The specialist postcard auction is now live with 349 Lots. The postcards are either LLs (Channel Islands, Guernsey, Jersey and Sark) or Allix cards with a few specials at the end of the catalogue.

There are some scarce cards included in the sale, some of which have not been included in our auction sales in the previous ten years. The LL Lots contain variations of printings and printers; sepia, coloured and black and white versions and different backs to the cards. Hopefully you will be able to fill some of the gaps in your collection or you might wish to start a new area for collecting.

The catalogue is only available on the website. No hard copies are being printed. A printable pdf version of the catalogue can be found via this link HERE

A copy of the bid sheet can be found via this link HERE

There are images of every card and these can be found via this link HERE

The closing time and date for the auction is 17:00 on 3rd February 2023. Please e-mail your bids to or send them by post to the address shown on the bid sheet.

General Information on Auctions

At present the Society holds two postal auctions each year in the Spring and the Autumn. A room auction of approximately 50 lots is also held at each General Meeting. While these are a very important source of revenue to the Society, our members also benefit as these auctions are only open to members. The continuance of these auctions depends on the availability of material and all members are urged to take this into consideration when disposing of unwanted items.

In view of the heavy workload involved the role of Auction Secretary has been split into two.

Gerald Marriner is responsible for compiling and preparing the auction list. Please send any material you want included in the auction, along with a description, to him. You may contact him by email at

Nick Stuart will deal with all other matters from this point onwards. Bids should be returned to him, either by email sent to or by post as indicated on the bid form.

Printed copies of the auction list will be sent to all UK and C.I. members. All overseas members will receive their auction list by email.

Customs Duty / Charges

As the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, Lots sent from EU members or other countries for sale via the auction may be subject to UK Customs Duty. If this happens then the costs incurred by the Society will be charged back to the selling member. Similarly, when Lots are sent out to members in the EU or other countries they maybe subject to a Custom’s Charge in that country. The buying member will be responsible for paying that charge.