Published in 2020, this 232 page book is the first systematic study of sources relating to prisoners in Jersey and Guernsey during the German Occupation, including memoirs, diaries, letters, poetry, graffiti and autograph books. Describes the treatment of political prisoners at the hands of the Local Authorities and the Geheime Feldpolizei, who acted as the Gestapo in the Channel Islands.

Available from Pen and Sword Books at www.pen-and-sword.co.uk priced at £20.00 (reduced from £25.00).

Beware ‘fake’ Channel Islands Occupation covers and stamps

David Gurney has kindly produced an article that will appear in the March 2021 edition of Les Iles Normandes which I am reproducing here. “I am very grateful to Leo Mayr for reporting some more ‘rubbish’ recently appearing on a German language EBAY site as illustrated below. Even the ‘stamps’ used are the well known facsimiles from the 1970s!! Do not waste your hard earned cash on these four ‘constructed’ items unless you wish to have examples, as they are worthless. Interestingly both covers shown below were listed at very nominal prices by a dealer in the Netherlands on a German language EBAY site. The ‘Guernsey’ cover was sold for Euro 1,99, which was the starting price, while the ‘Jersey’ cover remained unsold.

C.I.S.S. Makes History with its First Annual General Meeting held using Zoom Video Conferencing

Above is a screenshot of those C.I.S.S. members who attended and contributed to the 70th Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 5th December 2020, historically the first ever via Zoom Video Conferencing

Top row, left – right; David Winnie (Chairman), Gavin Wood, Mark Bailey (Membership Sec and photograph taker), John Triggs (Packet Sec. – Guernsey) and Richard Flemming (Secretary).

2nd row from top, left – right: David Laurillard, Mark Liquorish, Nick Stuart (Auction Sec.), Leo Mayr (Austria), David and Moira Edwards.

3rd row from top, left – right: Bryan Elliston (new Treasurer), Gerald Marriner (President) Nick Martin, Ian  Mitchelson and David Ackroyd.

4th row from top, left – right: Peter Viscusi (Missouri, USA), Robert Shaw, David Rolf, Mike Moody and Julian Bagwell.

Bottom row, left – right: Trevor Nichols, John Payne and Roger Harris.

C.I.S.S. Website – “Searchable Journals”

Your Society is pleased to announce an excellent further advancement to our Website.

Today sees the roll-out of Phase 1 of our “Searchable Journals” project. Members will now be able to search our Journals from 2013 to date in a choice of user friendly different ways.

We believe this will be a very useful source of information for our members but, if we are to progress to Phases 2 and 3 whereby ALL of our Journals back to 1985 will be searchable (this will involve a considerable amount of work) then the ball is in your court. We will be monitoring usage by our Members as a way of determining whether to press on with Phase 2 and then Phase 3.

We would, therefore encourage you all to search, “play” and enjoy.

Please visit the Journal Index page here.

Notice of C.I.S.S. Annual General Meeting Saturday, 5th December 2020

As Secretary of the Channel Islands Specialists’ Society I hereby give notice of the Society’s Annual General Meeting that will be held via Zoom conferencing on Saturday, 5th December 2020 commencing at 11.00am (GMT).

Please use the links below to access the Agenda and two proposed amendments to the Society’s Rules.

AGM Agenda 5 December 2020

Please find the proposed amendments here:

Amendment to Rules 8(b) and 8(c)

Amendment to Rule 9

You will find the Zoom login details at the bottom of the Agenda. If you wish to attend the meeting will you please inform the Secretary at secretary@ciss.uk so we know how many will be present at the meeting. If you have any problems please contact me.

If any member wishes to stand for any of the Society’s Full Committee positions they will will need to provide me with their name, position they wish to stand for, name of proposer and name of seconder on, or before, the 28th November 2020.

Richard Flemming, Secretary

Guernsey’s Main Town post office is on the move.

The main town post office situated in Smith Street is to close in the Spring of next year and will be operated from two Co-op stores.

The outlet in the Markets will be modernised and will become the main town post office, offering traditional post office counter services from its four counters, including a self-service kiosk. The Markets post office will also offer Guernsey Post’s collectable philatelic items. The second post office will open at the Co-op’s Terrace store, and will be the hub for business services, including PO boxes.