamp cancelled with '409' in triangle. Seldom seen30.0046.00
141GUERNSEY - 26 August 1940 - Cover with 3d Centenary stamp addressed to the British Vice Consul in America. With contents - the enclosed letter had a message for relations in England. However cover was endorsed in manuscript - 'Cannot be forwarded to destination / No service. With 'RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp. Scarce100.00150.00
142JERSEY - 1940 - Set of 12 KGVI definitives overprinted with Swastika / JERSEY 1940. NOT genuine overprints. Labelled FASCIMILE on reverse. However, unusual.30.0034.00
143GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 cover with 2x 2d Centenary bisects plus KGVI ½d definitive. With Guernsey s/circle datestamps20.0016.00
144GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 commercial cover from Percy B. Young to Le Riche Stores. With 2d Centenary bisect and Guernsey machine cancel15.0012.00
145GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Guernsey Evening Press newspaper wrapper to Jersey. With 2d Centenary bisect with Guernsey d/circle datestamp15.0016.00
146GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Tax demand from H.M. Receiver General , Guernsey with 2d Centenary bisect. Guernsey machine cancel15.00
147GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 cover to General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation, St Peter Port with KGVI 2d definitive bisect with St Peter Port D/circle datestamp15.0012.00
148GUERNSEY - Dec 1940 plain postcard with 2d Centenary bisect cancelled on first day of use with fine Cobo double circle datestamp12.009.60
149GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 Cover with 2d Centenary bisect with Les Gravees datestamp. Unusual - datestamp showed 20 December. Altered in manuscript to 27. 15.0038.00
150GUERNSEY - Jan1941 Tax demand from H.M. Receiver General, Guernsey with 2d Centenary bisect. Guernsey Addressee had evacuated. Item returned to sender. With Guernsey surcharge mark 'Undelivered for reason stated / 1d POSTAGE DUE FOR RETURN TO SENDER'25.0042.00
151GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 postcard with KGV 2d photogravure definitive bisect cancelled with THE VALE double circle datestamp60.00
152GUERNSEY - 18 Feb 1941 local cover with Centenary bisect and Guernsey 1d Arms stamp. With Guernsey machine cancel15.00
153GUERNSEY - 22 Feb 1941 local cover with Centenary bisect, 1d Centenary stamp and KGVI ½d definitive with Guernsey s/circle definitives. Correct letter rate18.0018.00
154GUERNSEY - 23 Jan 1941 Commercial cover from States Committee for Control of Essential Services . Machine cancel 2d Centenary Bisect and KGV1 ½d Definitive. Tear to envelope flap which does not detract30.00
155JERSEY - April 1941 cover with invalid 2d Centenary stamp and Jersey 1d Arms. Jersey machine cancel15.0015.00
156GUERNSEY - 18 Feb 1941 Registered cover with 4x KGVI 2d definitive bisects plus 2x 1d Arms stamps30.0030.00
157GUERNSEY - 18 Feb 1941 Registered cover with 4x 1d Arms stamps, , ½d Centenary and 2d Centenary bisect. Correct registered letter rate. Cover has printed copy of the Post Office announcement for the 1d Arms stamp20.0027.00
158GUERNSEY - 1941 Cover from States of Guernsey Dairy. With KGVI 1½d definitive and invalid Centenary bisect Bisect deleted in manuscript (March 1941)15.0036.00
159GUERNSEY - 1941 Cover initially addressed to Committee for Control of Essential Commodities with 1d Centenary stamp. Cover re-used with Centenary bisect and another 1d Centenary stamp25.0040.00
160GUERNSEY - Apr 1941 cover to The Controlling Committee of the States of Guernsey with KGVI 1d definitive with Guernsey machine cancel5.004.00
161GUERNSEY - March 1941 local cover with ½d and 2d Centenary stamps. Guernsey machine cancel5.007.00
162JERSEY - May 1941 local cover with KGVI 2½d definitive with Jersey machine cancel5.004.00
163GUERNSEY - April 1941 "Evening Press" Notice relating to the issue of the ½d Arms stamp8.009.00
164GUERNSEY - Album page showing 9x ½d Arms stamps - all different shades including blue green and olive green - all mounted mint 25.0032.00
165GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 1st printing. Mounted on upper 2 stamps; lower stamps U/M15.0021.00
166GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 2nd printing. Heavily mounted on upper 2 stamps; lower stamps U/M12.0012.00
167GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine Imprint block of 12 - 2nd printing. U/M. Includes lower two rows of the sheet. Mounted on 2 stamps only. Other 10 stamps U/M. Written up on album page30.00
168GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 2nd printing Mounted on upper 2 stamps; lower stamps U/M15.0012.00
169GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 6 - 3rd printing Mounted on upper 2 stamps; 4 stamps U/M20.0065.00
170GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 6th printing Mounted on upper 2 stamps; lower stamps U/M15.0012.00
171GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 8th printing Mounted on upper 2 stamps; lower stamps U/M. Scarce olive green shade25.0025.00
172GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 6 - 8th printing. U/M. Olive green shade65.0052.00
173GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 9th printing. Mounted on upper 2 stamps ; other 2 are U/M18.0022.00
174GUERNSEY - ½ d & 1d Arms stamps on blue banknote paper. Both mounted mint18.00
175GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 11th printing, Yellowish Green Sheet no. 1. Odd tone spots85.00
176GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 12th printing, Yellowish Green. Odd tone spots90.00
177GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 13th printing, Yellowish Green. Odd tone spots85.00
178GUERNSEY Arms stamps - Collection of 18x ½d, 18x 1d Arms on album sheet. All used. Various shades8.0011.00
179GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - 3 commercial covers sent at 1d printed matter rate - all with 2 x ½d Arm stamps10.0010.00
180GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Marginal Imperf pair. Very lightly mounted mint60.0048.00
181GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 1st printing - mounted on 1 stamp. Other 3 are U/M16.0020.00
182GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 3rd printing - mounted mint on 2 stamps15.0012.00
183GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint pair - 7th printing on blue Banknote paper. U/M20.00
184GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 9th printing - mounted mint on 2 stamps15.0015.00
185GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 12th printing - (Guernsey Press Co.) mounted mint on 2 stamps15.0015.00
186GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 4 - 13th printing - (PRESS TYP.) mounted mint on 2 stamps15.0027.00
187GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 8th printing, Scarlet95.0076.00
188GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 15th printing, "PRESS" Carmine100.0080.00
189GUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Imprint block of 4 from 3rd printing ("PRESS"). Lightly mounted mint on 2 stamps20.0016.00
190GUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 3rd printing. Slight perf split in bottom margin160.00
191GUERNSEY - 1943 & 1944 Two advertising cover both with 1d Arms. Guernsey machine cancels5.005.00
192GUERNSEY April 1941 cover with 2x ½d Arms stamps with Market Place datestamps. Addressed to Jersey5.005.00
193GUERNSEY - Two commercial covers posted at 2½d rate with ½d and 1d Arms stamps6.006.00
194GUERNSEY - Attractive set of 3 Arms of Guernsey commemmorative postcards - each card with a different value. Each stamp has received a neat postmark for first day of issue15.0017.00
195GUERNSEY - 1942 Commercial cover with 5x ½d Arms making the correct letter rate. Addressed to a Motor Garage. With circular cachet on reverse - 'STATES OF GUERNSEY / PETROL RATIONING DEPARTMENT'6.0021.00
196GUERNSEY - 1941 / 1944 Two 1d rate covers with 1d Arms stamps and Guernsey machine cancels5.004.00
197GUERNSEY - 1941 cover posted at 1d rate. Endorsed in manuscript - 'Evacuated' Returned to sender with surcharge handstamp - '1D POSTAGE DUE FOR RETURN TO SENDER' Nice commercial cover15.0038.00
198GUERNSEY - Apr 1944 Commercial cover with one ½d Arms stamp with Guernsey machine cancel. Underpaid but not surcharged4.004.00
199GUERNSEY - 1941 sealed cover posted at incorrect 1d rate. With Guernsey surcharge mark - '3D / TO PAY / 324'25.0070.00
200SARK - 1941 Cover with ½d and 2 x 1d Arms stamps with Sark datestamps addressed to the Procurer's Office Manor Place, Guernsey12.0026.00
201GUERNSEY - 1941 Cover to The Bailiff's Secretary, Court House, Jersey. With 1d Arms and KGVI 1½d definitive10.0010.00
202GUERNSEY - 1942 Fine commercial cover from the Income Tax Office with 2x 1d Arms on blue banknote paper and a standard ½d Arms stamp40.0032.00
203GUERNSEY - 26 March 1942 postcard addressed to Jersey with 2x ½d Arms on blue banknote paper. With fine Guernsey s/sircle datestamps. Stated to be the first day of issue. 30.0024.00
204GUERNSEY - 1942 Cover used twice12.009.60
205GUERNSEY - 1942 'THE STAR, GUERNSEY' newspaper wrapper with 1d Arms stamp addressed to the Editor Evening Post, Jersey6.006.00
206GUERNSEY - 1941 Registered cover with ½d and 1d Arms plus KGVI 4d definitive. 'GUERNSEY' registration label15.0024.00
207GUERNSEY - 1942 Registered cover with ½d and 1d Arms plus GB 3d Centenary stamp. With 'GUERNSEY 4' registration label used at the Head Post Office. 20.0042.00
208GUERNSEY - 1944 Registered cover with Arms stamps plus KGVI 2d definitive. With 'GUERNSEY 7' registration label used at the Head Post Office. 18.0026.00
209GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with 2½d Arms and KGVI 3d definitive. With 'GUERNSEY 8' registration label used at head Post Office. Seldom seem registration label for this date20.0036.00
210GUERNSEY - April 1944 Large registered first day cover of 2½d Arms with Guernsey provisional registration handstamp - R881. With ½d, 1d, 2½d Arms plus ½d and 1d Arms on blue banknote paper30.0030.00
211GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with 2½d Arms and KGVI 3d definitive. With provisional registration handstamp with seldom seen black frame30.00120.00
212GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered postcard with 2x 2½d Arms (correct registered postcard rate). With provisional registration handstamp with violet frame but without registration number30.0024.00
213GUERNSEY - 1944 Registered cover with 2½d Arms stamp and KGVI 3d definitive. With 'The Vale' datestamp and 'THE VALE' registration label. Posted on first day of issue of 2½d Arms stamp25.0055.00
214GUERNSEY - March 1945 Plain commercial postcard sent at 2d rate to the States Water Board. With St Peter Port double circle datestamps8.008.00
215GUERNSEY - Local commercial cover sent at 1d printed matter rate with 2x ½d Arms stamps cancelled with fine 'GU in triangle' cancels (bulk posting cancels)30.0075.00
216GUERNSEY - 1944 Receipt from States Water Board with fine Guernsey 1d PAID handstamp in red with missing year date20.0038.00
217GUERNSEY - Oct 1944 Printed message to Executors from States Committee for Control of Essential Commodoties sent locally. With Guernsey 1d PAID handstamp in red. Without year date20.0036.00
218GUERNSEY - 1942 Cover from the States Committee for Control of Essential Commodities with fine Guernsey 2½d PAID handstamp in red20.0048.00
219GUERNSEY - 1944 Cover used twice. Initially sent at 1d rate from The States Dairy. Postage paid with 1d PAID handstamp. The cover re-used being returned to States Dairy with 1d Arms stamp. Nice cover25.0025.00
220GUERNSEY - 1944 cover used twice. First use at 2½d rate. Then re-used at 1d rate with 2x ½d Arms16.0013.00
221GUERNSEY - 1944 cover used twice. First usage to Bread & Flour Dept., Ladies College using 1d Arms stamp. Second usage to States Dairy, St Martins with Guernsey 1d PAID handstamp without year date30.0050.00
222GUERNSEY - 1945 cover used twice. First usage to the Candle Department, Ladies College sent at 2½d rate with 2½d Arms stamp. Second usage with Guernsey 1d PAID handstamp for April 194525.0032.00
223SARK - 1942 Cover to Leale's, St. Sampson's Bridge. With 2x 1d and ½d Arms stamps. Sark datestamps15.0021.00
224SARK- 1944 cover to The Labour Officer, Hirzel House. With 2½d Arms stamp. Sark datestamp15.0021.00
225JERSEY - 1d Arms on chalky paper. Marginal, UM. Mounted in margin15.0015.00
226JERSEY - 1d Arms - Imprint block of 6 on thick white paper. UM12.0022.00
227JERSEY - 1d Arms on chalky paper. Fine imprint block of 6. UM 90.00120.00
228JERSEY - 1d Arms - Ungummed Imperf ESSAY - right marginal pair. Fine160.00130.00
229JERSEY - 1d Arms - Ungummed Imperf ESSAY - Marginal corner block of 4. With certificate280.00220.00
230JERSEY - 1d Arms - Strip of 3 - IMPERF. between first horizontal pair. Fine. UM. V. scarce300.00
231JERSEY - ½d Arms - Album page with Arms stamps on thick white paper; thin white paper and on grey newsprint paper. In singles and marginal blocks of 4 for the stamps on white paper. 15 stamps altogether15.0015.00
232JERSEY - ½d Arms - Imprint block of 6 on thick white paper. Fine UM12.0022.00
233JERSEY - ½d Arms - UM IMPERF imprint corner block of 6. With two horizontal creases. Seldom seen160.00160.00
234JERSEY - 1942 Illustrated cover advertising 'Black & white' whiskey with 2x ½d Arms stamps with Jersey datestamp for first day of issue6.0027.00
235JERSEY - 1942 Cover with one ½d Arms stamp cancelled with Jersey machine cancel. Underpaid by ½d. With Jersey surcharge handstamp - 1d / TO PAY/ 409 in black20.0016.00
236JERSEY - 1943 Commercial cover with ½d Arms and KGVI 2d definitive. Jersey machine cancel6.004.80
237JERSEY - 1942 KGVI ½d Postal stationery env uprated with ½d Arms stamp. Jersey s/circle datestamp4.008.00
238JERSEY - 1941 Plain postcard from the Methodist Church addressed to Mr E. Vaudin. With 1d Arms on chalky paper with Jersey machine cancel20.0010.00
239JERSEY - Feb 1942 Plain postcard sent at 1½d rate with Jersey machine cancel. Underpaid with Jersey surcharge handstamp in red - '1D / TO PAY / 409'.25.0025.00
240JERSEY - Apr 1943 Commercial local cover with 1d Arms cancelled with Jersey machine cancel3.002.40
241JERSEY - 1941 KGVI 4½d registered postal stationery envelope from Lloyds Bank uprated with 1d Arms on chalky paper. With JERSEY registration label. Fine with Lloyds Bank wax seal. Low reserve30.0042.00
242JERSEY - 1943 Set of 6 Views stamps on 6 B/W 'maxi cards'. Fine with Jersey cds cancels. Attractive15.0055.00
243JERSEY - 2d Views in marginal corner block of 4 with sheet number in margin. 2 stamps mounted mint; others UM 6.006.00
244JERSEY - 2d Views in corner dated block of 4 (20.5.43). UM10.0022.00
245JERSEY - 2½d Views in corner dated block of 4 (31.5.43). UM10.0010.00
246JERSEY - 3d Views in marginal corner block of 4 with sheet number in margin. UM8.008.00
247JERSEY - 3d Views in marginal corner dated strip of 3 (4.6.43) UM6.007.00
248JERSEY - Views - Superb Half size essay of ½d value in red with red border. Fine item, very scarce250.00350.00
249JERSEY - Aug 1944 Scarce registered cover with 5 Guernsey Arms stamps including blue banknote paper. Unusual use from Jersey. With fine CHEAPSIDE sub post office datestamps and 'JERSEY 4' registration label 40.0085.00
250JERSEY - Sep 1944 Scarce registered cover with 5 Guernsey Arms stamps including blue banknote paper. Unusual use from Jersey. With fine GROUVILLE sub post office datestamps and 'GROUVILLE' registration label 40.00100.00
251JERSEY - Sep 1944 Scarce registered cover with 5 Guernsey Arms stamps including blue banknote paper. Unusual use from Jersey. With fine ST MARTINS sub post office datestamps and very scarce 'ST MARTINS' 'D type registration label. Few examples recorded. Few rust spots. Hence low reserve100.00100.00
252JERSEY - Nov 1943 window envelope from F. Le Gallais & Sons. With 1d Views with Jersey machine cancel3.005.00
253JERSEY - 1943 Cover with 2x ½d Views with Jersey machine cancel4.003.20
254JERSEY - June 1943 p/card with ½d and 2d Views plus 1d Arms. With Jersey s/circle datestamps4.003.20
255Jersey - June 1943 Registered cover with set of 6 Views stamps. Stopford Road datestamps. 'JERSEY 1' reg label 25.0048.00
256JERSEY - 1943 Christmas postcard sent at 1d rate with 1d Views. Jersey machine cancel3.003.00
257JERSEY - 1944 1d Views on homemade envelope with Jersey machine cancel5.005.00
258JERSEY - Feb 1945 Underpaid postcard. With 3x ½ d Views cancelled with St Helier d/circle datestamp. Underpaid by ½d. With Jersey surcharge mark - in red - 1D / TO PAY / 409. Commercial25.0034.00
259JERSEY - 1943 Registered first day cover of 1½ d and 2d Views with Havre des Pas datestamps and 'JERSEY 3' registration label 10.0018.00
260JERSEY - June 1943 registered cover with complete set of Jersey Views stamps. With provisional Jersey registration handstamp, - B433315.0015.00
261JERSEY - Jan 45 local cover with fine Jersey 1d PAID datestamp (type 2 - where the '1' was part of a fraction)30.00
262JERSEY - Feb 1941 cover from The States Treasury, Jersey to St Brelade's Rectory. With fine Jersey 2½ d PAID datestamp30.0030.00
263JERSEY - Aug 1941 cover from the Jersey Electricity Company to St Brelade's Rectory. With fine Jersey 2 ½d PAID datestamp. The '41' part of the year date is inverted. Unusual50.00130.00
264FELDPOST - Military - JERSEY - 1941 Cover to Hannover, Germany. With fine Feldpost datestamp. From Feldpost number 29957C. 9th Battery of 3rd Unit of Artillery Regiment- 216th Infantry Division.25.0020.00
265RED CROSS- Type 61 Enquiry form from Wiltshire to Jersey - 30 October 1940. With reply dates 18 January 1941. Reply side has very scarce Jersey 'VON DER BAILIFF ' 55 mm diameter handstamp (Gurney type M.27)150.00
266RED CROSS -message on UK FR type form from Bradford to Guernsey sent January 1944 . With reply 4.004.00
267Red Cross Postal Message Scheme, Air Mail cover Birmingham to Geneva, Resealed with PC90 tape. Paris AX Censor on reverse in red.8.008.00
268RED CROSS message form - Jan 1943 - Croydon to Jersey with reply. Unusual - part of message has been deleted by censor12.00
269RED CROSS message form - type 61 from UK to Jersey. Sent 30 January 1941. With reply dated 19 March 19418.005.30
270RED CROSS Message Forms - German type - Guernsey to England with replies - 3 forms in lot.10.0013.00
271RED CROSS Message form - P.O.W. type - England to Jersey. With reply. Sent June 19413.004.00
272RED CROSS Message Forms - batch of 3 - UK Foreign Relations type - England to Jersey. With replies10.0012.00
273RED CROSS Message Forms - batch of 3 - UK Foreign Relations type - England to Guernsey. With replies10.0010.00
274RED CROSS message form - 1941 UK type to Guernsey with reply. With Berlin censor handstamp (code 'b')15.0012.00
275RED CROSS Message Form - UK Foreign Relations type - England to Guernsey. With reply3.003.00
276RED CROSS message form from Br Union Hotel, Jersey to Private Leverdier, Belfast, N. Ireland. No reply8.008.00
277RED CROSS - M.E.F. form (December 1942) - (Gurney type F. 8g(i)) to Jersey with reply50.00
278RED CROSS - Sept. 1944 letter from Red Cross in Cairo to Corp. Le Riche informing him that they are enclosing messages from his family in the Channel Islands24.0034.00
279BRADSHAW Card -9 Apr 1941 Printed on postcard Gurney type - AC3 b20.0042.00
280BRADSHAW Card - 28 July 1941 Light salmon card. Elizabeth College deleted. 38 High St inserted. Gurney AC4a20.0026.00
281BRADSHAW Card - 28 July 1941 White card. Elizabeth College deleted. 38 High St inserted. Gurney AC4b20.0036.00
282BRADSHAW Card - 24 Nov 1941 - Pale grey card. 38 High St. Gurney type AC 5b20.0042.00
283BRADSHAW Card - 7 Oct 1941 - Green card. 38 High St. Gurney type AC 5b20.0016.00
284BRADSHAW Card - 26 Jan 1942 - pink card, 9-11 High St. deleted 1 Market St. inserted Gurney type AC 6a20.0046.00
285BRADSHAW Card - 25 Apr 1942 - buff coloured card, 1 Market St., Gurney type 7c20.0020.00
286RED CROSS window envelope with ' Type 52 ' imprint5.004.00
287RED CROSS window envelope -with 2 German censor cachets - Paris and Berlin and Guernsey machine cancel for March 194312.0014.00
288RED CROSS - Jan 1944 Cover from Burnley to International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva. 3d rate. Endorsed 'RED CROSS POSTAL MESSAGE SCHEME'. With English censor tape & Paris 'Ax' handstamp in red12.0012.00
289RED CROSS window envelope -with 2 German censor cachets - Paris and the 3 digits for Frankfurt on reverse8.00
290RED CROSS - INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPLY leaflet - type FR/ CL/ 29b12.009.60
291INTERNEE MAIL - Laufen - Christmas Card 1944 showing vaulted roof canteen. Special printing unused. On buff coloured card - possibly proof printing. Ex. Harris archive. Rare80.0080.00
292JERSEY - Wests Cinema - Jan 1944 2 programmes. Seldom seen 10.0017.00
293CHANNEL ISLANDS - Dec 1944. Attractive hand painted greetings card5.0019.00
294JERSEY - 1944 Programme for a concert at Glenham Hall School3.003.00
295GUERNSEY - 1941/42 Clothing and footwear ration book5.0016.00
296GUERNSEY - 1942 Bread and milk ration book. No coupons inside4.007.00
297JERSEY - 1942/43 Textile / clothing ration book5.009.00
298GUERNSEY - 1944 Homemade Christmas card with interesting words of greeting inside4.005.00
299GUERNSEY - Permit to supply milk by retail4.004.00
300German Occupation of the Channel Islands - 2016 Fine summary in 36 pages of Ron Brown's display to The Royal Philatelic Society London. A4 size. Well illustrated in colour5.008.00
301GUERNSEY - 1946 Canadian Legion War Services/ Canadian Y.M.C.A. Overseas cover sent ON ACTIVE SERVICE to St Peter Port. With FIELD POST OFFICE 414 d/circle datestamp - November 19468.008.00
302GUERNSEY - 1945 Unused Souvenir of Liberation card. 5.005.00
303GUERNSEY - 1945 Souvenir of Liberation card. Unused. Different design to previous lot5.005.00
304GUERNSEY - 1945 Souvenir of Liberation card with long message covering both sides. Presumably this would have been posted to England in an envelope10.0017.00
305GUERNSEY - 1945 Souvenir of Liberation card (Larger type) with message on the one side. Again, probably posted to England in an envelope10.0010.00
306GUERNSEY - 1945 Unused Souvenir of Liberation card. Printed on orange card5.0010.00
307GUERNSEY - 18 May 1945 Souvenir of Liberation envelope with Guernsey machine cancel to Oxford10.0023.00
308GUERNSEY - 17 May 1945 Re Occupation card with long chatty message from Guernsey to Chester. With Guernsey d/circle datestamp20.00
309GUERNSEY - 17 May 1945 Re Occupation card with long chatty message from Guernsey to Manchester. With Guernsey machine cancel20.00
310GUERNSEY - 6 Sep 1945 Re Occupation card with long chatty message from Guernsey to Devon. Example of late usage. Although card could be sent post free, card has 2x 1d Arms stamps. Guernsey machine cancel20.0020.00
311GUERNSEY - 31 May 1945 - KGVI 6d airletter from Guernsey to Lancashire. Guernsey machine cancel8.008.00
312JERSEY - Nov 1946 - KGVI 6d airletter from Jersey to S. Africa. Jersey machine cancel and S. Africa transit datestamp10.008.00
313GUERNSEY - 10 Sep 1945 First flight cover - Guernsey to Southampton. Then forwarded to Birmingham. With 2½d Arms stamp and Guernsey machine cancel10.0020.00
314No lot
315No lot
316JERSEY - 10 Sep 1945 First flight cover - Jersey to Southampton. Then forwarded to Birmingham. With with KGVI ½d and 2d definitives. Jersey machine cancel. With circular 'JERSEY AIRWAYS' handstamp12.0013.00
317GUERNSEY - 10 Sep 1945 First flight cover - Southampton to Guernsey - With KGVI definitives cancelled with Victory Bells slogan cancel. With rectangular 'JERSEY/ GZ/ AIRWAYS' cachet12.0032.00
318GUERNSEY - 10 Sep 1945 First flight cover - Guernsey to Jersey. Addressed to Channel Islands Airways Ltd, The Airport, Jersey. With Guernsey Arms stamps cancelled with scarce 'GUERNSEY PARCEL DEPOT' datestamps. With circular 'JERSEY AIRWAYS' handstamp25.0048.00
319GUERNSEY - June 1945 Green Bert Hill Liberation Card postally used to Devon with Guernsey machine cancel, then re forwarded within Exeter. Commercially used examples of this card are uncommon8.0017.00
320JERSEY - July 1945 Postcard to India with weak octagonal Indian censor handstamp5.00
321GUERNSEY - 1946 Registered cover to Liverpool. With Guernsey ½d Arms and KGVI 2d & 3d definitives with Guernsey oval registered handstamp8.0026.00
322GUERNSEY - 27 Aug 1945 large cover from Lt. Rossiter, Royal Artillery 618 Regiment (arrived Guernsey 12 May). With FPO 138 datestamp.30.0030.00
323POVEY correspondence. Povey was a member of the British Liberation Army in May 1945. He was in training for this from late 1944. Cover and letter from Povey to his wife. On YMCA notepaper & YMCA envelope. With Barry, Glamorgan postmark, dated December 1944 . Not censored10.0010.00
324POVEY correspondence. April 1945 cover and long letter from Povey whilst he was in Plymouth. With FPO datestamp. With Crown shield censor handstamp (censor no. 10444)20.0016.00
325GUERNSEY - Sept. 1945 cover from London to Guernsey5.004.00
326GUERNSEY - March 1946 commercial local cover. Late use of Arms stamps. Guernsey machine cancel4.003.00
327GUERNSEY - 28 May 1945 Souvenir of Liberation card from Guernsey to Jersey. Long chatty message, With 2 x KGVI 1d stamps. Guernsey d/circle datestamp20.0016.00
328JERSEY - 13 Apr 1946 Illus. Last Day cover for validity of Jersey stamps. With Jersey Arms stamps and set of 6 Views stamps. JERSEY registration label. Addressed to Guernsey20.0029.00
329JERSEY- JUNE 1945 Postcard to Hampshire with 2x KGVI 1d stamps. Jersey machine cancel4.00
330GUERNSEY - Aug 1945 British Forces cover to Exeter with FPO 138 d/circle datestamp. Endorsed 'On Active Service' Sent post free30.0030.00
331GUERNSEY - July 1947 cover to Sutton Coldfield. With Guernsey machine cancel and framed 'B.E.A. GUERNSEY' handstamp in violet8.00
332 JERSEY - 1 Apr 1947 airmail cover to Orkney. Jersey datestamp. Endorsed 'B.E.A. First day' Unusual8.0015.00
333GUERNSEY - Jan 1948 KGVI 6d airletter to India. Guernsey machine cancel 8.00
334GUERNSEY - 1947 Clothing Ration book. With coupons inside5.0011.00
335 GUERNSEY - Dec 1945 Homes for Workers' Committee rent book5.005.00
336JERSEY - 1948 Local cover with 3rd Anniv Liberation pair with ST MARYS d/circle datestamp8.00
337C.I - 1948 3rd Anniv Liberation - Pair on illus cover with London slogan cancel -'A DISTINGUISHED CAREER - NURSING' for first day of issue. Addressed to Southampton15.0015.00
338GUERNSEY - 1948 3rd Anniv Liberation - Pair on 2 specially printed FDCs. Guernsey machine cancels8.0032.00
339SARK - 1948 3rd Anniv Liberation on Illus FDC. Sark datestamp10.0012.00
340GUERNSEY - 1948 3rd Anniv Liberation stamps on local registered cover with Cobo datestamps and 'COBO, GUERNSEY registration label12.0020.00
341CHANNEL ISLANDS WAR RELIEF ASSOCIATION in England - 2 small documents. Unusual3.0023.00
342C.I. / TRISTAN DA CUNHA - 1960 Cover with 3rd Anniv Liberation pair cancelled with fine Cape Town paquebot. From Tristan with oval 'TRISTAN DA CUNHA/ SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN' cachet. Unusual25.0036.00
POSTAL HISTORY - 1948 - 1990 (See Late Lots)
343JERSEY - May 1951. Registered airmail cover from Burma to Jersey. With 3 Burmese stamps with Gandoola Square datestamps11.00
344JERSEY - 1951. Long commercial registered cover to London. 6d rate. KGVI 2d plus GB 4d Festival of Britain stamp. With oval Jersey registered datestamp. JERSEY registration label5.005.00
345ALDERNEY - 1963. Unpaid commercial cover to London with Alderney d/circle datestamp. With Guernsey framed surcharge handstamp - 6D/ 324/ TO PAY/ POSTED / UNPAID12.00
346GUERNSEY - 1970. Registered cover to Bath, with 3 different Guernsey definitives including 10/- stamp. With 'GUERNSEY L' registration label. Seldom seen use of a high value on cover10.0030.00
347JERSEY - AIR ANGLIA - 1975 - 77. Group of 9 different Illus. First Flight covers. Various cachets15.0012.00
348JERSEY - BR. AIRWAYS - 1970 - 75. Group of 6 different Illus. First Flight covers. Various cachets10.008.00
349JERSEY - DAN AIR - 1974 - 78. Group of 10 different Illus. First Flight covers. Various cachets18.0014.00
350GUERNSEY/ JERSEY - B.I.A. 1973 - 77. Group of 8 different Illus. First Flight covers. Various cachets14.0011.20
351GUERNSEY / JERSEY - JF AIRLINES. 1971 -73. Group of 4 different Illus. First Flight covers. Various cachets6.006.00
352CHANNEL ISLANDS - 1971 - 74 Collection of 12 different first flight covers with various cachets. Includes Brymon, British Midland, Intra Airways18.0014.00
353CHANNEL ISLANDS - 1970 - 78. Collection of 22 different flight covers with various cachets25.0020.00
354GUERNSEY - 1976 - 80. Group of 4 different CONCORDE Illus flight covers. Various cachets10.0010.00
355JERSEY - 1976 - 80. Group of 5 different CONCORDE Illus flight covers. Various cachets12.0012.00
356JERSEY - July 1969 Letter from St Helier Post Office relating to slogan cancels accompanied by OHMS original Envelope to Somerset4.003.20
357ALDERNEY - Sep 1969 GB 9d air letter with fine Alderney datestamp, code A, used on last day of British Postal Service (30 September). Philatelic use3.008.00
358SARK - 1 Oct 1969 philatelic cover with 1d, 2d and 5/- Guernsey definitives cancelled with Sark s/circle datestamps4.006.00
359JERSEY / GUERNSEY / ALDERNEY - 1970 - 78. AURIGNY Group of 10 different Illus flight covers with various cachets20.0016.00
360JERSEY - 1977 Commercial underpaid cover from London to Lloyds bank St Helier with invalid GB Wilding stamp. With London surcharge mark. Jersey 1p postage due stamp affixed with Jersey datestamp3.00
361JERSEY - 1977 Commercial underpaid cover from Guernsey to Lloyds bank St Helier. With Guernsey '4p TO PAY/ POSTED UNDERPAID' surcharge handstamp. With Jersey 4p postage due alongside3.00
362JERSEY - 1973 Commercial unpaid long window env from Luton to Jersey. With surcharge mark in green and Jersey 5p postage due stamp3.00
363JERSEY - 1977 Commercial unpaid cover sent locally to Lloyds Bank Jersey with P6/ POSTED UNPAID mark amended in manuscript to 5p. With Jersey 5p postage due stamp alongside5.00
364JERSEY - 1977 Commercial underpaid cover from Portugal to Lloyds Bank Jersey, with Jersey surcharge mark together with Jersey 1p and 8p postage due stamps5.0011.00
365JERSEY - 1977 Commercial unpaid cover sent locally to Lloyds Bank Jersey with P10 / POSTED UNPAID mark in blue with 2x Jersey 5p postage due stamps5.00
366JERSEY - 1977 Commercial underpaid cover from France to Lloyds Bank Jersey, with Jersey surcharge mark together with Jersey 4p and 6p postage due stamps (10p. surcharge)5.005.00
367JERSEY - 1976 Commercial underpaid cover from France to Lloyds Bank Jersey, with Jersey surcharge mark together with Jersey 2p and 7p postage due stamps (9p. surcharge)5.005.00
368JERSEY - 1977 Commercial underpaid cover from Portugal to Lloyds Bank Jersey, with Jersey surcharge mark and manuscript 't 30/100 manuscript taxe mark. With Jersey 1p and 14p postage due stamps (15p. surcharge)5.003.00
369JERSEY - 1974 - 84 Collection of sub Post Office datestamps on receipts of posting - mostly 1975. 38 items25.00
370SARK - 1990 Underpaid card from Sark to Guernsey; with Guernsey surcharge mark & 3p postage due stamp3.0016.00
371SARK - 1990 Underpaid card from Sark to Guernsey; with Guernsey surcharge mark & 4p postage due stamp3.007.00
372JERSEY - 1970 to early 1980's - Collection of 75 covers mostly with different slogan cancels. Useful lot12.009.60
373GUERNSEY - 1970 Group of 6 underpaid philatelic covers with different Guernsey postage due stamps Includes seldom seen 6d and 1/- postage due stamps. Mostly with Guernsey surcharge marks in green. Unusual lot12.0021.00
374GUERNSEY - 2015 - Post & Go Collectors sets - Europhilex 2015 & Spring STAMPEX 2015. Mint9.00
375GUERNSEY - 2015 - Post & Go Collectors sets - Flowers & 2015 Messe Essen exhibition. Used on pieces9.00
376GUERNSEY 2016 Window env from Guernsey Post with Guernsey £2 definitive cancelled with GUERNSEY s.i.d. datestamp, code P. With Customs declaration cachet2.005.00
STAMPS (Also, see Late Lots)
377GUERNSEY - 1969 3d definitive with inverted block CA watermark. UM. SG Cat 17ai (Cat £1,200)350.00350.00
378GUERNSEY - 1999 EUROPA set of 4 . Set in complete sheets of 10. UM. SG Cat. No. 833- 836. Face - £11.305.004.00
379GUERNSEY - 1997 EUROPA set of 2 in complete sheets of 10. UM. SG cat No. 735 - 36. Face value £5.702.002.00
380ALDERNEY - 2000 - Endangered Species set of 6 in complete sheets of 10. SG cat No. A140 - A145. Face £22.5010.008.00
381GUERNSEY - 1971 2½p definitive with large red ink spill over Queen Elizabeth 1 part of design. Quite spectacular. Together with normal for comparison24.0024.00
382GUERNSEY - 2016 - Ramsar set, m/sheet & Presentation pack. UM. Face value £11.10p5.004.00
383JERSEY - Selection of modern stamps including high values. UM. Face value - £125.00
384GUERNSEY - 1969 4/- BOOKLET (SG B2) complete booklet with 4d pane variety (SG 18ac) EMERALD STEM MISSING. Rare in complete booklet200.00160.00
3851969 - Set of 3 booklets - 2/-, 7/- and 10/- (SG SB1, SB3 and SB3). Good perforations3.003.00
386Collection of 11 different sachet booklets - 6x 20p; 3x 30p and 2x 50p. Listed in SG catalogue3.00
3871973 2x 20p grey booklet. One with upright panes; others inverted panes. (SG cat No. SB12)2.001.60
388Lot comprising 5 booklets - 20p Bear 1974 (SG SB15); 30p Wild flowers 1973 (SG SB13); 30p Pheasant 1974 (SG SB16); 50p Ship 1973 (SG SB14); 50p Parrot 1974 (SG SB17)4.00
389Collection of 5 booklets - 50p Trinity 1976 (SG SB25); £1 Aviation history 1975 (SG SB24); £1 St Ouen 1976 (SG SB26); £1 Grouville 1978 (SG SB27); £1 St Saviour 1978 (SG SB28)3.00
390Collection of 3 booklets- £1 Grouville 1978 (SG SB27); £1 St Saviour 1978 (SG SB28) and £1.20 Jersey Post Office H.Q. 1979 (SG SB29)2.002.00
391Collection of 5 booklets - £1.20 Poingdestre 1981(SG SB 32): £1.32 De Bagot 1981 (SG SB31) £1.32 Bisson 1983 (SG SB34); £1.40 St Helier 1980 (SG SB30); £2.16 Robin 1984 (SG SB35)3.003.00
392JERSEY - 1981 (SG 258ab) complete pane of 6, variety showing GHOST IMPRESSION from SG 261ab 12p booklet pane stamps IMPRINTED on the 9p pane. Rare in complete booklet. 300.00
393JERSEY- 1981 (SG 258ab) as above lot but single stamp from pane with normal for comparison70.00
3942 booklets - Martel £3.08 1982 (SG 33) & Viking Heritage £5.50 1987 (SG 39) 4.004.00
3951989 French Revolution booklet £6 - SG SB413.003.00
3961990 £4.20 booklet 'Stamp World London 90' - 1990 (SG SB42)2.002.00
3971993 set of 3 booklets containing 8 stamps each - separate booklets for local mail; for U.K. mail and Europe mail. Total face vale - £5.44 (SG SB48, SB49 and SB50)3.003.00
3982011 Jersey Shipwrecks Prestige Booklet - SG SB70. Face value - £
3992011 Jersey Aviation History X1 Prestige booklet - SG SB71. Face value £ 13.956.004.80
400GUERNSEY - 1997 Prestige booklet - Royal Golden Wedding - SG SB62 (£8.48 face value)4.003.20
401GUERNSEY - 1998 Prestige booklet - Guernsey Tapestries - SG SB63 (£7.50 face value)3.002.40
402GUERNSEY - 1999 Prestige booklet - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother SG SB66 (£7.50 face value)3.003.00
403GUERNSEY - 2000 Prestige booklet - 60th Anniv Battle of Britain SG SB67 (£6.99 face value)3.004.00
404ALDERNEY - 1998 Prestige booklet - Garrison Island SG ASB6 (£8.48 face value)4.003.20
405ALDERNEY - 2000 £2.10 and £2.60 booklets (Peregrine Falcon) SG ASB8 and ASB9 (£4.70 face)2.001.60
406JERSEY AIRWAYS Ltd - 1934 - 2nd type circular luggage label showing Pegasus horse. Light crease - does not detract. Original gum. Very rare40.00
407JERSEY - 1936 JERSEY AIRWAYS Ltd timetable brochure - fine condition. Scarce40.00
408JERSEY AIRWAYS - 1937 - 3rd type circular luggage label showing seagull at sunrise. Mint with original gum8.00
409JERSEY - May 1938 JERSEY AIRWAYS Ltd timetable brochure - fine condition. Scarce40.00
410JERSEY - October 1938 JERSEY AIRWAYS -Winter Services timetable brochure - 16 pages with photos. Blue, green and white cover. Fine60.00
411JERSEY - May 1939 JERSEY AIRWAYS summer timetable brochure - Cover printed in red, white & blue. Fine65.0065.00
412GUERNSEY - 1939 GUERNSEY AIRWAYS rectangular luggage label showing 'Speed Bird' motif. Only in use for a few months. Good used condition. No gum. Very rare40.0040.00
413JERSEY AIRWAYS - 1940 - rectangular luggage label inscribed 'WARTIME SERVICES'. Design shows airplane. Only in use for a few weeks. Good used condition. No gum. Very rare45.00
414JERSEY AND GUERNSEY AIRWAYS - October 1945 timetable entitled 'Flying Again'. Scarce30.0065.00
415JERSEY AIRWAYS - Scarce early photographic postcard showing 2 airplanes on the beach. Fine unused25.0032.00
416JERSEY - 4 early photographs from the Jersey Post - showing Opening of Jersey Airport (16 x 12cm)25.0028.00
417GUERNSEY - 1937 Foolscap document relating to the Acquisition of land for Guernsey Airport. Unusual, rare25.0038.00
418GUERNSEY AIRPORT - May 1939 Special supplement for the Star newspaper for Opening of Guernsey Airport8.0012.00
419CHANNEL ISLANDS AIRWAYS - 1946 rectangular luggage labels showing shields of Guernsey and Jersey Airways. Used prior to nationalisation. Mint with original gum. Very rare40.00
420JERSEY - Booklet published 1991 - 'The Flying Duchess' by A. Layzell. The Story of Jersey Airlines. Illustrated6.008.00
421JERSEY AIRLINES - 1953 and 1956 timetable leaflets plus advertising leaflet. 3 items15.0015.00
422JERSEY AIRLINES - 4 different tie on luggage labels and 1 gummed luggage label. 5 items15.0021.00
423JERSEY AIRLINES - 3 passenger tickets plus photographic postcard of Jersey Airlines airplane10.0010.00
424CHANNEL AIRWAYS - advertising card & photographic postcard of airplane8.00
425CHANNEL ISLANDS - Summer 1947 timetable (from April 1947), Cover shows illegal use of Royal Seals of Jersey and Guernsey. Rare65.0052.00
426CHANNEL ISLANDS - November 1947 and January 1948 - B.E.A. Two timetables. Fine. Very scarce40.00
427CHANNEL ISLANDS - 1948 - B.E.A. Two timetables for summer and autumn services. Fine, scarce15.00
428JERSEY - 1950 B.E.A. Flight Bulletin for Jersey - London flight. Most unusual9.00
429GUERNSEY - 1969 BEA card from Hotel Vimiera to B.E.A. Office, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Commerrcial4.004.00
430GUERNSEY- 1950 B.E.A. Two timetables for April and October 1950 services. Fine. Seldom seen20.00
431GUERNSEY - Photo postcard of The Swan Flying Boat - a seaplane operating on Imperial Airways service between Southampton and Guernsey10.0019.00
432GUERNSEY - Photo postcard of Supermarine Swan 12 seater flying boat operating on Imperial Airways service to Guernsey. Postally used 193010.0032.00
433GUERNSEY - Photo postcard of Supermarine Sea Eagle Flying boat regularly used on the Channel Island Air Services10.0014.00
434CHANNEL ISLANDS - AIR SERVICES and AIRPORT Mainly 1930's - Collection of newspaper and newspaper Cuttings. Includes an interesting illustrated newspaper supplement on the history of Guernsey Airport published in 1969 - 30th anniversary of the airport. Good research material10.0016.00
HERM / JETHOU (See Late Lots)
435HERM - 1930 postcard with Herm d/circle datestamp. Scarce100.00
436HERM - Unused Pigeon post form15.0012.00
437HERM - 1949 1/- Pigeon Post stamp in scarce complete sheet of 8. All fine used with Herm datestamps70.0080.00
438HERM - 1952 1/- Pigeon post stamp on small unaddressed envelope with Herm datestamp20.0016.00
439HERM- - 1952 1/- Pigeon post stamp UM0.001.00
440HERM ISLAND - A Specialised Handbook and Cataloguue of the Nautical Chart "Map" Stamps and Pigeon Post Stamps 1949 - 1959 by Jon Aitchison. Over 70 pages. Published 2008. Scarce publication10.0013.00
441HERM - 1949 -58 - Nautical Chart "Map" set - Collection of stamps from various printings mounted on sheets in ring binder album. 27 stamps . Stated to have high catalogue value (over £200) . Mostly mint. Good lot80.00110.00
442HERM - 1949 Nautical Chart "Map" set of 4 UM plus 4 different shades. On album sheet16.0013.00
443HERM - 1949 Nautical Chart "Map" set of 4 fine used on piece. Postmark dated 195612.0010.00
444HERM - 1958 Postcard to Glasgow with Herm ½d blue map stamp. With Herm datestamp4.004.00
445HERM - 1d green Nautical Chart "Map" Imperf between stamp and right margin. UM20.0020.00
446HERM - 2d red Nautical Chart "Map" Imperf between stamp and right margin. UM20.0016.00
447HERM - 1953 Coronation set UM. Written up on album sheet10.008.00
448HERM - 1953 Coronation set on Illus. FDC8.008.00
449HERM - 1954 Crest - 4 Doubles green - Imperf proof. UM5.0012.00
450HERM - 1954 Crest - 8 Doubles Purple brown - Imperf colour proof. UM15.0021.00
451HERM - 1954 Crest - 2d Blue Imperf proof. Marginal UM5.0013.00
452HERM - 1954 Crest - 6d Brown Orange Imperf colour proof UM5.0012.00
453HERM - 1954 Original Crest set of 5 (including 1/- value) in corner marginal blocks of 4. UM15.00
454HERM - 1954 Original Crest set of 4 in complete sheets of 20. UM60.00
455HERM - 1954 Crest issue - 1/- value in complete sheet of 10. UM15.0012.00
456HERM - 1954 Crest issue - 6d orange value in complete sheet of 20. UM12.00
457HERM - 1954 Crest issue - 8 Doubles bisect used on 1954 postcard to London. Cancelled with Herm datestamp5.007.00
458HERM - 1954 BEA 5d overprint stamp. UM8.00
459HERM- 1954 Cover With Herm BEA stamp and BEA Airway Letter Service 8d stamp. With manuscript 'Delayed by storm'30.0024.00
460HERM - 1954 Cover addressed to Major Wood, Herm with 3 Imperf triangular stamps with Herm Island cancels12.0016.00
461HERM - 1954 Triangular set of 12 Imperf Proofs. UM8.006.40
462HERM - 1957 Neolithc Man set - Photographic essays in black. Fine, scarce20.0034.00
463HERM - 1957 Neolithc Man set UM plus illus FDC5.00
464HERM - 1957 Royal Visit set UM4.00
465HERM - 1957 Royal Visit set Fine used set plus set on Illus FDC8.008.00
466HERM - 1957 postcard to Torquay with Herm Neolithic Man 4 Doubles green with Herm datestamp4.004.00
467HERM - 1957 cover to London with Herm Neolithic Man 8 Doubles red with Herm datestamp4.00
468HERM - 1958 P/card with set of new colour nautical chart stamps to Hertfordshire5.005.00
469HERM - 1960 Royal Wedding overprint - Essay - 8 Doubles blue overprint with small H.R.H. UM12.0034.00
470HERM - 1960 Royal Wedding overprints - Essays - Complete set of 12 Essays without H.R.H. overprint - each value has overprint in two different colours. UM15.0015.00
471HERM - 1962 EUROPA - Special coloured information sheet5.004.00
472HERM - 1965 Cover to Hereford with 1½d purple map stamp4.004.00
473HERM - 1962 Anti Malaria set - Imperf proofs in trial colurs- 8 Doubles in blue, red and green; 11d in green and red; 1/6d in green, blue and red. 8 proofs mint8.008.00
474HERM - 1969 Album sheet with April 1969 2d overprint stamps - 3 single stamps plus marginal block of 4 UM together with this provisional stamp on August 1969 cover8.008.00
475HERM - 1969 Ships set on Illus FDC4.00
476HERM - 1962 Cover to Germany with Herm EUROPA 8 Doubles stamp. With Herm datestamp for 2 March 1962. Also Herm datestamps for 6 and 8 March alongside. With 2 strikes of HERM MAIL - DELAYED BY STORM cachet 20.0027.00
477HERM - 1984 White House Hotel menu card for Guernsey Post Office private lunch (with 6 signatures)4.004.00
478HERM TRIDENT CATAMARANS - 6 Page brochure & timetable entitled 'Travel Trident to Herm'. Plus 4 different Trident Ferry half tickets from 1990's.12.00
479JETHOU - 1960 Definitive set on FDC. With Jethou square datestamps5.005.00
480JETHOU - 1960 Cover addressed to the Guernsey Press Co. With Jethou 4d stamp on reverse with Jethou cancel4.003.00
481JETHOU - 1960 definitive - 1½d essay in yellow and green. UM6.0017.00
482JETHOU - 1960 definitive - 1½d proof in green only. UM. Scarce12.0015.00
483JETHOU - 1960 definitive - 1½d proof in Yellow and red. UM. Scarce12.0034.00
484JETHOU - 1960 definitive - 4d proof in green and ultramarine. UM. Scarce12.0044.00
485JETHOU - 1960 definitive - 9d proof in grey. Unlisted colour in Backman/ Forrester catalogue. UM. Scarce30.0070.00
486JETHOU - 1960 definitive - 15d Essay in green and violet. UM. Scarce20.0044.00
487JETHOU - 1960 definitives - 1½d B&F 1.S full sheet of 30 UM35.0035.00
488JETHOU - 1960 definitives - 4d B&F 2.S full sheet of 30 UM50.0050.00
489JETHOU - 1960 definitives - 6d B&F 3.S full sheet of 10 UM30.0022.50
490JETHOU - 1960 definitives - 9d B&F 4.S full sheet of 10 UM30.0022.50
491JETHOU - 1960 Views definitives - 18d B&F 5.S full sheet of 10 UM50.0050.00
492JETHOU - 1961 Bird definitives on illus FDC4.0010.00
493JETHOU - 1961 Birds of Jethou. Imperf Proofs sheets. 3d B&F 7.P.1S violet blue & green; B& F9.P1S Dark green38.0042.00
494JETHOU - 1961 Europa Minature Sheet. 2x souvenir sheets with overprint & marginal inscription missing (14.M.1) 35.0035.00
495JETHOU - 1961 Europa. Proofs. 3d pair without overprint, imperforate B&F 11.P; 1/- pair without overprint, Imperf B& F 13.P: Perforated single stamp from m/sheet revalued 2/6d (unissued trial overprint) B&F 14.p 30.0030.00
496JETHOU - 1961 EUROPA set in complete sheets of 12. U/mint10.00
497JETHOU - 1961 Europa. Proof sheet. 3d B&F 11P.S (sheet on thick unglazed paper without overprint35.00
498JETHOU - 1961 Europa. FDC, postcard with bisected 3d and postcard with bisected Herm triangular 1961 (3 items) 7.00
499JETHOU - 1962 EUROPA set in complete sheets of 12. UM10.00
500JETHOU - 1962 EUROPA 1/9d value - Imperf proof in issued colours. UM4.003.20
501JETHOU - 1962 EUROPA 1/9d value - Partial design - black printing only - Imperf and Perf proofs8.006.40
502JETHOU - 1963 EUROPA pair on registered cover to Germany. "GUERNSEY E" registration label10.00
503JETHOU - 1963 EUROPA 4 sheets of 3d value -B&F 17.S.1 bottom margin perforate through & perforation marks on the left. B&F .S.2. bottom margin perforate through and perforation marks on the right. 17. S3 bottom margin not perforated through and perforation marks on the left; 17.S.4. bottom margin not perforated through and perforation marks on the right. 30.0030.00
504JETHOU - 1963 EUROPA 4 sheets of 1/9d value -B&F 18.S.1 bottom margin perforate through & perforation marks on the left. B&F .S.2. bottom margin perforate through and perforation marks on the right. 18. S3 bottom margin not perforated through and perforation marks on the left; 18.S.4. bottom margin not perforated through and perforation marks on the right. 30.0030.00
505JETHOU - 1964 EUROPA - 5 sheets - 3x 3d sheets - B&F 19. S.1; 19.S.2 & 19.S.3 showing different perforation settings for upper and lower margins; 2x 1/9d sheets - B&F 20.S. 2 - top margin not perforated through; B& F 20 .S.4 - bottom margin not perforated through 60.00
506JETHOU - 1966 Norman Year - Imperf sheet of 4x 1/9d value overprinted SPECIMEN in red20.0034.00
507JETHOU - 1966 Norman Year M/ sheet. UM12.0018.00
508JETHOU - 1966 Cover to Manchester with Jethou EUROPA 1961 Stamp with Jethou circular datestamp5.005.00
509JETHOU - 1966 Official FDC of Norman Year set with special datestamps8.008.00
510JETHOU - 1969 -GPO in Guernsey overprint set of 4 FDC. Seldom seen15.00
511GUERNSEY - 1940/41 Very rare German propanda postcard published in the Luftwaffe magazine "Der Adler" showing 'in flight view of German fighter aircraft flying over the cliffs of Guernsey during the Battle of Britain.' The only German postcard published of the Channel Islands. Together with historical write up100.00140.00
POSTCARDS (See Late Lots)
512JERSEY - 1898 Fine Court card B/W5.008.00
513SARK - Fine early illustrated Map card. Unused5.005.00
514SARK - Early sepia card of Creux Harbour. Printed by Judges Ltd for P. Le Cheminant, Smith Street, Guernsey3.003.00
515SARK - 2 Early sepia cards showing different views of Masseline Habour4.002.70
516SARK - LL Card no 44 (?) - The Well, Beausejour. B/W. White back. The first '4' may be missing from the card. Fine unused8.008.00
517SARK - LL Card no 46 - Brechou Island - B/W. white back. Unused8.008.00
518SARK - LL Card no 5 - Creux Road from Tunnel. Coloured. White back. Postally used10.0010.00
519SARK - Seigneurie. Early unused B/W. P. Godfray's series3.004.00
520SARK - Hotel Bel Air - B/W. Pub by Tozers, Guernsey. Unused4.00
521SARK - Dixcart Hotel - B/W. Postally used 19043.003.00
522SARK - Stock's Hotel. Early coloured. Pub by Tozers, Guernsey Unused. 3.003.00
523SARK - Methodist Church. 2 sepia cards showing different views6.006.00
524SARK - Court House, School Room. Coloured card. Used 19074.004.00
525SARK - Le Manoir. Early unused sepia card3.00
526SARK - The Mill. Sepia card - postally used from Guernsey. 193810.0010.00
527SARK - Beauregard Farm. Sepia card. Unused6.00
528SARK - St Peter's Chuch. Sepia card3.00
529SARK - Point Robert Lighthouse. Published by Guernsey Press Co. Unused3.00
530ALDERNEY - The Lighthouse. Unused. Seldom seen8.00
531ALDERNEY - The Terrace. Published by A. Heatley, Guernsey. Postally used Guernsey 19053.006.00
532ALDERNEY - The Old Harbour, Braye. Postally used 19503.0010.00
533JERSEY - Most unusual hand made card using ½d & 1d stamps to create a portrait of a lady. Entitled 'GLADYS in JERSEY'. Postally used 19116.006.00
534JERSEY - 1907 Special souvenir card for CONCOURS SOUVENIR MUSICAL. Different design to usual6.00
535JERSEY - Scarce early photographic card showing 'Potato Pickers' Esplanade, Jersey. Unused10.0010.00
536JERSEY - June 1906 - Photographic card of Merchants & others connected with Potato Trade. Pub. by Albert Smith12.00
537JERSEY - 1906 Scene from Battle of Flowers 1906. Postally used8.00
538JERSEY - 1909 Scene from Battle of Flowers 1909. Postally used8.008.00
539JERSEY - 1905 Scene from Battle of Flowers 1905. Postally used8.00
540JERSEY - 1912 Battle of Flowers - Scarce batch of 5 different photographic postcards. Pub. By E. Hopkins, 16, Royal Parade, Jersey. Fine lot50.0050.00
541JERSEY - 1923 Fine unusual scene from Battle of Flowers. Published by Laurens, York St., Jersey. Unused8.008.00
542JERSEY - View of Jersey Drag Hunt outside Government House, 1905. Postally used5.005.00
543JERSEY - Fine shop front card - J.F. Cutler Goldsmith and Jeweller, Queen Street, Jersey. Unused10.00
544JERSEY - Fine shop front card - A. de GRUCHY, King Street, Jersey5.00
545JERSEY - Fine shop front card - Edgar Bros., Halkett Place5.00
546JERSEY - Fine shop front card - John Orviss, Postally used 19115.0010.00
547JERSEY - Refectory, St Andrew's Convent. Early Unused. Published by Albert Smith5.005.00
548JERSEY - 1907 -Two sepia photographic postcards of St Helier Head Post Office Sorting Office on Christmas Day 1907. One postally used; other with humorous comment on reverse. Scarce48.00
549JERSEY - L'Auberge du Nord, St. John. Multi view card. Unused3.003.00
550JERSEY - 1927 Barra Hotel photographic card showing large group in front of hotel. Unused 4.002.70
551JERSEY - Bay View Hotel - Early photographic card by Albert Smith. Unused4.0010.00
552JERSEY - Bay View Hotel Dining room - Early photographic card by Albert Smith. Unused4.0010.00
553JERSEY - Brook House Hotel Gorey - Multi view card. Postally used 19533.003.00
554JERSEY - Chalet Hotel, Pontac - Coloured card published by Albert Smith. Unused5.00
555JERSEY - Card with printed advert on reverse for Crystal Palace Hotel, King Street. Proprietor C.A. Spracklen4.004.00
556JERSEY - Pomme D'Or Hotel. 1950's sepia card. Unused4.004.00
557JERSEY - Royal Yacht Hotel, St Helier. 1950's sepia card. Postally used4.0012.00
558JERSEY - Rozel Tropical Gardens. View includes Rozel Bay hotel. Unused3.003.00
559JERSEY - St. Helier House Hotel. Fine early B/ W postcard. Unused12.0025.00
560JERSEY - St. John's Hotel - Early sepia. Unused9.0011.00
561JERSEY - St. John's Hotel Tea Garden. Early sepia. Unused9.0021.00
562JERSEY - Somerville Hotel. Two 1930's sepia cards showing front view and view of St Aubin from the hotel5.00
563JERSEY - Early seldom seen sepia card of Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin with houses and railway line in foreground. Published by F.C. Cox, St Aubins Station. Fine unused15.0036.00
564JERSEY - Albert Smith Photographic card showing Brahman wedding 1913. Postally used4.004.00
565JERSEY - Early sepia card - St Aubin High Street. Unused3.003.00
566JERSEY - ALLIX Card No. 5 - Corbiere Light house. B/W. Unused10.00
567JERSEY - ALLIX Card No. 8 - Plemont. Coloured. Unused10.0095.00
568JERSEY - ALLIX Card No. 23 - Queen Street B/W. Used10.0010.00
569JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 38 - La Collette B/W. Postally used40.00
570JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 43 - Snow Hill Station. Coloured. Unused12.0050.00
571JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 89 - The Esplanade. Coloured. Postally used 19108.0026.00
572JERSEY - ALLIX Card No. 93 - Town Hall B/W. Postally used5.0013.00
573JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 121 - First Tower. B/W. postally used 101010.0016.00
574JERSEY- ALLIX Card No 124 - Grouville Church. B/W. Unused10.00
575JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 141 - General View - Coloured. Unused12.0012.00
576JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 142 - General View of St Helier. B/W. Postally used10.006.70
577JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 145 - 'Wiew taken from Top of Wolf Caves'. Note mis-spelling of 'view' B/W. Unused 15.0010.00
578JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 147 - 'Wiew from Wolf Caves'. Again mis-spelt. B/W. Unused15.0015.00
579JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 151 - Milkmaids. B/W. Unused12.009.60
580JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 161 - Lilly Langtry's Cottage. B/W. Unused12.0012.00
581JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 162 - Entrance to Saint-Ouen's Mas. Coloured. Unused12.0095.00
582JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 163 - JERSEY - PLEMONT. B/W. Unused 15.0010.00
583JERSEY - ALLIX Card No 169 - St Peter's Valley. B/W. Unused12.008.00
584JERSEY - Gorey Village and station. Showing train on left side of card. Unused10.006.70
585JERSEY - RAILWAY TO CORBIERE - St Aubins tunnel - Published by Cox, St Aubins Station. Slight foxing on reverse but scarce card. Unused15.0018.00
586JERSEY - Superb close up of First Tower Station. Coloured. Postally used 191030.0042.00
587JERSEY - Don Bridge Station. B/W card. Postally used. Seldom seen card25.0032.00
588JERSEY - Very scarce photographic card of LES MARAIS Station. (Name later changed to Fauvic.) Postally used 1904. Together with B/W photo of same. Very scarce card40.00220.00
589JERSEY - Early photo (postcard size) of train 'ST HELIERS' and carriages at St Helier Station 8.00
590JERSEY - Early photo (postcard size) of train 'MONT ORGEUIL'8.008.00
591JERSEY - Scarce early photo (postcard size) of Grouville station6.0022.00
592JERSEY - Early photo (postcard size) of train ' CARTERET'8.008.00
593JERSEY - Early photographic p/card of Millbrook with railway line in foreground. Unused5.005.00
594JERSEY - Ronez Quarries. Sepia. Unused9.009.00
595JERSEY - Sepia photographic card of Jersey Airways planes on the beach. Postally used10.0010.00
596JERSEY AIRWAYS plane close up - Sepia photographic card - Plane code - G ACZO. Unused10.0010.00
597JERSEY - Postcard showing Aerial view of Jersey Airport. Unused5.00
598JERSEY - Photographic postcard of Airport. B/W. Unused5.00
599JERSEY - Two modern postcards showing Jersey Airlines planes3.003.00
600GUERNSEY - Early photograhic postcard showing Guernsey Airport. Unused6.006.00
601GUERNSEY - The Town Crier postcard published by F.W. Guerin. Postally used 19104.00
602GUERNSEY - Photographic postcard showing 'Shipment of Guernsey Cattle' 4.002.70
603GUERNSEY - Old Government House Hotel sepia card postally used 19235.00
604GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 11 St Peter Port from St Julian's Pier. B/W. Green back. Fine unused12.0012.00
605GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 12 St Peter Port North Esplanade. B/W. Green back. Fine unused12.0019.00
606GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 17 St Peter Port Town Church and Quay. Coloured. Fine unused4.00
607GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 21 - St Peter Port - Prince Consort's Statue. B/W. Green back. Postally used10.0022.00
608GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 25 - St Peter Port - White Rock Lighthouse B/W. Green back. Postally used15.0015.00
609GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 29 - Saint Peter Port - Castle Cornet from White Rock. Coloured. Unused4.00
610GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 31 - St Peter Port - Castle Cornet - Sepia colour. White back. Postally used 1912 with stamp on front20.0020.00
611GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 37- St Peter Port -The GWR Steamer "Reindeer" - B/W. Green back Fine unused20.0020.00
612GUERNSEY - LL Card No. 38- Arrival of the boat from England. Dark sepia. White back. Postally used 191010.0034.00
613GUERNSEY - LL Card No 44 - St Peter Port - The S.W.R. "Alberta". B/W. White back. Unused25.0028.00
614GUERNSEY - LL Card No 46 - St Peter Port - Departure of Frederic. B/W Green back. Unused20.00
615GUERNSEY - LL Card No 47 - Jerbourg - Doyle Monument - Coloured. White back. Postally used8.0016.00
616GUERNSEY - LL Card No 49 - St Peter Port - Mail boat in harbour. B/W. Green back. Unused 10.0016.00
617GUERNSEY - LL Card No 58 - St Peter Port High Street B/W. White back. Unused8.00
618GUERNSEY - LL Card No 68. - St Peter Port - Valette Gardens. Coloured. White back. Postally used20.0032.00
619GUERNSEY - LL Card No 107 - St Martin - Saumarez Road. Coloured. Postally used6.00
620GUERNSEY - LL Card No 132 - Hanois Lighthouse Coloured. Unused5.005.00
621GUERNSEY - LL Card No 142 - Torteval Church - B/W. Green back. Postally used20.0028.00
622GUERNSEY - LL Card No 166 - Moulin Huet - Water Lane. Coloured. Unused20.0020.00
623GUERNSEY - LL Card No 177 - Petit Bot Bay - B/W. White back. Unused8.008.00
624GUERNSEY - LL Card No 213 - Milking Time - B/W. Green back. Postally used15.00
625GUERNSEY - Victoria Cottage Hospital8.0011.00
626GUERNSEY - Early sepia photographic card of RGLI Signallers12.00
627JERSEY - 1919 - New Year's Eve Celebration, Royal Square15.00
628JERSEY - Early card - John Dorey, Cider Merchant, Brook Farm, St. Johns15.0019.00
629JERSEY - Le Geyt Cottage, St Saviour. Sepia card postally used 190810.00
630JERSEY - Excursion Cars. Postally used 192010.0010.00
631JERSEY - Mechanics Institute Reading Room. Postally used 191110.00
632JERSEY - Unusual card of a field entitled 'LAND AT A PREMIUM'. Published by HJR Le Brun, Rozel12.00
633JERSEY - 1910 Photographic postcard of De Gruchy & Co Centenary Commemoration12.00
634JERSEY - LL Card No. 7 - Arrival of Southampton Boat. B/W. Green back. Unused50.00
635JERSEY - LL Card No. 9 - Southampton Boat leaving St Helier. B/W. White back. Unused6.006.00
636JERSEY - LL Card No. 10 - Guernsey Boat leaving St Helier. B/W. White back. Unused10.0010.00
637JERSEY - LL Card No. 12 - "Reindeer" in harbour. B/W. Green back. Unused10.0032.00
638JERSEY - LL Card No. 15 - Arrival of St Malo boat. B/W. Green back. Unused25.00
639JERSEY - LL Card No. 20 - St Helier Arrival of Granville Boat. B/W. White back. Unused8.00
640JERSEY - LL Card No. 76 - St Helier - Fishmarket. B/W. White back. Unused5.00
641JERSEY - LL Card No. 77 - St Helier - Excursion Car. B/W. Green back. Unused20.00
642JERSEY - LL Card No. 78 - Excursion car leaving St Helier. B/W. White back. Postally used 191012.00
643JERSEY - LL Card No. 86 - Masonic Temple. B/W. Green back. Unused (5* card)40.00
644JERSEY - LL Card No. 101 - Rough sea (Corbiere). B/W. Green back. Postally used 8.008.00
645JERSEY - LL Card No. 107 - Portelet Bay. B/W. Green back. Postally used8.00
646JERSEY - LL Card No. 116 - La Montee de Saint - Aubin. B/W. Green back. Unused15.00
647JERSEY - LL Card No. 117 - St. Aubin - Belcroute Bay. B/W. Green back. Unused15.00
648JERSEY - LL Card No. 136 - Havre-de-Pas. B/W. Green back. With message on reverse10.0010.00
649JERSEY - LL Card No. 137 - The Devil's Hole. B/W. White back. Postally used 19114.00
650JERSEY - LL Card No. 143 - Greve de Lecq - A difficult passage. B/W. Green back. Inscribed CARTE POSTALE on reverse10.0010.00
651JERSEY - LL Card No. 144 - Greve de Lecq. B/W. Green back. Postally used with stamp on front10.00
652JERSEY - LL Card No. 152 - Interior of Montorgeuil Castle. B/W. Green back. Unused8.00
653JERSEY - LL Card No. 155 - Montorgeuil - La Ligne du Train. B/W. Green back. Unused12.00
654JERSEY - LL Card No. 159 - Bouley Bay - The beach. B/W. Green back. Unused12.00
655JERSEY - LL Card No. 168 - St Helier - Le Mont-es-Pendu. B/W. green back. Postally used5.005.00
656JERSEY - LL Card No. 175 - Trinity Church B/W. Green back. Unused25.00
657JERSEY - LL Card No. 185 - Plemont - Greve au Lancon. Green back. Unused15.00
658JERSEY - LL Card No. 186 - Plemont Point. B/W. Green back. Unused15.00
659JERSEY - LL Card No. 188 - St. Peters Vavvey. B/W. Green back. Unused15.00
660JERSEY - LL Card No. 191 - Pontac - The Gardens. B/W. Green back. Postally used18.0023.00
661JERSEY - LL Card No. 211 - Saint Sauveur - The Caves and Tower. B/W. Green back. Unused15.0029.00
662JERSEY - LL Card No. 212 - Saint Sauveur - The Caves and Lake. B/W. Green back. Postally used15.00
663JERSEY - LL Card No. 217 - Bay of St. Brelade B/W. Green back. Inscribed ' CARTE POSTALE'. Unused10.00
664JERSEY - LL Card No. 219 - St. Brelade The Church. B/W. White back. Inscribed 'CARTE POSTALE'. Unused8.00
665JERSEY - LL Card No. 240 - A Farm. B/W. Green back. Unused5.00
666JERSEY - LL Card No. 248 - The Government House Guard. B/W. Green back. Postally used (5* card)40.00170.00
667JERSEY - LL Card No. 925 - St. Brelade. Sepia. Published by Albert Smith, Jersey. Unused12.00
668JERSEY - LL Card No. 935 - St. Brelade's. Sepia. Published by Albert Smith, Jersey. Unused12.00
669JERSEY - Court Card. Coloured. Unused5.00
670JERSEY - Photographic card showing lightning over castle. 1931 Electric storm. Pub. By Albert Smith. Unused6.006.00
671JERSEY - Photographic card showing 1907 school football team group. Postally used8.00
672JERSEY - Batch of 13 different modern Battle of Jersey postcards showing parades, floats etc8.008.00
673JERSEY - Early coloured novelty card with pull out photos. Entitled 'Greetings Jersey'. Shows porter & train6.004.00
674HERM - Bramley postcard of Rosaire Steps. Fine unused 10.0010.00
675HERM - 5 different sepia postcards including a multi view. Different publishers. All fine unused6.00
676JERSEY - Archirondel Cottage - Perrier's Tea Room. FF card B/W. Unused5.00
677JERSEY - St Brelades Church. Photo card. B/W. Unused3.00
678JERSEY - Royal Square - St Helier. Photo card. B/W. Unused3.00
679JERSEY - Jersey Airport with Dragon Rapide. Photo card. Sepia. Unused3.003.00
680JERSEY - 4 cards. Bonne Nuit Bay, St Helier Harbour, Gorey Castle & Mont Orgeuil. All published by D. Constance, London5.00
681JERSEY - Gorey coloured. Postally used from Quebec to Jersey, 19063.00
682JERSEY - LL Card No. 5 - St Helier View from Mount Patibulaire. Coloured. White back. Unused8.00
683JERSEY - LL Card No. 85 - St Helier Parish Church. Coloured. White back. Unused10.00
684JERSEY - LL Card No. 110 - Saint Aubin - General View. B/W. Green back. Postally used4.004.00
685ISLANDERS DEPORTED - Part 1 by Roger E Harris . Signed copy. New18.00
686JERSEY - 1953- 54 J.M.T. Bus timetable booklet3.003.00
687SARK - Official Guide - 1960's. Inscribed 'Capri of The Channel'. 50 pages with map and hotel prices etc8.00
688CHANNEL ISLANDS - May 1946 Southern & Great Western Railway Services to the Channel Islands. Timetables and fares. Plus scheduled fares for Channel Islands Airways3.007.00
689STAMPS OF ALDERNEY by Peter Newell. 2nd ed. 19883.004.00
690ALDERNEY IN OLD PHOTOGRAPHS by Brian Bonnard. Published 1991. As new3.006.00
691JERSEY - 1867 Entire from Jersey Joint Stock Bank to St Brieuc, France. With QV 4d orange cange cancelled with lozenge 3734 - St Malo (SG CF66). Good d/circle Boite Mobile cancel 'ANGL B.M. ST. MALO' in red (SG CF52). Fine clean rare item150.00
692JERSEY - July 1890 - Post Office JUBILEE of UNIFORM PENNY POSTAGE postal stationery envelope (1d pre-paid). With 2x Jersey squared circle datestamps addressed to London. With London arrival datestamp. Rare usage. With full write up included from CISS Journal Sep 2021 (Vol. 40 No. 3). Rare usage in C.I.110.0090.00
693JERSEY - Dec 1911 postcard to Lincolnshire. With fine Jersey 'Too Late' instructional mark in black. Posted too late to catch mailboat to England. Shows late usage (SG JT4). Attractive card. Scarce usage40.0040.00
694JERSEY - 20 July 1940 Pre war Commemorative airmail cover addressed to Guernsey. 2½d Centenary stamp. With Jersey machine cancel. Endorsed in pencil -'Gone away / see over'. Returned to Jersey. With Jersey arrival datestamp for 29 July. With rare '409 in small triangle' handstamp. (SG JC127). Scarce item60.0048.00
695GUERNSEY - FELDPOST - Feb 1942 military cover to Germany with original letter. With Feldpost No. 19705 cachet in violet - Fortress construction Battalion 30. With Feldpost datestamp, code 'e'25.0032.00
696INTERNEE MAIL - Z.I. Lager St Denis - Nov 1942 - P.O.W. card from B.F. Howell, St Denis to Jersey. With fine censor cachet in red - 'GEPRUFT No. 4' . Harris states in Islanders Deported (Pt. 2) that this censor number had not been recorded in use. Fine condition150.00150.00
697SARK - 1943 - Br. Admiralty coloured chart. Measures 6 x 9½ inches. Produced for D Day. Attractive. Scarce18.0024.00
698FORTRESS RADIO MESSAGE CARD from Channel Islands -10 Dec 1944. Inscribed ' Oberkommando der Kanalinseln' Imprint. Fine slogan machine cancel for Wilhelmshaven for 13 Dec. With framed Red Eagle and Swastika cachet of 'Naval Intelligence Department North Wilhelmshaven'. Written up on album sheet250.00275.00
699FELDPOST - Nov 1944 - Guernsey - Registered cover from Winterbach (Saar) addressed to the Comradeship Service West, Group PK, Broadcasting House, Berlin - Charlottenburg, Masurealle. This was the address for replies to CHANNEL ISLANDS ATLANTIC FORTRESS RADIO MESSAGE CARDS. ' With Berlin arrival datestamp. Endorsed with German soldier's name and his Guernsey feldpost number (45636). Also endorsed 'Guernsey'. Cover would have enclosed a reply to a C.I. Radio Message card. Accompanied with detailed description150.00150.00
700BRECHOU - Fine collection comprising 1969 issue U/M. Gutters, F.D.C., specimen ovpt., sheetlets etc. 1999 - 2013 issues u/mint, cto and F.D.C.'s carried by boat to Guernsey then helicopter to UK. With Guernsey and Brechou cachets. Comprehensive collection in album, written up neatly in manuscript380.00320.00
701AVIATION - JERSEY - British European Airways. Inaugural or commemorative flight covers (9) on 8 written-up pages. Also 2 repro PPCs on Jersey 1912 air race. 11 Items5.007.00
702AVIATION - JERSEY - British Island Airways. 11 pages with 16 covers6.009.00
703AVIATION - JERSEY - British Midland Airways. 6 pages with 8 covers.4.004.00
704AVIATION - JERSEY - Dan Air Services. 24 flown covers 1972-1978 on 12 pages. 11.008.80
705AVIATION - JERSEY - Intra Airways Ltd. Flights covers (28), postcards (4) and ephemera consisting of 25 written up pages. Also two pages relating to Jersey aviation incl label commemorating the first aerial post ENGLAND - AUSTRALIA anniv of first air mail, repro cards of 1912 air race. (37 pages in total)15.0015.00
706AVIATION - JERSEY - 23 flight covers relating to British Airways including Concorde covers & 3 Postcards. 19 pages12.0012.00
707AVIATION - JERSEY - Jersey European Airways. 18 pages with 13 covers and 5 postcards with some ephemera.7.007.00
708AVIATION - JERSEY - Misc Jersey flight covers inc Air Anglia (9), Aviation Beaufport Ltd (1), British Air Ferries (1), British Caledonian (4), JF Airlines (6), Brymon (1) and Rousseau (4) (26 covers). Also 8 misc flight covers13.0013.00
709AVIATION - GUERNSEY - British Airways. 14 covers on 13 pages including Concorde covers & 1 Postcard8.0010.00
710AVIATION - GUERNSEY - BEA. 10 covers on 6 pages6.006.00
711AVIATION - GUERNSEY - Misc flight covers inc Guernsey Airlines (3), Bretagne (1), Cambrian (1), JF Airlines (5), Brymon (3) CI Airways (1),and Rousseau (1). Balloon flight covers (6) and 6 postcards and ephemera. 22 covers on 17 pages.8.0016.00
712AVIATION - GUERNSEY - Aurigny Air Services. Flight covers (23), postcards (4) and ephemera. (21 pages)12.0021.00
713AVIATION - JERSEY - 1937 First Flight covers for Jersey Airways. Four covers with either the Blue, Red, Violet or green angular cachets40.0032.00
714AVIATION - JERSEY - 1937 First Flight covers for Jersey Airways. Two covers with either the Blue or Violet angular cachets. Flown between Jersey and Southampton20.0016.00
715AVIATION - JERSEY - Pair of B/W postcards showing "The Grouville Bay" G-ACYC of Jersey Airlines at Jersey AIRPORT plus two postcards (1 B/W; 1 coloured) of BEA planes (4 cards)12.0012.00
716AVIATION - GUERNSEY - 1939 plain First Flight cover from Southampton to Guernsey with circular GUERNSEY GZ AIRWAYS cachet in green10.008.00
717AVIATION - GUERNSEY - 1939 Illustrated First Flight cover from Guernsey to Southampton by Guernsey Airways. Signed by the pilot. Also, a Display First Flight cover. (2 covers)20.0042.00
718AVIATION - GUERNSEY - 1945. Resumption of the Air Mail service from Guernsey to Southampton. Illustrated registered cover with complete set of Jersey Views cancelled with Guernsey cds 10 SP 4515.0028.00
719AVIATION - 1953 BEA Air Letter Service. Four different First Day Covers (20 Oct 1953) each with the BEA 6d + 1d label20.0016.00
720AVIATION - 1953 BEA Air Letter Service. Three different First Day Covers (25 Nov 1953) each with the BEA 8d label15.0012.00
721AVIATION - 1954 BEA Air Letter Service. Two different First Day Covers (1 SEP 1954) each with the BEA 9d label10.008.00
722GUERNSEY - 1907 'The Scotch Stall, Saumarez Park Bazaar 1907' Sepia photo postcard by JW Guerin3.003.00
723GUERNSEY - Occupation - 1d Arms stamp cancelled with 'GU' in triangle4.003.00
724GUERNSEY - Occupation - Four commercially used covers with 1d Arms. 1941(x2), 1942 & 1944 4.004.00
725GUERNSEY - Occupation - 5x ½d Arms on piece (Emerald Green). One is showing the constant variety damaged to top of the LH frame. Cancelled with a Guernsey St. Peter Port DRC 5 SP 41. Plus FDC (7 AP 41)4.004.00
726GUERNSEY - 1867 cover to Fareham with good 324 duplex cancel (SG GC22) dated FE 13 67 (A) on a 1d red plate 81 (SG43). With Fareham backstamp for FE 14 6712.009.60
727GUERNSEY - 1937 cover from Sark to Guernsey. Sent by Sybil Hathaway, Dame of Sark. Includes a note from her on her headed paper. 1½d KGVI stamp cancelled with a Sark DRC 7 MR 37 (A)10.0038.00
728GUERNSEY - 1948 6d stationery airletter sent to New Zealand. M/C 4 JLY 19483.002.40
729GUERNSEY - 1953 Coronation First Day Postcards sent to New Zealand each with 2½d Coronation stamp. Different sepia cards by Photochrome. Two with part 'Long Live the Queen' slogan cancel and the other Guernsey St. Peter Port DRC. All 3 JU 1953. (3 items)3.003.00
730GUERNSEY - 1844 -1980s. GB and Guernsey stamps and on piece with various datestamp and slogan cancels. Including 1d red on blued paper with 4 margins (SG8) cancelled with a 324 duplex (SG GC17), a 6d Jubilee (SG208) cancelled with a Guernsey Barred Oval (SG GC90) and a QEII 5/- on part registered letter with Guernsey cds 5 JU 68. 34 items 10.0016.00
731GUERNSEY - 1960s Sub Post Office cancels on GB stamps. Pleinmont Road x6 and Market Place, St. Martin's and Torteval one each20.0016.00
732GUERNSEY - 1958 3d Regional (SG7p). 3 postional blocks of 6 each showing a constant flaw. UM6.006.00
733JERSEY 2009 Commemorative stamps + Mini sheets, Railways III Prestige Booklet UM & 19 FDCs. Face value £65.9510.006.70
734JERSEY 2010 Commemorative stamps 7th Sept. - 1st November + Mini sheet UM & 4 FDCs. Face value £10.752.002.00
735GUERNSEY - 1908 Postcard to France with a Guernsey DRC (GC42) cancelling a GB 1d KEVII. Alongside is a BINIC receiving DRC dated 5 10 08 (CF67).30.00