Social Philately

There are many subjects that could form the basis of a social history collection.  Two of the most popular are hotels and transport.  The collection could include covers, postcards, stamps and advertising leaflets.


Old buildings in either Guernsey or Jersey could also form the basis of a study. Another interesting collection can be formed relating to hotels of the Islands. For example, over 400 different hotels have been or are listed for Jersey. Hotels which do not now exist could form the basis of an historical collection. On the other hand, a study of an existing hotel could prove rewarding. This could include old postcards, photographs, adverts, brochures and old invoices

Two examples are shown here. The first shows a series of items relating to the Grand Hotel in Jersey.

Scarce 1870’s advertising card for the Marine Hotel. This was demolished in the late 1880’s and the Grand Hotel now occupies this site.
Early postcard of The Grand Hotel, Jersey
1903 Illustrated letterhead from the Grand Hotel, Jersey
Early coloured postcard of Grand Hotel, Jersey published by Allix, a famous Jersey postcard publisher
Early Hotel brochure for the Grand Hotel, Jersey
Hotel tariff from above brochure

Another Jersey hotel with a long history is the Pomme D’Or Hotel in St Helier. This hotel was opened in 1844.

Early advert from hotel.
Note that hotel used to be called the ‘Grand Hotel de la Pomme d’Or.’
Fine illustrated hotel invoice from early 1900s.
Note manager’s name – L. MOURAUD
Hotel advert from 1936
1930’s hotel brochure for Pomme D’or Hotel
Early postcard of hotel
Scarce hotel envelope to France 1903
Letter as found in above envelope
1870 letter from France addressed to Pomme D’ Or Hotel
1904 Hotel handstamp

Channel Island Stores

Ornate engraved letter headings and bills, adverts and pamphlets, store loyalty stamps and vouchers, postcards and even paper bags are additions to Social events from Victorian days to the Present day.

Paper bags from Jersey and Guernsey circa1960’s

Loyalty Stamps and Vouchers

Channel Islands letter headings and bills

Jersey Buses and Coaches

Early postcards depicting horse buses, horse drawn excursion cars, 1930’s bus companies and coaches, Tickets, timetables and advertising pamphlets, postcards and vintage photos could drive the collector to search for the unusual

A selection of collectables for Jersey buses and coaches.

Shipping and the Small Boat Services.

Boat trips to Jethou, alas now a Private Island, adverts for the smaller Channel Islands including Herm Island, Jethou, Sark and Alderney. Postcards, Fermain Bay ferry boat and Commodore Shipping tickets. Visits to Sark all make for a pleasurable subject to study and collect.

Airlines and their Jersey and Guernsey Routes

Flight covers into and out of the Islands. Baggage labels, timetables and passenger tickets. Advertising brochures and flyers, postcards and photographs of aircraft. These are all collectables from the early 20’s to modern times and can enrich such a subject.