Les Iles Normandes

The Channel Island Specialists′ Society′s Journal, Les Iles Normandes, has been compiled and produced four times a year since December 1975. Now bigger and with more colour pictures to illustrate the many wonderful items that the members have discovered, it is an important resource and discussion point.

To submit an article for consideration by the Editor for inclusion in the next available journal space, please either submit it by e-mail to the Editor at:, or send it by post to:
David Gurney
4, Kingscote
Tree Lane
TN15 0QA

He will be pleased to receive your contribution.

Journal Extracts

Excerpts from Les Iles Normandes will be added to the website when a new issue is published. Only parts of a few
articles will be available to non-members, you will have to join the Society to read the complete articles.

Another Unusual Red Cross Message.

Journal Index

This index, which has been split into several parts and presently covers the journals up until the end of 2018, is to help collectors and those who are studying the Channel Islands to take advantage of this resource. Should you require a copy of any of the Journals, a request can be forwarded to our Archivist, Mark Bailey at

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Journal Index Vol 1-9
Journal Index Vol 10-12
Journal Index Vol 13-22
Journal Index Vol 23-37

We are currently indexing our journals to allow text searches. We have currently indexed Volumes 32 to 40. The index can be found here.


Starting in 1950, the year that the Channel Islands Specialists′ Society was formed by Bill Newport and John Simpson, the Society regularly published a Bulletin. It ran for 40 years and 197 editions were compiled and produced until 1990 when it was succeeded by today′s Journal Les Iles Normandes.

An index to the Bulletins, originally compiled in two parts by the late John Simpson, shows the bulletin numbers in which items were published about the subjects listed. This index is to help collectors and those who are studying the Channel Islands to take advantage of this resource. To view the index as a PDF click here: Bulletin Index.

Copies of the Bulletins can be requested from our Archivist, Mark Bailey, by email at