Privacy Policy


The Society’s officers believe that its members should always know what data is collected from the members, how the data is used, and that members should have control over both. As part of the ongoing commitment to transparency, and in order to comply with new data protection laws that took effect in May 2018, the Society is setting out its Privacy Policy. This enables members to make the best decisions about the information that they share with the Society.

Data Collection and Retention

The Society is required to ensure the accuracy of the membership files and to confirm its policy on data use. The Society needs a member’s consent to collect and retain contact details for Society business. Members are expected to inform the Society of any changes of contact information.

Under the legislation, there is no stipulated period of time that data can be held. However data will only be held for the period that it is required. Once a Society member resigns or does not renew their subscription, their data will be deleted at the end of the period it needs to be kept for HMRC purposes.

Data Usage

Data will be shared with the Society’s Officers in accordance with the needs of their office. No personal data (other than names, broad geographic areas and membership numbers) will be used in the Society’s journals, website or other publicly shared communications without the explicit consent of the individuals concerned. The need for consent only applies when using the personal data in a public forum or passing information to third parties. If the Society only uses the data for internal purposes there is no requirement to obtain consent to use the data. The Society does not release any of this data to other members or to external bodies without the member’s explicit consent. The Society does not release personal data to (for example) stamp dealers or auction companies.

Details Provided by Members and the Need for Explicit Confirmation

The following information is collected from members completing the Membership Application forms and the Membership Subscription Renewal forms and is held on the Society’s files:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address.

Even if there is no need to make any changes, the new legislation means that members must explicitly confirm by signature the data provided on the subscription renewal form and that a member wishes to continue their membership. The Society can no longer assume that “no reply = no change”. The signed forms are safely retained by the Membership Secretary and this document, the Society’s Privacy Policy, must state the use of data, recording consent and safeguarding contact information.

Control and Processing of the Data by the Society

For the purposes of the legislation, the Committee of the Channel Islands Specialists’ Society is the Data Controller, which owns the data. The Officers of the Society will use the data for internal purposes only, including the sending out of the Society’s Journal, exchange packets, auction catalogues, etc.

Data Access, Rectification and Erasure

The person who has provided the personal data has the following rights to the data provided:

  • A right of access to the data
  • A right to rectify the data
  • A right to the erasure of the data.

A member may request a copy of the data held by the Society, request that it is changed if it is incorrect, or request that it is erased if it is no longer to be retained. Any request to use these rights must be dealt with within one month of receipt of notification to the Society. Requests for access to the data will be handled without charge.

Contact Details

The Society’s Membership Secretary should be notified by a member if they wish to use any of their data access, rectification and erasure rights. The Membership Secretary can be contacted by email, address:

You can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office by telephone on 0303 123 1113, by email through the Internet, or by post at the Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.

This Privacy Policy document will be available on the Society’s website,