Auction – October 2021

C.I.S.S. 22nd October 2021 POSTAL AUCTION NS16

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Lot No.DescriptionReservePrice RealisedImage
1GUERNSEY - 1783 Entire to Nantes with fine S.MALO handstamp (SG cat no CF13)50.0050.00
2GUERNSEY - 1811 Fine entire to London with fine Guernsey Scroll. With London arrival datestamp in red. With manuscript 1/1d charge40.0055.00
3GUERNSEY - 1812 Wrapper to London. With good Guernsey scroll. Addressed to Sir John Doyle who was Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey 1803 - 1816. With 1/1d charge mark40.0055.00
4GUERNSEY - 1815 Entire to Scotland . With fine Guernsey Scroll. With Scottish 'Additional 1/2' handstamp. Endorsed 2/2d. Deleted. Then endorsed 3/3d40.0080.00
5JERSEY - 1820 Entire addressed to Union Insurance Office, Norwich with fine JERSEY scroll. Endorsed in manuscript - 1/3d. Entire has a cut out where the seal was on the reverse40.0095.00
6JERSEY - 1826 - Letter from Colin Halkett, Lt Governor of Jersey addressed to Sir Thomas Le Breton, Bailiff of Jersey (1826 - 1831). No postal markings . Nice historic Document20.00
7GUERNSEY - 1838 Printed letter from the Baillif posted locally with Guernsey double arc datestamp10.0021.00
8GUERNSEY - 1825- Entire addressed to Lt. de Sausmarez, H.M. Ship BRITTANIA, Devonport. With Guernsey Scroll. 1/- charge. With contents of letter re-written on separate sheet30.0055.00
9JERSEY - 1833 wrapper to Dublin with Jersey double arc datestamp on reverse. Charge - 1/7d in manuscript Slightly grubby on the inside8.00
10GUERNSEY - 1834 Wrapper from London to James Priaulx, Guernsey. 1/1d charge mark. No Guernsey mark8.00
11JERSEY - December 1840 - Cover to London - With QV 1d Black cancelled with Jersey Maltese Cross. With fine Jersey d/arc datestamp. Missing figure '4' In year date. Nice clean item300.00300.00
12JERSEY - March 1841 - Fine entire which includes small engraving addressed to Leamington Spa. With QV 1d Black cancelled with Jersey Maltese Cross. Stamp cut into in top margin. With Jersey d/arc datestamp. Scarce item300.00325.00
13JERSEY - 1841 Entire to Oporto. From Messrs Hunt, Roope, Teague & Co. With Fine Jersey double arc datestamp. With manuscript 1/9d charge mark. Nice item40.0040.00
14JERSEY - Oct 1841 Entire with Imperf QV 1d red cancelled with Jersey Maltese Cross. Addressed to Scotland With fine Jersey d/ arc datestamp in black. Stamp has 3 good margins. Cut into at top right25.0026.00
15GUERNSEY - 1842 cover with QV 1d red Imperf cancelled with fine Guernsey Maltese Cross. Addressed to London. Endorsed in manuscript - Private steamer. With SHIP LETTER/ SOUTHAMPTON handstamp and Guernsey datestamp on reverse40.0085.00
16GUERNSEY - 1842 cover with QV 1d red Imperf cancelled with fine Guernsey Maltese Cross. Addressed to Sligo, Ireland. With Jersey datestamp on reverse and Sligo arrival datestamp. Stamp has 4 margins50.0055.00
17GUERNSEY - 1844 - 1d pink embossed envelope with fine Maltese Cross handstamp. With Guernsey d/arc datestamp on reverse Also SOUTHAMPTON /SHIP LETTER handstamp. Addressed to Surrey. Fine item80.00160.00
18GUERNSEY - 1845 Cover from Oxford to Clifton, Guernsey. With Guernsey double arc arrival datestamp15.00
19JERSEY - 1845 Entire to Paris with light Iles C St Malo. With fine flat topped '3' in red. On reverse, fine JERSEY double arc datestamp in red. Endorsed '10'. Faint Paris arrival datestamp in blue. . Light fold. Nice condition32.00
20GUERNSEY - 1846 neat cover to Jersey. With QV 1d red imperf with '324' numeral obliterator' cancel. Guernsey double arc datestamp on reverse12.0016.00
21GUERNSEY - 1846 1d pink envelope with fine '324' numeral obliterator addressed to Surrey. With Guernsey datestamp on reverse. Nice looking item30.0032.00
22GUERNSEY -1846 1d pink envelope with light '324' numeral obliterator to Surrey. With Guernsey d/arc datestamp20.0016.00
23JERSEY 1855 Entire to La Villette near Paris. With ILES C GRANVILLE cachet in red (SG CF37). Endorsed 'Stamps insufficient' in manuscript. Black PD on rear along with several datestamps75.00
24JERSEY - 1857 Cover to Dublin. With With QV 1d red stars cancelled with '409' numeral obliterator. On reverse, fine ST. AUBINS undated circle handstamp in blue200.00200.00
25JERSEY - 1858 cover to France with QV 4d stamp. Cancelled with Jersey duplex, code 'C'. With oval P-D handstamp in red & ILES C GRANVILLE transit datestamp in red40.0032.00
26GUERNSEY - 1863 local cover to Catel. With QV 1d red (Pl 123) cancelled with Guernsey duplex, code B10.0010.00
27GUERNSEY - 1863 Entire to France with QV 4d stamp cancelled with fine Guernsey duplex, code A. Routed via London. With circular PD handstamp in red30.0024.00
28JERSEY - 1864 Fine Entire to the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh with QV 1d stars cancelled with Jersey
duplex, code C. From the 'OLD BANK', JERSEY. Nice early bank item
29JERSEY - 1864 - Fine wrapper to Malta. With 6 x QV 1d reds cancelled with Jersey '409' numeral obliterators With Jersey and Malta datestamps. Addressed to a Shipping Agent50.0040.00
30GUERNSEY - 1860 Cover with Guernsey duplex cancel, code A. Addressed to a Vicar in Devon. With very long chatty letter10.0012.00
31JERSEY - 1860 Entire to France. From Jersey Joint Stock Bank. With 2 x QV 2d blues - plate 8. With Jersey duplex cancel and oval PD handstamp in red. With French arrival datestamp50.0060.00
32JERSEY - 1860 Front to France with QV 4d rose cancelled with fine Jersey duplex. With oval P-D in red and ILES -C GRANVILLE datestamp in red25.0025.00
33JERSEY - 1860 Front to France with 4 x QV 2d blue (Pl. 8) cancelled with fine Jersey duplexes. With oval P-D in red and ILES -C - ST MALO datestamp in red.40.0046.00
34GUERNSEY - 1867 Entire from Rennes, France to Guernsey. With pair of French 20ct stamps cancelled with the numeral of Rennes. With red PD handstamp and part Guernsey datestamp6.00
35JERSEY - 1868 Entire to Portugal. With QV 6d lilac cancelled with fine Jersey '409' duplex, code 'C'. With circular PD in red and 'FRANCA' oval handstamp.With London transit and Porto arrival datestamps. Nice item35.0031.50
36JERSEY - 1870 Unusual QV postal stationery card advertising CHANNEL ISLANDS HORSE BAZAAR & auction10.0011.00
37JERSEY - 1870 Mourning cover from Versailles to Beaumont, Jersey. With French 10ct and 20ct stamps cancelled with a diamond of dots handstamp . Versailles cds alongside. Jersey arrival datestamp on reverse25.0020.00
38GUERNSEY - 1871 Cover from Wolverhampton to Guernsey with 2 x QV 1/2d stamps & Guernsey arrival cds15.0015.00
39JERSEY - 1871 Scarce BALLON MONTE from Paris to Jersey. With Paris and Jersey datestamps. Fine80.00220.00
40GUERNSEY - 1872 Wrapper with QV ½d green embossed with fine Guernsey duplex. Contains interesting enclosure relating to Master Tradesmen. Addressed to Mr Duquemin, Builder, near Cobo12.0013.00
41JERSEY - c. 1872 Scarce QV ½d mauve postal stationery advertising card. Fine unused. With fine advert/illustration of IMPERIAL HOTEL, JERSEY on reverse. Inscribed 'NOW OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT'100.00100.00
42GUERNSEY - 1872 - QV ½d mauve postal stationery card from Bucktrout's, Guernsey to Plymouth. With part Guernsey duplex showing the datestamp only8.008.00
43GUERNSEY - 1872 cover with QV 1d plate cancelled with Bristol duplex to Guernsey, with arrival datestamp 6.004.80
44GUERNSEY - 1873 QV embossed green wrapper - Bristol to Guernsey. With Guernsey arrival datestamp10.008.00
45JERSEY - 1873 Cover to Switzerland . With 3x QV 1d reds cancelled with Jersey duplexes. With PD in circle handstamp in black. Weak ANG B.M. St Malo datestamp. With fair/good ST AUBYNS datestamp , code B, and Swiss arrival datestamp on reverse60.0060.00
46GUERNSEY - 1874 cover posted locally. With 2 x GB QV ½d Bantams cancelled with Guernsey duplex, code A. Addressed to Catel. Nice cover25.0025.00
47JERSEY - 1874 entire sent locally with QV ½d Bantam cancelled with fine Jersey duplex, code D. Item relates to the Annual Demonstration of the UNITED COURTS of JERSEY . Relates to a fete15.0016.00
48GUERNSEY - 1874. Cover, complete with letter, sent from the Forest to Catel with 1d Red plate 104 cancelled by Guernsey duplex type GC2510.0011.00
49JERSEY - 1875 Telegram from London, with Jersey datestamp15.0016.00
50JERSEY - 1877 letter written on opened out back of envelope. From Jersey to The Secretary of DUBLIN Ports & Docks Board, Dublin. Posted at 1d rate. With Jersey 409 duplex cancel, code D15.00
51JERSEY - 1878 1d pink envelope with superb Jersey duplex, code C. Includes letter from Government House, Jersey. From Major General Nicholson, Governor of Jersey to Capt. Butler, Horndean, Hampshire. Nice item50.0040.00
52JERSEY - 1879 Letter sheet posted locally with QV ½d stamp. Cancelled with Jersey duplex, code 'C'. With printed message from Jersey Café Company, Halkett Street. With fine scarce JERSEY CAFÉ COMPANY cachet20.0026.00
53JERSEY - 1882 Advertising cover from G. Luce, Eau de Cologne Manufacturer to South Africa. With Contents With QV 6d stamp cancelled with Jersey squared circle, code E. Cover slightly damaged at top right40.0095.00
54GUERNSEY - 1883 cover from Covent Garden , 1d rate to Catel, Guernsey. Guernsey arrival datestamp on reverse4.004.00
55JERSEY - 1883 local cover with fine ST AUBYNS , code P, datestamp40.0040.00
56GUERNSEY - 1884 QV ½d brown newspaper wrapper posted locally8.00
57JERSEY - 1884 Brown UPU 1d rate postal stationery card to Berlin. With Jersey squared circle, code C6.007.00
58JERSEY - 1884 QV ½d postal stationery card with Jersey squared circle cancel, code D. Addressed to Whitfield King, Stamp Dealers, Ipswich6.006.00
59GUERNSEY 1885/ 1900 GARDNERS ROYAL HOTEL - 2 items - 1. Letter written on illustrated hotel note paper and illustrated cover sent at 1d rate to London. Cover roughly opened, but scarce unusual lot30.0030.00
60GUERNSEY - 1885 Scarce Moscow advertising front from Russia. With Russian 7 kopek stamp & Mockba cds25.0042.00
61JERSEY - 1886 cover from Jersey to France with QV 2½d lilac cancelled with Jersey squared circle, code D. With Beaumont datestamp, code C, on reverse25.0020.00
62GUERNSEY 1886 - Fine wrapper with contents posted locally to Catel. ½d rate with fine '324' oval obliterator. Contents relate to a monthly detailed listing of investments and securities. Unusual20.0036.00
63GUERNSEY - 1888 QV ½d postal stationery card with Guernsey squared circle cancel posted locally. Message relates to the SARNIAN DRAG HOUNDS6.007.00
64JERSEY - 1888 Registered cover to Argentina. With 5 stamps (½d, 2x 1d, 1½d and 2d) all cancelled with Jersey '409' numeral obliterator. With oval Jersey registered & London registered datestamps alongside 50.0060.00
65GUERNSEY - 1889 Large advertising leaflet in English and French relating to the Guernsey Fruit Growers and Exporters Gazette. Posted locally. With QV ½d orange cancelled with GUERNSEY datestamp8.0012.00
66JERSEY - 1889 -94 Batch of 3 blue OHMS covers from the Money Order Office, to Mr Campbell, Jersey. All with red LONDON / OFFICIAL PAID datestamps. Sent post free20.0027.00
67GUERNSEY - 1890 scarce uprated Russian postal stationery card to Guernsey. Uprated with 1 kopek stamp. With message on reverse in English.20.0042.00
68JERSEY - 1893 - QV ½d postal stationery card posted locally. With Jersey squared circle cancel , code E. Printed message relates to JERSEY DECANAL CONFERENCE8.008.00
69JERSEY - 1893 fine registered cover from Cameron & Co. Addressed to Belgium. Stamps cancelled with '409' numeral obliterators. With David Place and Brussels datestamps on reverse30.0042.00
70JERSEY -1893 Cover to Saxony, Germany. 2½d rate. With fine Jersey squared circle cancels, code 'F'. With German arrival datestamp20.0021.00
71JERSEY - 1893 Message from Paris to Jersey . Telegram entitled ' FOREIGN and COLONIAL Telegrams. With Jersey datestamp and large circular handstamp - 'F / JERSEY'15.0017.00
72JERSEY - 1894 U.P.U. 1d postal stationery card to France. With fine Jersey squared circle cancel , code E and 'CALAIS A PARIS' transit datestamp6.0013.00
73JERSEY - 1896 - Front - OHMS Post Office - Item sent post free with superb Jersey squared circle cancel, code E4.005.00
74JERSEY - 1896 cover from Cape Town with 2 x 2½d Cape of Good Hope stamps addressed to St Saviour's Road, Jersey. On reverse, cover has imprint of P. & O. ship, Victoria. With Jersey arrival datestamp20.0020.00
75JERSEY - 1896 - Lovely illustrated coloured greetings postcard from Hamburg addressed to Jersey. Mis-routed to America. With 'FOREIGN NY TRANSIT' datestamp. Unusual12.0012.00
76JERSEY - 1897 - FINE newspaper wrapper posted at ½d rate to Maastricht. With Jersey d/circle datestamp8.008.00
77JERSEY - 1897 - QV 1d letter card from Jersey to The Superintendent, Telegraphs, Brighton..Jersey c.d.s.6.0012.00
78JERSEY - 1897 cover from Queen's Depot , Poonamallee , India to Jersey with Jersey arrival datestamp on reverse. Indian stamp cancelled with Poonamallee squared circle datestamp20.0020.00
79JERSEY - Early fine advertising card for BELFORD, Halkett Place . Tobacconist and Importer of fine Cigars12.0027.00
80JERSEY - 1899 GRAND HOTEL - superb small dinner menu card for The Royal Jersey Light Infantry15.0015.00
81JERSEY - 1899 Cover to Trieste. With QV ½d orange and 2 x QV 1d lilac. With Jersey squared circle cancels Posted in April. With INCONNU grey label. Returned to Jersey. With Trieste datestamps for October & November. Jersey return datestamp for January 1900. Nine months in transit20.0042.00
82JERSEY - 1900 - BOER WAR - Cape of Good Hope Postal stationery card from Bloemfontein to Jersey. With BRITISH ARMY S. AFRICA FIELD POST OFFICE B.O. datestamp. Fine item40.0055.00
83JERSEY - 1900 - BOER WAR - Cover with GB QV 1d lilac cancelled with fine octagonal datestamp inscribed - ARMY POST OFFICE/ NATAL FIELD FORCE / OCT 1900. Addressed to Beaumont, Jersey. Cover slightly foxed40.0050.00
84SARK - 1902 Postcard from St Malo, France to Sark. Posted at 10ct rate. Unusual. With Guernsey cds8.0024.00
85GUERNSEY - 1901 Fine coloured multi view Court card from Guernsey to France. With QV ½d green tied with Guernsey squared circle cancel12.0015.00
86GUERNSEY - 1901 Underpaid p/card to Belgium. With QV ½d green with Guernsey squared circle cancel. With London hexagonal Taxe mark and 2 x Belgian 20ct postage due stamps. Brussels arrival datestamp20.0042.00
87JERSEY - 1902 - QV ½d green postal stationery card posted locally to St. Martins. With fine Millbrook datestamp , code C, alongside a Jersey squared circle cancel. Nice item12.009.50
88JERSEY - 1902 P/card to France. 1d rate. Jersey squared circle cancel with time code5.00
89JERSEY - early 1900's - unused p/card with FORESTERS HOTEL, Minden Place, printed on reverse5.005.00
90JERSEY - early 1900's - unused p/card with M. SIMMONS, Fish Dealer, Bath Street advertised on reverse5.005.00
91JERSEY - early 1900's -Two unused p/cards with different adverts for J.R. ROWLAND, Tobacco Importer, King Street, Jersey8.00
92JERSEY - 1902 Unpaid cover to America. With Jersey squared circle cancel . With American handstamp - DUE 10 CENTS. With 2 x 5ct American postage due stamps . With Boston arrival datestamp20.00
93JERSEY - 1902 - Postcard to France. KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with Granville and an octagonal ANGL B.M. Granville cachet (SG CF50). With purple cachet of Grand Hotel Palais de Cristal25.00
94JERSEY - 1902 - Cover from Gold Fields Hotel, Johannesburg to Jersey. With fine oval censor handstamp inscribed 'PASSED PRESS CENSOR / JOHANNESBURG'20.0016.00
95GUERNSEY - 1903 Postcard to Cherbourg. KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with Guernsey squared circle. Routed via Binic with Binic datestamp. Item underpaid. With French 30ct postage due stamp. Cancelled with Cherbourg datestamp40.0085.00
96GUERNSEY - 1903 seldom seen KEVII 1d postal stationery envelope uprated with KEVII 1½d stamp. With Guernsey squared circle datestamp (time code). Addressed to Paris. Nice item15.0019.00
97GUERNSEY - 1903 Cover from the Old Government House Hotel, Guernsey to St Sampsons. With 2 x KEVII ½d stamps with Guernsey squared circle cancels. With VALE RD. s/circle datestamp on reverse20.0016.00
98JERSEY - 1903 card to France with 2 x KEVII ½d stamps with Jersey squared circle datestamps (time code)6.006.00
99ALDERNEY - 1904 P/card to Cornwall with KEVII 1/2d stamp. Alderney d/ circle datestamp12.0012.00
100JERSEY - 1904 P/card sent at 1d rate to Saigon, Indo China. With Saigon datestamp. Scarce route25.0026.00
101JERSEY - 1904 p/card from Uganda to the Rectory, St. Ouen. Routed via Mombassa5.005.00
102JERSEY - 1904 p/card from Lucerne, Switzerland to the Rectory, St. Ouen. 5.005.00
103JERSEY - 1 January 1904 p/card to Guernsey. Endorsed in manuscript - 'Not known / insufficiently addressed'4.004.00
104GUERNSEY - 1904 P/card to the IVORY COAST. Routed via London. With Ivory Coast arrival datestamp in blue.18.0046.00
105JERSEY - 1904 - Seldom seen KEVII postal stationery card from Jersey to France. Crease at lower right5.005.00
106JERSEY - 1904 Cover from Saigon to Holland. Addressee had moved to Jersey. Forwarded to ' OLD IMPERIAL HOTEL, JERSEY' With Jersey arrival datestamp. Fine item25.0020.00
107GUERNSEY - 1904 Cover from Norway to Guernsey. Guernsey arrival datestamp on reverse4.00
108GUERNSEY - 1905 - P/card to St Lucia. 1d rate. Unusual destination15.0042.00
109GUERNSEY - 1905 - P/card to New Zealand 1d rate. Unusual destination. With N Z arrival datestamp8.006.50
110JERSEY - 1905 P/card to St Peters. Underpaid.With 1d 409 surcharge mark and a fine 'Liable to Letter Rate/ 409' handstamp12.0018.00
111JERSEY - 1905 P/card to St Malo. Underpaid with ' T' (taxe) mark. With 30ct French postage due stamp10.0010.00
112JERSEY - 1905 P/card to Fauville, France. With lovely pencil drawing of a man. With Fauville receiving datestamp20.0020.00
113JERSEY - 1905 P/card from Jersey to Paris.. With KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with Jersey squared circle . Routed via St Malo. With blank Jersey hexagonal Taxe handstamp (SG JE10). With French 30ct postage due cancelled with Paris datestamp205.00
114GUERNSEY -1906 P/card from Avranches to Guernsey. French 10ct stamp cancelled with Guernsey datestamp50.0050.00
115JERSEY- 1906 P/card posted to Belgium. 1d rate. With Brussels arrival datestamp10.00
116JERSEY - 1906 P/card to Santigo, Chile with Chile arrival datestamp. Unusual destination15.0015.00
117JERSEY - 1906 P/card of Greve de Lecq barracks. Addressed to London. Message is from a soldier stationed at Greve de Lecq barracks. Unusual8.0021.00
118JERSEY - Grand Hotel - Fine early 1900's unused combined menu and lettercard6.009.00
119JERSEY - 1907 postcard to France. Carried on the Gorey - Carteret service. With KEVII 1d stamp cancelled fine 'CARTARET, MANCHE'. With similar datestamp alongside. Also with 'PAQUEBOT' handstamp25.0025.00
120JERSEY -1908- Postcard to France - 1d rate with 3 line hotel cachet - HOTEL/ de la POMME d'OR/ JERSEY10.0010.00
121JERSEY - 1908 cover to America with 3 xKEVII stamps - ½d, 1d and 4d values. Jersey d/circle datestamps12.00
122JERSEY - 1908 Postcard from Jersey to Belgium. With French 10ct stamp cancelled Jersey France Tombstone '(SG CF78) and a Jersey PAQUEBOT cachet in black (SG JP2)105.00
123JERSEY- 1908 postcard from Lyon sur Mer to Jersey. 5ct French stamp cancelled with Jersey France Tombstone (SG CF 78). Wth Carteret cds - a rare routing. Underpaid so a French 'T' in black triangle handstamp applied. With Jersey 1d 409 surcharge mark185.00
124JERSEY - 1909 LL postcard to France. With KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with a large Granville cds (SG CF71) and an octagonal ANGL. B.M. Granville handstamp ( SG CF50)30.00
125JERSEY - 1909 Postcard to France. With 2 x 1/2d KEVII stamps cancelled with Granville DRC and an octagonal ANGL B.M. Granville handstamp (SG CF50)30.00
126JERSEY - 1909 Postcard to France. With KEVII stamp cancelled with a Thirberville datestamp. Very good GOREY datestamp on reverse20.00
127GUERNSEY - 1909 cover from Berlin to Guernsey. With Guernsey arrival datestamp on reverse8.008.00
128JERSEY - 1921 P/card posted locally. 1½d rate. Beaumont cds.6.006.00
129JERSEY - 1905 P/card to Paris . Fine Five Oaks datestamp alongside stamp4.004.00
130JERSEY - 1905 Postcard sent locally. With fine Gorey Village datestamp alongside stamp5.008.00
131JERSEY - 1927 Postcard to London. 1d rate . With St Aubin datestamp4.00
132JERSEY - 1905 Postcard to Guernsey with St. Johns datestamp alongside stamp. Seldom seen6.009.00
133JERSEY - 1915 Postcard from St Johns Hotel sent locally. With St Johns Church datestamp5.009.00
134JERSEY - 1906 postcard to England with fine St Martins datestamp alongside stamp4.007.00
135JERSEY - 1913 scarce KGV ½d postal stationery card sent locally with St Martins datestamp. Reverse has printed message from St Martins Rectory12.0013.00
136JERSEY - 1919 postcard to Sussex. 1d rate with St Martins datestamp3.005.00
137JERSEY - 1908 P/card sent locally with Samares datestamp, code C3.005.00
138GUERNSEY - 1910 Postcard to Vannes. With KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with Binic datestamp (SG CF67)32.0042.00
139GUERNSEY- 1910 - 20 Batch of 5 tax receipts - 4 of these have 1d revenue stamps8.00
140JERSEY - 1910 P/card from Cape Verde Islands to Jersey. With oval datestamp - POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS and framed PAQUEBOT handstamp12.0017.00
141JERSEY - 1910 p/card (Allix No. 108 B/W) . With KEVII stamp on front cancelled with GRANVILLE MANCHE datestamp and fine octagonal ANGL BM GRANVILLE datestamp alongside25.0025.00
142 JERSEY - 1912 cover to France with 6 stamps - KEVII 1½d, 2½d, 3d; and KGV ½d, 1d and 2d stamps With Jersey datestamps15.0027.00
143JERSEY - 1912 Postcard to Vienne, France.Underpaid with black 'T' Taxe mark and 10ct French postage due stamp, (damaged lower right corner)8.00
144JERSEY - 1912 P/card from Rhodesia to Jersey. On arrival in Jersey, card was re- addressed to First Tower. A KGV ½d stamp was added cancelled with Jersey datestamp10.0016.00
145GUERNSEY - 1913 P/card to a Corporal in Wellesley Barracks, India. With India arrival datestamp15.0016.00
146GUERNSEY - 1913 Fine large size invoice for Guernsey Telephone Department. Unusual8.008.00
147GUERNSEY - 1913 Postcard of S.S. Ballarat. Addressed to Guernsey. With KGV ½d stamp cancelled by PAQUEBOT PLYMOUTH datestamp for 22 Nov 1913 with 1d 620 surcharge mark alongside and very rare ST ANDREWS GUERNSEY 31mm skeleton datestamp. One of only 3 recorded450.00450.00
148JERSEY - 1913 Postcard of Venice addressed to St. Johns, Jersey. With 2 x 5ct Italian stamps cancelled with Venezia Ferrovia machine cancel. Endorsed via Paris. 5.00
149JERSEY - July 1914 P/card from Gibraltar to St Aubins, Jersey. With Gibraltar KGV 1d stamp8.006.50
150The German Prisoners of War Camp at Jersey during The Great War by Major T.E. Naish. Fine eleven page booklet6.009.00
151JERSEY - Unused p/card of the German P.O.W. Camp in Jersey15.0015.00
152JERSEY - P.O.W. Cover from German Prisoner of War at the German P.O.W, Camp. Jersey, DIII . Addressed to America. With large circular cachet - POST FREE /P.C./ PRISONER OF WAR100.00160.00
153GUERNSEY - 1915 Special ON ACTIVE SERVICE envelope with 'OPENED BY CENSOR' label with ARMY POST OFFICE , code R3, datestamp - addressed to Guernsey25.0055.00
154JERSEY - 1916 Field Service postcard to Jersey with Field Post Office datestamp8.0011.00
155GUERNSEY - 1917 Field Service postcard to Guernsey with Field Post Office datestamp8.008.00
156GUERNSEY - Aug 1917 plain envelope endorsed O. A. S. with FIELD POST OFFICE, code H13, datestamp - addressed to Foulon Farm, Guernsey. With rectangular censor handstamp in red no. 115515.0015.00
157GUERNSEY - Aug 1917 plain envelope endorsed ON ACTIVE SERVICE with FIELD POST OFFICE, code H13, datestamp - addressed to Foulon Farm, Guernsey. With light censor handstamp15.0016.00
158JERSEY - Dec 1917 - P/card endorsed O.A.S. with FIELD POST OFFICE, code R.32 datestamp. Addressed to St Helier. With rectangular 'PASSED BY CENSOR 922' handstamp in red12.0016.00
159GUERNSEY - July 1918 - Green On Active Service Privilege envelope to Guernsey with FIELD POST OFFICE datestamp. Not censored15.0016.00
160GUERNSEY Aug 1918 - P/card endorsed O.A.S. with ARMY POST OFFICE, code S68 datestamp. Addressed to Vale, Guernsey. With rectangular 'PASSED BY CENSOR 6383 handstamp in black12.0012.00
161JERSEY - Mar 1918 P/card endorsed O.A.S. with ARMY POST OFFICE, code S 78 datestamp. Addressed to St Helier. With rectangular 'PASSED BY CENSOR ' handstamp in red10.0013.00
162GUERNSEY - May 1918 P/card endorsed O.A.S. with FIELD POST OFFICE, code G, datestamp. Addressed to Esplanade, Guernsey. With rectangular 'PASSED BY CENSOR 5248' handstamp in violet10.0010.00
163GUERNSEY - 1916 Special green ON ACTIVE SERVICE envelope. With FIELD POST OFFICE, Code 47, datestamp. Addressed to Guernsey20.0020.00
164GUERNSEY - 1917 seldom seen Registered military postal stationery envelope from the forces to Guernsey. With ARMY POST OFFICE, code R37, datestamp. With D type registration label with same datestamp. With oval 'PASSED FIELD CENSOR 3089' handstamp in red. Routed via London. With Guernsey arrival datestamp40.0050.00
165BRISTISH P.O.W. Mail - July 1918 - POW P/card from Friedrichsfeld Camp with framed German censor handstamp Routed via London to St Andrews, Guernsey20.0020.00
166BRISH P.O.W. Mail- Dec 1914 - Plain postcard with hand drawn picture of a Coat of Arms inscribed DOEBERITZ Dec 1914. German handstamp on address side - KRIEGSGEFANGENENSENDUNG. Early POW card from Doeberitz POW Camp, situated 8 miles from Berlin. With DOEBERITZ circular handstamp Addressed to Guernsey Routed via London. Nice item50.00110.00
167BRITISH P.O.W. Mail - April 1917 - message on special card entitled - Feldpostkarte - Kriegsgefangenensendung. From Cottbus POW Camp. With large circular handstamp inscribed COTTBUS in red Routed via London to Guernsey50.0050.00
168BRITISH P.O.W. Mail -February 1918 - P.O.W. envelope with letter enclosed. Specially printed envelope inscribed - Gefangenenlager DULMEN / Kriegsgefangenensendung. With framed censor handstamp in red inscribed 'Gepruft/ Kommandantur / Gef. Lager Dulmen. With headed notepaper. Addressed to Guernsey50.0080.00
169BRITISH P.O.W. Mail - March 1918 - Picture p/card from British P.O.W. interned in Scheveningen, Holland. Routed to Guernsey via London. With Scheveningen datestamp and 4 line cachet in violet - PORTVRIJ / Militaire etranger/ interne dans les Pays- Bas. Sent post free50.0050.00
170BRITISH P.O.W. Mail - October 1918. POW card from Minden Camp. A+B189ddressed to St Peter Port. With German censor handstamp and London paid cancel20.0020.00
171JERSEY - Crystal Palace Hotel, Proprietor - C.A. Spracklen4.00
172JERSEY - Hotel de L'Europe - M. Mortier, Directeur3.003.00
173JERSEY - John Dale, Leather Stores, Union Street3.00
174JERSEY - Ch. Dubras, Grande Parfumerie3.00
175JERSEY - Horace J. Hamon - Photographic Artist, Vernon House, St Aubins Road3.003.00
176JERSEY - R.J. Hunt, City Cycle & Gramophone Co., - 71, King Street & 28, Broad Street3.003.00
177JERSEY - PAGE'S - Charing Cross Bazaar3.00
178JERSEY - 2 cards showing different printings for - ALBERT SMITH Ltd, 3, Broad Street5.00
179JERSEY - 1915 approx local cover with KGV ½d stamp cancelled with 'JE' in triangle. With 'PARISH OF ST. SAVIOUR' handstamp15.0015.00
180GUERNSEY - 1915 cover from New Zealand to Guernsey10.00
181GUERNSEY - 1915 P/card - with KGV ½d stamp cancelled Catel addressed to Herm. Unusual12.0038.00
182GUERNSEY - 1917(?) KGV ½d postal stationery card from England to Foulon Farm, Guernsey5.008.00
183GUERNSEY - 24 Dec 1917 Unpaid postcard sent locally. With 1d 324 surcharge mark and 1d postage due stamp6.0011.00
184JERSEY - 1919 P/card to Guernsey. With GV 1d stamp cancelled with fine FALDOUET datestamp8.00
185JERSEY - 1920 Cover addressed to H.Q. 234, Infantry Brigade, EGYPT Expeditionary Force. With KGV 2d definitive cancelled with La Rocque datestamp. With Egypt arrival datestamp on reverse10.0013.00
186JERSEY - 1921 Scarce 2d KGV lettercard with fine St Johns Church datestamp. Addressed to Catel, Guernsey. Contains lengthy letter. 2d rate only in use for one year. Fine item40.0046.00
187GUERNSEY - 1921 Underpaid postcard from France to Guernsey. With French 25ct stamp. With 1½d Taxe mark applied en route in Londom. With ½d postage due stamp cancelled St Peter in the Wood25.0042.00
188GUERNSEY - 1922 Advertising cover posted locally. From J.J. BRICE, Fruit Exporter, St Sampsons. ½d rate3.006.00
189JERSEY - 1922 P/card from France to St Helier. Underpaid. With London 1½d surcharge mark. With ½d and 1d postage due stamps cancelled with Jersey datestamp15.0015.00
190GUERNSEY - 1923 - Statement with receipt and 1d Revenue stamp. Posted to Cobo Post Office. With KGV ½d stamp and Guernsey s/ circle datestamp. From Geo. Munro Ltd.6.00
191GUERNSEY - 1923 Postcard to France. KEVII 1d stamp cancelled with St Malo cds (SG CF74). Card states that it was sent 'Per S.S. Fawn. . With black triangular 'Taxe' mark50.0065.00
192GUERNSEY - 1924 Souvenir of Guernsey Postcard wrapper to Lille.. Routed via London. Underpaid . With London 'T30' surcharge mark and 45ct French postage due stamp12.0012.00
193JERSEY - 1923 - Underpaid card from America to St Helier. With American Taxe mark & GB 1d postage due15.00
194GUERNSEY - 1924 P/card to Essex. With KGV 1d stamp cancelled with Cobo, Guernsey rubber datestamp25.00
195GUERNSEY - 1924 Underpaid postcard to Antwerp, Belgium. With Belgian 30ct postage due stamp18.0018.00
196GUERNSEY - 1925 Uprated 2d postal stationery envelope - uprated with GV ½d stamp addressed to Copenhagen. From Leale Ltd., St Sampsons. With St Sampsons datestamps, code A40.0040.00
197JERSEY - Sep 1925 Postcard to Lodon. With KGV 1d stamp cancelled with scarce St Aubins Skeleton datestamp100.00170.00
198GUERNSEY - 1927 Cover from China to Catel , Guernsey. Endorsed 'Per SS Adrastus' . Scarce commercial mail30.0030.00
199GUERNSEY - 1927 telegram from London. With Guernsey datestamp10.00
200JERSEY - 1929 Early airmail cover to India. With KGV 1½d and 6d stamps cancelled with Jersey machine cancel. With Karachi arrival datestamp on reverse. Ten days in transit15.0021.00
201GUERNSEY - 1929 P/card from Greece to London re-directed to Rohais, Guernsey. With Jersey transit datestamp With circular Tax mark and 1d postage due stamp cancelled with rectangular CHARGE NOT COLLECTED handstamp18.0018.00
202GUERNSEY -1930 Postcard from France to Guernsey. Routed via London. Underpaid. With London 1d surcharge mark. With GB 1d postage due10.007.00
203JERSEY - 1930 / 31 Postcard sent from Mexico to Jersey. With Mexican stamps on front with December datestamp. With fine St Martins Jersey datestamp (January 1931) on reverse6.00
204GUERNSEY -1931 Postcard to Kent, 1d rate. Stamp cancelled with fine COBO, GUERNSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS rubber datestamp30.00
205JERSEY - 1931 Postcard to England. KGV 1d stamp cancelled with La Rocque datestamp12.00
206GUERNSEY - 1935 Early airmail cover to Cairo. With KGV 3d stamp with Guernsey machine cancel15.0023.00
207JERSEY - 1936 Cover to France with KGV 2½d stamp cancelled with St Martins, Jersey d/circle dateamp10.00
208JERSEY - 1936 Fine airmail cover from Jersey to Singapore. 6½d rate with 5 x KEVIII ½d; KEVIII 1½d and 2½d stamps. Cancelled with St Aubins d/circle datestamps30.0075.00
209JERSEY - Dec 1936 Cover to Liverpool with fine early Jersey Meter mark (KGV) (code N7)8.009.00
210JERSEY - 1937 Postcard to Kent with KEVIII 1d stamp cancelled with Jersey machine cancel3.006.00
211GUERNSEY - May 1937 Plain F.D.C. of GB KGVI Coronation stamp. Guernsey machine cancel8.008.00
212GUERNSEY- 1937 Local cover with green 'poached Egg' stamp cancelled with machine cancel15.0026.00
213GUERNSEY - 2 Items - 1. 1937 Condor - Lufthansa advertising card 2. 1938 Airmail cover from Chile to Guernsey carried via Condor. Unusual15.0042.00
214GUERNSEY - 1937 Commercial cover from Haro, Spain, to Les Caves de Bordeaux, St Peter Port. During Spanish Civil War. Contents censored. Re-sealed with CENSURA MILITA label. Nice item25.0034.00
215JERSEY - Dec 1938 airmail cover to Las Palmas, Canary Islands.With GB KGVI 4d stamp cancelled with Jersey machine cancel. With 'CENSURA MILITAR/ LAS PALMAS censor handstamp. Re addressed to London20.0026.00
216JERSEY - 1939 Uprated registered KGVI postal stationery envelope , with KGVI 1d definitive to France. Stamp cancelled with JERSEY oval registered datestamp in purple15.0015.00
217JERSEY - 1939 Permit for the Purchase of petrol. Includes a voucher for 1 gallon. Fine condition12.0012.00
218GUERNSEY - 1939 KGV 1d postal stationery card sent locally with Guernsey machine cancel8.008.00
219GUERNSEY AIRWAYS - May 1939 Display First Flight cover sent from Guernsey to Essex8.009.00
220JERSEY - 1939 cover sent airmail to the wife of a Lieutenant Commander at HMS Tamar, Hong Kong. This was the shore base at Hong Kong. Postage paid 1/3d made up with 6 x KGVI 2½d stamps. Jersey machine cancel15.0026.00
221JERSEY - Dec 1939 Airmail cover from Malaya. Good strike of large FIELD POST OFFICE SP50 cds on KGVI 5ct and 50ct. Straits Settlements stamps. With PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR handstamp in purple with signature. A little roughly opened & small corner of flap missing25.0036.00
222JERSEY - 6 May 1940 - Local cover with 1½d Centenary stamp cancelled with St Aubins d/circle datestamp. Underpaid (postage rate increased 1 May 1940). With 2d 409 surcharge mark and 2 x1d postage dues16.0021.00
223GUERNSEY - May 1940 uprated KGV postal stationery card. Sent locally. Guernsey machine cancel. Has centre fold6.006.00
224JERSEY - 23 June 1940 cover to England. Includes a dramatic letter about Islanders being evacuated12.0034.00
225JERSEY - 27 June 1940 - Scarce Jersey Post Office printed letter informing a lady that a telegram handed in at the Jersey Post Office addressed to Leeds could NOT be delivered because name was unknown and an insufficient address. With fine scarce JERSEY 28 mm diameter rubber datestamp in violet50.0050.00
OCCUPATION (See also Late Lots)
226GUERNSEY - 28 June 1940 uprated postal stationery envelope from Bath addressed to Guernsey. With unframed handstamp - NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER70.0090.00
227JERSEY - June 1940 cover and interesting enclosed letter from Antigua addressed to St Brelade, Jersey. With Antigua KGVI 2d stamp. Forwarded to London where 'NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp applied With Antigua return handstamp on reverse for 3 September 1940. With letter. Scarce item100.00110.00
228JERSEY - 1 JULY 1940 Cover from Liverpool addressed to Jersey. With framed 'NO SERVICE/ RETURN TO SENDER' handstamp. Cover has centre fold and other small creases. Hence low reserve50.0040.00
229GUERNSEY - 5th Jan 1941. 2d Centenary Bisect on commercial cover (BS7) cancelled with a ST. SAVIOUR'S DRC.12.0015.00
230GUERNSEY - 27th Jan 1941. 2d Centenary Bisect commercial cover (BS7) cancelled with a Guernsey (St Peter Port) DRC.12.00
231GUERNSEY - 18th Feb 1941. 2d Centenary Bisect commercial cover (BS7) cancelled with a Guernsey cds12.00
232GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Centenary bisect on cover. Guernsey machine cancel15.00
233GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Centenary bisect on long cover entitled STATES COMMITTEE FOR CONTROL OF ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES. With Guernsey machine cancel. Cover has centre fold18.0018.00
234GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 cover with Centenary bisect with fine LES GRAVEES datestamp20.0032.00
235GUERNSEY - 27 Dec1941 cover with Centenary bisect with fine THE VALE datestamp18.0032.00
236GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 plain p/card with KGVI 2d definitive bisect with Guernsey single circle datestamp12.00
237GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 postcard from Midland Bank acknowledging receipt of a letter with Centenary bisect and 1d Arms (making correct 2d postcard rate) with Guernsey machine cancel20.0026.00
238GUERNSEY - Dec 1940 plain postcard with scarce KGV 2d bisect. With Guernsey single circle datestamp50.0050.00
239GUERNSEY - Jan 1941 plain postcard with scarce KGV 2d bisect. With Ville au Roi datestamp50.0050.00
240GUERNSEY - 27 Dec 1940 cover with Centenary bisect, and 1/2d and 1d Centenary stamps. Guernsey cds18.0023.00
241GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 KGVI 1½d postal stationery envelope uprated with Centenary bisect. With light VILLE AU ROI datestamps. Typed address25.00
242GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Unaddressed advertising cover with 4 x Centenary bisects with VILLE AU ROI datestamps30.00
243GUERNSEY- Feb 1941 Unaddressed cover with 2d Centenary bisect, 1d Arms and KGVI ½d . With Guernsey cds 15.00
244GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Unaddressed advertising cover with Centenary bisect; 2d Centenary stamp with VILLE AU ROI datestamps. 2d Centenary stamp not cancelled20.0020.00
245GUERNSEY - Feb 1941Guernsey Evening Press newspaper wrapper with Centenary bisect to Jersey. Commercial20.0018.00
246GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 cover with two Centenary bisects & 1d Arms stamp. Guernsey machine cancel. Unusual25.0020.00
247GUERNSEY - Jan 1941 registered cover with 2 x KGVI 2d Definitive bisects, ½d definitive & 3d Centenary stamps with GUERNSEY registration label. Unfortunately cover has a 4cm cut (by scissors?) on left side. Does not affect the stamps. Hence low reserve20.0020.00
248GUERNSEY - 24 Feb 1941 Centenary bisect used on cover on last day of validity. Guernsey d/circle datestamp10.0016.00
249GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 Registered cover to Jersey with unusual strip of 6 x KGVI 2d definitive bisects. With GUERNSEY registration label. Very unusual80.0080.00
250GUERNSEY - Feb 1941 - Registered Express cover to Jersey - With 12 bisects - making a 1/- rate. Cover has 4 Centenary bisects and 8 KGVI 2d definitive bisects. Unusual100.00130.00
251GUERNSEY - 21st Feb 1941. 2d Centenary Bisect on postcard (BS7) cancelled with a COBO DRC. This was the penultimate date of validity for using bisects8.00
252GUERNSEY - 22nd Feb 1941. 2d Centenary Bisect on postcard (BS7) cancelled with a COBO DRC. This was the last date of validity for using bisects10.0010.00
253GUERNSEY - 22nd Feb 1941. 2d Centenary Bisect on cover (BS7) cancelled with a Guernsey m/c. This was the last date of validity for using bisects10.008.00
254GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 2nd printing, Emerald Green Superb120.00117.00
255GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 3rd printing, light green Superb100.00130.00
256GUERNSEY - ½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 8th printing, Olive green odd tone spots400.00400.00
257GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 3rd printing, Scarlet Odd tone spots90.0090.00
258GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 4th printing, Scarlet 90.00
259GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 6th printing, Scarlet 90.00
260GUERNSEY - 1d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 7th printing, Scarlet on blue banknote paper350.00350.00
261GUERNSEY - 2½d Arms - Fine complete sheet of 60 stamps from 1st printing, Ultramarine200.00200.00
262GUERNSEY - 7 Apr 1941 ½d Arms Five cut out pieces from FDCs with Market Place (inv. 1), St. Saviours, St. Sampson (with 1d inprint) and Guernsey date stamps + 1d FDC piece with Guernsey m/c 6 items3.002.50
263GUERNSEY - Sep 1941 KGV 1d postal stationery card with fine Guernsey s/cicle datestamp. Unaddressed Seldom seen10.0010.00
264GUERNSEY - March 1941 Registered cover to Jersey with 2d Bisect, 4 x 1d Arms and KGVI 1½d definitive. Bisect had been deleted in manuscript as by March it was invalid for postage40.0065.00
265GUERNSEY - 1943 small commercial cover with 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel3.002.50
266GUERNSEY 1941 Document from Legal and General Assurance Society posted with 2 x ½d Arms with Guernsey double circle datestamp5.004.00
267GUERNSEY - May 1941 Receipt from Banks, Brownsey & Co Ltd, The Pollet to the Emergency Hospital, Catel. With 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel6.006.00
268GUERNSEY - June 1943 Rainfall Returns card addressed to the States Meteorological Station with 1d Arms6.0010.00
269GUERNSEY - Window envelope with 1d Arms cancelled with scarce GU in triangle20.0055.00
270GUERNSEY - 1941 From Receiver General . 1d rate. Endorsed in manuscript - Addressee Evacuated . With surcharge mark - Undelivered for reason stated / 1d postage due for return to sender15.0040.00
271GUERNSEY - 1944 card from the Guernsey War Relief Fund relating to a Committee meeting. With 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel6.009.00
272GUERNSEY - 1942 advertising cover fron J.H. Robillard, College St.. 1d Arms with Guernsey machine cancel4.004.00
273GUERNSEY - 1943 advertising cover fron Vaudin & Keates Ltd. 1d Arms with Guernsey machine cancel4.006.00
274GUERNSEY - 1942 FOREST Parish envelope used commercially with 1d Arms. Guernsey machine cancel8.0012.00
275GUERNSEY - 1944 ST PIERRE DU BOIS Parish window envlope with 1d Arms. Guernsey machine cancel8.008.00
276GUERNSEY - Apr 1941 cover with ½d Arms stamp. Underpaid. With 1d 324 surcharge mark15.0018.00
277GUERNSEY - 1940/41. Long cover used twice. Firstly from the States Committee in November 1940 using GB 1d Centenary stamp. Secondly in June 1941 using 1d Arms stamp. Cover has a centre fold15.0012.00
278GUERNSEY - 1941/44 - Cover used twice. First use to the States Water Board, but original stamp soaked off. Second use Sep 1944 with 1d Arms stamp to Catel12.00
279GUERNSEY - 1941 Plain FDC of the ½d Arms. Two stamps on cover with Guernsey s/circle datestamp3.003.00
280SARK - 1943 Plain postcard from H. Lanyon, Island Stores to St Sampsons. With 2 x 1d Arms cancelled with Sark datestamps. Card has small diagonal crease across lower right corner. 15.0030.00
281GUERNSEY - 1941 - Underpaid cover. Correct postage was 2½d. Only 1d paid. With Guernsey machine cancel With 3d / 324 surcharge handstamp. Seldom seen25.0060.00
282GUERNSEY - 1942 cover from The Income Tax Office to Dr Symons. With 2 x1d Arms and ½d Arms. With Guernsey d/ circle datestamps8.006.50
283GUERNSEY - 1941 HOVIS / L.S. WARRY advertising envelope with 2 x1d Arms and ½d Arms. Posted locally12.0012.00
284GUERNSEY - 9 April 1942 cover with 1d Arms stamp on blue banknote paper cancelled with Guernsey machine cancel. Stated to be a First Day Cover for the use of the blue banknote paper10.0030.00
285GUERNSEY - 1944 Regal Cinema advertising cover with 2 x1d Arms and ½d Arms. Posted to Jersey10.0012.00
286GUERNSEY - 1943 P/card with superb painted picture of a cottage and inscribed BIRTHDAY GREETINGS on the front. Postally used with 1d Arms on the reverse. Lovely item in fine condition30.0046.00
287GUERNSEY - 1944 Cover posted at 1d rate. With fine advert for Anthracite on reverse5.0012.00
288GUERNSEY - 1944 Invoice and receipt from States Civil Transport Service, Pollet Street. Postally used with 2 x ½d Arms stamps6.008.00
289GUERNSEY - Jan 1945 local commercial cover with 1d Arms cancelled with Guernsey d/circle datestamp.5.005.00
290GUERNSEY - 1942 Cover used twice. First time at 2½d rate. Second usage - 1d rate12.0012.00
291GUERNSEY - 1941 Cover used twice. Initially from The States Dairy with 2 x 1d & ½d Arms. Then second usage to same addressee with 2½d Arms stamp used on 12 April 194412.0012.00
292GUERNSEY - 1942 Fine advertising cover (Mauger & Co., St, Saviours) used twice. 1st time - 1942 with 2 x 1d & ½d Arms. Then second usage with 1d Arms (damaged) in June 1944. 12.0013.00
293GUERNSEY - 1941 Registered cover . With 2 x ½d And 1d Arms; 2d Centenary and KGVI 1½d definitive. Guernsey s/circle datestamps and GUERNSEY registration label12.0013.00
294GUERNSEY - Nov 1941 Registered ccover -an uprated KGVI 1/2d postal stationery enveope . Uprated with 3 x ½d Arms, 2 x 1d Arms and GB KGVI 1½d definitive. With GUERNSEY 5 registration label used at the label used at the Head Post Office25.0025.00
295GUERNSEY - JUNE 1942 Registered cover - With ½d and 1d Guernsey Arms; ½d and 1d Guernsey Arms; on blue banknote paper; 2 x ½d Jersey Arms plus GB KGVI ½ & 1d definitives with GUERNSEY 4 registration label used at the Head Post Office40.0032.00
296GUERNSEY - March 1942 Registered ccover -an uprated KGVI 1 1/2d postal stationery enveope . Uprated with 3 x1d Arms and 2 x 1/2d Arms on blue banknote paper. With GUERNSEY 4 registration label used at the Head Post Office. Slight foxing.35.0035.00
297GUERNSEY - July 1943 long registered cover with 13 stamps on it! Jersey ½d and 1d Arms; Guernsey ½d and 1d Arms; Guernsey ½d and 1d Arms on blue banknote paper; KGV 1½d; KEVIII ½d: Coronation stamp; GB 3d Centenary and KGVI 1½d, 2½d and 3d definitives with GUERNSEY 8 registration label used at Head Post Office. Also with Post Office EXPRESS label. With fine Guernsey datestamps. Fine condition40.0044.00
298GUERNSEY - Jan 1945 registered cover with ½d, 1d and 2½d Arms stamps in blocks of 4 with GUERNSEY 7 registration label, used at Head Post Office20.0020.00
299GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Unadressed Registered plain postcard with 2 x 2½d Arms stamps (5d was correct rate for registered postcards. With Guernsey provisional registration handstamp in violet WITHOUT a red registration number. Unusual20.0020.00
300GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover to St Martins with 5 x 2½d Arms stamps and Guernsey provisional registration handstamp. Unusual - The number (R 937) is partially outside the rgistration box20.0021.00
301GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with ½d, 1d and 2½d Arms plus ½d and 1d Arms on blue banknote paper with provisional Guernsey registration handstamp (R1067)40.0032.00
302GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with 1/2d, and 2 x 2½d Arms. One of the 2½d stamps has a massive perforation shift . The perforations go through middle of word ' GUERNSEY' With Guernsey provisional registration handstamp (R324)20.0022.00
303GUERNSEY - 12 April 1944 Registered cover with Guernsey and Jersey stamps all cancelled with ST MARTINS GUERNSEY d/ circle datestamps . With ST MARTINS GUERNSEY registration label12.0012.00
304GUERNSEY - 1941 small permit in English and German allowing the bearer to enter the New Jetty for the purpose of carting20.0034.00
305GUERNSEY - February 1945 -Guernsey Evening Press newspaper folded for posting. With 2½d Arms stamp cancelled with Guernsey datestamp. Addressed to St Helier, Jersey. Unusual8.0013.00
306GUERNSEY - 1941 Emergency Milk Certificate5.0015.00
307GUERNSEY - 1942 Invoice with 1d and 6d SALES TAX stamps5.006.00
308JERSEY - 1941 Letter from Dept of Essential Services - Electricity Order 1941 Letter states that under the terms of this order, permission is granted for the use of a refrigerator. Unusual6.0013.00
309JERSEY - 1941 - A5 size notice from the States of Jersey relating to The Requisition of Wireless Receiving Sets8.0017.00
310JERSEY - 1942 - ½d Arms - U/mint Upper corner marginal block of 4 with sheet number in upper margin6.005.00
311JERSEY 1942/44 - ½ Arms - 2 album sheets - with 2 imprint blocks of 6 - U/mint and fine used plus FDC8.0013.00
312JERSEY - 1941 - 1d Arms - U/mint Upper corner marginal block of 6 with sheet number in upper margin8.008.00
313JERSEY - 1941 - 1d Arms - U/mint Imprint block of 6 plus single - all on thin paper8.0013.00
314JERSEY - 1941 - 1d Arms on chalky paper. U/mint16.0013.00
315JERSEY - 1941 plain postcard requesting a meeting of the Tenants of the Commune of La Moye. Posted at 2d rate with 2 x 1d Arms with St. Aubin d/circle datestamps, code A8.008.00
316JERSEY - Dec 1942 cover with ½d and 2 x 1d Arms addressed to St Helier. With Beaumont d/ circle datestamps10.00
317JERSEY - 1941 cover with 1d Arms anf KGVI 1½d stamp with Jersey machine cancel . From Jersey Gas Light Co. Nice cover8.008.00
318JERSEY - April 1941 cover with 2 x 1d Arms made up to correct 2½d rate with the Post Ofiffce ½d N8 meter cancel. Unusual usage. Small black stain at bottom of cover15.0026.00
319JERSEY - 1942 - FDC of ½d Arms on plain cover. Posted locally. Two stamps cancelled unusually with Jersey oval registered datestamps but the cover was NOT registered. Unusual8.008.00
320JERSEY - 29 Jan 1942 Registered cover with KGV1 4d definitive and 4 x Jersey ½d Arms. With oval Jersey Registered datestamps and JERSEY registration label. Nice cover15.0015.00
321JERSEY - 29 Jan 1942 Registered cover sent locally. KGVI ½d postal stationery envelope uprated with ½d, 1d, 1½d Views and Guernsey and Jersey ½d Arms. With oval registered cancels20.0018.00
322JERSEY - 1943 Advertising cover from Jersey Mutual Fire Insurance Society with ½d and 2 x 1d Jersey Arms stamps addressed to Guernsey. Cover then re-used with new address on the reverse side with Guernsey stamps addressed to a solicitor in Jersey. Cover re sealed with stamp margin paper. Nice item20.0034.00
323JERSEY - 1d Views- U/mint corner block of 4 with sheet number in margin6.006.00
324JERSEY - 1d Views - U/mint corner block of 4 with printing date in margin - 7.10.436.0010.00
325JERSEY - 1½d Views - U/mint corner block of 4 with printing date in margin - 17.10.438.0012.00
326JERSEY - 1943 Printed card from Jersey New Waterworks listing hints to save water. Printed in red. Posted at 1d rate with 1d Views cancelled with Jersey machine cancel. Crease in lower right corner. An unusual item10.0010.00
327JERSEY - 1942 AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS - Special small card to certify Mr Ingram is appointed as Air Raid Warden. With oval handstamp of AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS OFFICE , JERSEY. Scarce20.0029.00
328JERSEY - 1944 Commercial cover with 5 x ½d Jersey Views. Cancelled with Jersey d/circle datestamps Addressed to a firm of Solicitors15.0012.00
329JERSEY - 1944 P/card with 1d Views affixed to front of card with Cheapside datestamp7.005.00
330JERSEY - 1943 plain FDC of 1d Views. Cover has corner dated block of 4 of 1d Views (7.5.43) with Havre des Pas datestamps10.008.00
331JERSEY - 1943 Advertising cover with 1 ½d Views cancelled with Jersey machine cancel. From J. Terry Ltd Esplanade- advertising Balanced Dairy Nuts for healthier cows6.0014.00
332JERSEY - 1943 Plain registered FDC of 2½d Views . Block of 4 on cover with provisional Jersey registration handstamp - B401810.008.00
333JERSEY - 1943 Handmade cover from tomato wrapping paper with 2½d Views with Jersey machine cancel8.008.00
334JERSEY - 1943 Registered advertising cover H.B. South, Dispensing Chemist. With 2½d and 3d Views stamps cancelled with Cheapside datestamps. With seldom seen JERSEY 4 registration label.18.0023.00
335JERSEY - 1944 Printed card sent by The States of Jersey Food Delegation Committee. With Jersey circular 1d PAID handstamp18.0023.00
336JERSEY - March 1945 - p/card with fine strike of ½d modified as a 1d POSTAGE PAID handstamp. Cancel unusually coloured brown26.0046.00
337SARK - 1944 Superb Birthday card painted by Bert Hill being a cartoon of the old Sark Ambulance. Signed BH 1944. Mounted on album page with full description . Measures 17 x 12 cm.50.0090.00
338INTERNEE MAIL - Dec 1944 airmail cover from England to C. I. Internee in Biberach. 5d Airmail rate. Censored in England. With PC90 OPENED BY EXAMINER censor tape. With Biberach circular censor handstamp15.0019.00
339INTERNEE MAIL - Sep 1943 from Grouville Jersey to Laufen. Sent post free. Large envelope with Laufen censor handstamp, censor no. 7. Includes long chatty letter40.00
340INTERNEE - Sep 1943 BIBERACH - Superb coloured drawing of Room 66, Women's Barracks 10. Drawn by J. Swinney. Measures 24 x 22cm. Fine condition40.00100.00
341P.O.W. Card from Stammlager VIIIB to England. With German and English censor handstamps8.0011.00
342FELDPOST- Nov 1940 - Coloured postcard of Luftwaffe Flying Boat. Addressed to HQ Office, Motorised Batt., Sagau, Germany. With 3 line cachet - Dienstelle/ Inselkommandantur/ Jersey. Forwarded by air. With German unit cachet - Nr 09718 based in Jersey from 2 September 1940. With JERSEY, CHANNEL ISLANDS datestamp for 8 November. Also with handstamp in German - No. 23 Motor Transport Batt. Unusual80.00140.00
343FELDPOST - Military -1941 Cover from FP No. 35372 (Feldkommandantur 515, Jersey) to Leipzig. Feldpost cds 30.0032.00
344FELDPOST - Military- 1943 cover addressed to Bucktrout, Guernsey. With feldpost datestamp, code 'b' 40.00
345FELDPOST - 1942 Registered cover to Bayreuth. With Feldpost 712 registration label and Feldpost 712 datestamp. From Unit no. 34443A, based in Jersey. Fine cover100.00160.00
346FELDPOST -1942 Civilian mail from Jersey to Le Havre. 25pf rate. Not censored With Le Havre arrival datestamp50.0050.00
347FELDPOST - 1943 Civilian mail from Paris to Jersey. With unusually German 25pf stamp. Censored in Paris With OKW censor tape code 'x' tied with OKW handstamp in red. Routed via Frankfurt where cover received. Ae examiner handstamp in red.50.0050.00
348FELDPOST - 1943 Civilian mail from France with French 4 Fr stamp which was not cancelled. Routed via Frankfurt to Guernsey where cover received Ae examiner handstamp in red.40.0040.00
349FELDPOST - 1943 Registered civilian mail from Reims with various French stamps . Censored in Paris with OKW censor tape, code 'x' tied with OKW handstamp in red50.0080.00
350FELDPOST - Feb 1944 Civiliam mail to Bar-le-Duc, France. With German 25pf stamp and 1/2d Views alongside. With Feldpost datestamp & Views stamp cancelled with Jersey datestamp. With German censor tape (Paris - code'x') tied with German okw handstamps in red. Cover neatly opened on 3 sides25.0022.50
351ALDERNEY - Postcard with message in German on reverse - April 1941. Probably originally sent in envelope. No postal markings. Postcard of Braye Road.15.00
352RED CROSS Nov 1940 Form 61 message form from C. I. Evacuee in England to Guernsey with reply6.006.00
353RED CROSS Nov 1940 Form 61 message form to Guernsey with reply5.005.00
354RED CROSS - Jan 1941 POW type message form. Doncaster to Guernsey with reply. With COUPON REPONSE handstamp15.0012.00
355RED CROSS- 4 message forms from England to Guernsey. All 'Foreign Relations' type10.008.00
356RED CROSS- March 1944 UK form to Guernsey. With Geneva Red Cross handstamp. But it appears that the addressee in Guernsey had been evacuated. Guernsey address deleted and Yorkshire address inserted.12.0026.00
357RED CROSS - Dec 1943 UK form to Guernsey. Arrives in Guernsey. Message on reverse from Guernsey Red Cross Bureau - EVACUATED TO ENGLAND JUNE 1940. Unusual30.0042.00
358RED CROSS - April 1944 Leicester to Guernsey. Without reply. No Swiss Red Cross handstamp. Probably held in Lisbon8.008.00
359RED CROSS - May 1944 UK form to Guernsey. Without reply8.006.00
360RED CROSS - 3 German type forms from Guernsey- 2 with replies12.009.60
361RED CROSS - Jan 1943 - German type form from Jersey with reply5.004.00
362RED CROSS - June 1942 - German type form from Guernsey to evacuated school boy at Amherst Boys School Glasgow. With reply. With Berlin censor handstamp18.0018.00
363RED CROSS - Jan 1944 UK form to Guernsey with reply. With Nancy censor handstamp12.009.50
364RED CROSS - Sep 1940 - Form 61 Enquiry form to Guernsey. No handstamps on front. With reply 24 Feb 19418.008.00
365RED CROSS - Oct 1940 - Form 61 Enquiry form to Guernsey. No handstamps on front. With reply 20 Jan 1941. With Bradshaw signature12.0012.00
366RED CROSS - Nov 1940 - Form 61 with message to Guernsey. With reply. With 'CM' handstamp (Civilian Message)10.008.00
367RED CROSS - June 1941 UK POW type form to Jersey with reply4.003.00
368RED CROSS - Sep 1943 German type form from Guernsey to Northern Ireland. Without reply6.005.00
369RED CROSS - 22 Dec 1944 - German type form from Guernsey to England without reply. FORTRESS Form. Carried on 14th Fortress flight on 7 Jan 1945. With Geneva Red Cross handstamp and UK censor handstamp120.00190.00
370RED CROSS - March 1945 - Printed letter from the Red Cross Foreign Relations Dept., Clarence House, code FR/CL /27 stating that message / enquiry has been received through the International Red Cross , Geneva together with the envelope posted from London to Dunstable25.0025.00
371GUERNSEY - Late 1944 leaflet - INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPLYING TO MESSAGES - You may send a reply of 10 words. Fine condition (Gurney no. L9a)30.0034.00
372RED CROSS - Guernsey summary message form. Message carried on the Vega on its 5th voyage, May 1945 Message from England typed on this form on arrival in Guernsey.Endorsed on reverse - Received 14 May 194580.00120.00
373RED CROSS - SARK - Dec 1942 Message form from London to Sark with reply80.0064.00
374RED CROSS Form - July 1942 - From M.E.F., Cairo to Jersey (Gurney - type F. 8f). With reply60.0048.00
375RED CROSS Form - July 1943 - From M.E.F., Cairo to Jersey (Gurney - type F. 8g (ii). With reply60.0048.00
376RED CROSS - AUSTRALIA form to Jersey Aug 1942. No reply.(Gurney type Fine, scarce200.00
377RED CROSS - INDIAN form to Jersey Sep 1943 With reply. (Gurney - type F12a). Top left corner of form torn off70.00130.00
378RED CROSS - IRISH green form to Guernsey 30 April 1945 - Form forwarded to London with 6d International Reply Coupon. Form censored by the British and held in London as date of receipt was after Guernsey was liberated. FR/CL 96 label attached to form in London stating 'As the postal service is now open between this country and the Channel Islands, will you send your reply by ordinary post. These 3 items were then sent back to Ireland in an envelope which has a machine cancel for 5 June 1945. Contents were then censored and envelope re- sealed with 'OPENED BY EXAMINER/ PC90' censor tape. An interesting scarce lot150.00475.00
379RED CROSS - KENYA form to Guernsey - May 1943. With reply . With scarce Kenya censor handstamp PASSED N/6. Scarce item200.00400.00
380RED CROSS - Guernsey to CANADA- Nov 1942 . With Canadian handstamp - EXAMINED BY CENSOR With D05 inserted in manuscript80.0095.00
381RED CROSS - Jersey to ARGENTINA - June 1942 - With reply dated April 1944! With scarce Argentine cachet on reverse. Only recorded message form from C.I. to Argentina100.00180.00
382BRADSHAW CARD - 21 Jan 1941 - 1st type printed on postcard and posted free of charge to the addressee with Guernsey machine cancel. (Gurney type AC1)20.0060.00
383BRADSHAW CARD - 8 Feb 1941 - Similar to 1st type but exta sentence added - IMPORTANT - PLEASE BRING THIS CARD WITH YOU. Again printed on a postcard. (Gurney type AC1a)18.0036.00
384BRADSHAW CARD - 3 Mar 1941 2nd type - printed on postcard but address side is printed - PRINTED PAPER RATE (Gurney type AC2)18.0036.00
385BRADSHAW CARD - 4 Mar 1941 3rd type printed on postcard . Address side reads POST CARD / THE ADDRESS TO BE WRITTEN ON THIS SIDE. Printed in blue (Gurney type AC3a)18.0032.00
386BRADSHAW CARD - 24 May 1941 4th type on specialy printed pale salmon card. With imprint of the printers - CAMP DU ROI PRINTING WORKS - at the bottom left of the card . Reverse side is plain (Gurney type AC4)18.0032.00
387BRADSHAW CARD - 11 Sep 1941 - 5th type . Shows new address for Red Cross Bureau - 38, High Street. (Gurney type AC5). On cream coloured card18.0032.00
388BRADSHAW CARD - 30 Sep 1941 - pale greenish grey card. 5th printing. (Gurney type AC5a)18.0032.00
389BRADSHAW CARD - 3 Dec 1941 - pale grey blue card 5th printing. Bureau address altered in manuscript to 9, High Street (Gurney type AC5c)20.0032.00
390BRADSHAW CARD - 27 Nov 1941 - rose coloured card 5th printing. Bureau address altered in manuscript to 9, High Street (Gurney type AC5c)20.0030.00
391BRADSHAW CARD - 20 Dec 1941 - buff coloured card 6th printing. Bureau address altered in manuscript to 1, Market Street (Gurney type AC6)18.0032.00
392BRADSHAW CARD - 5 May 1942 - buff coloured card 7th printing. Bureau address now printed as 1, Market Street (Gurney type AC7c)18.0032.00
393RED CROSS window envelope with manuscript note - 'Nr Torteval Stores'10.008.00
394RED CROSS window envelope with dark blue border. With Deutsches Rotes Kreuz / Eing. / Ausg' handstamp. With Berlin censor tape (code b) on reverse. Fine condition30.0030.00
395RED CROSS envelope addressed to St Peter Port with Guernsey d/circle datestamp. With centre fold15.0017.00
396RED CROSS window envelope with red cross alongside the window . With imprint 2P 213 at lower left. Fine15.0015.00
397FRENCH RED CROSS window envelope used by the I.C.R.C. in Geneva to send message forms to England. With CROIX ROUGE FRANCAIS deleted . With violet cachet -' If undelivered, please forward to Foreign Relations Department / British Red Cross/ Warwick House, St Jame's', London. With Geneva datestamp for 24 June 1941. Cover shows damage at lower right. However, very few examples recorded (Gurney type E9)40.0040.00
398RED CROSS - 1943 cover from Canada addressed to the Red Cross , Geneva. With Canadian censor tape Also with Ax , German Examiner's handstamp applied in Paris. Together with a 12ct International Reply Coupon, required for all messsage forms sent from Canada. This cover would have contained a message form.15.00
399RED CROSS - July 1945 letter from Red Cross, Clarence House, London to Miss Trouteaud, Red Cross Bureau Guernsey. Message relates to Mr Sikori, who was taken from the Channel Islands to Fort D'Hauteville10.0060.00
400RED CROSS - September 1945 letter from Red Cross, Wimborne House, Lonodon to Miss Trouteaud, Red Cross Bureau relating to an enquiry about missing people10.0026.00
401RED CROSS - March 1944 - Letter from Red Cross Commission in the Middle East. It is sending the contents of a Red Cross message received from Jersey. Addressed to a Corporal in the 175 Tank Transport Company25.0025.00
402RED CROSS - May 1942 Scarce letter from George Bradshaw, Guernsey Red Cross Bureau, 1, Market Street. Addressed to Catel. Letter is headed ' THE CONTROLLING COMMITTEE FOR THE STATES OF GUERNSEY'40.0055.00
403RED CROSS - SEP 1942 - Scarce letter from Bailiff's News and Enquiry Service, 49, Halkett Place, Jersey. Addressed to Mrs Cornu. Message informs her that her husband was reported missing40.0032.00
404RED CROSS Leaflet - GUERNSEY 1942 - Instructions for replying to messages. Fine condition. (Gurney type L9)50.0065.00
405RED CROSS Leaflet - Jersey - inscribed - BAILIFF OF JERSEY'S ENQUIRY AND NEWS SERVICE. This is a reply to your enquiry and you may keep the form. Fine condition10.0010.00
406RED CROSS Leaflet - Jersey - Revised Instructions for Replying. Printed in red. Seldom seen, (Gurney type L12)40.0032.00
407RED CROSS Leaflet - Jersey - Revised Instructions for Replying. Printed in red. Similar item to previous lot. Except changed location mentioned in third paragraph - Now states - Red Cross Office, Morning News50.0040.00
408RED CROSS - Irish Red Cross Instructional leaflet. Fine . (Gurney Type no. L14e)20.0050.00
409RED CROSS - 1943 Ireland leaflet showing new address of Irish Red Cross Society - 21, St Stephen's Green, Dublin with copy of message to Guernsey. Scarce50.0050.00
410RED CROSS letter from Red Cross, Warwick House, St. James London - FR / CL/21 Letter states - We are glad to forward the enclosed message from the Channel Islands. No message enclosed10.008.00
411RED CROSS - British INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPLY leaflet - FR /CL / 29b (Gurney type L21b(i) )12.0012.00
412RED CROSS - British Leaflet - FR / CL / 95 (Gurney type L26)20.0020.00
413RED CROSS - British leaflet - FR / CL /96 - .This was enclosed with all message forms sent to addressed in the U.K. following the liberation of the Channel Islands in May 194515.0032.00
414RED CROSS - June 1941 Message form to Guernsey with reply. Part of the message has been cut out. With blue P.C. 11 label attached - The British Censorship is not responsible for the mutilation of this letter20.0021.00
415RED CROSS - 1943 Message form to Guernsey with reply. Part of the message in the reply has been cut out by German censor. With white British PC11 censor label attached20.0020.00
416RED CROSS - British Postal Censorship label - P.C. 149 revised (Gurney type no. L 32a)20.0021.00
417RED CROSS - British Postal Censorship large label - P.C. 176 (Gurney type no. L 33(i) )12.009.50
418RED CROSS - Aug 1943 Guernsey message form to Manchester with British PC 223 label attached. This is headed British Postal Censorship / Prisoner of War Mail. Seldom seen label (Gurney type L35)25.0046.00
419RED CROSS 27 May 1944 - German message form Guernsey to England with light Nancy censor handstamp15.0012.00
420RED CROSS - May 1941 Message form from England to Jersey with reply. Form has fine German Eingang /Ausgang handstamp with date15.0030.00
421RED CROSS - April 1941 - German Red Cross Message form addressed to Mr Bihet, ALDERNEY EVACUEE, Channel Islands Refugee Committee, London. The Refugee Committee obviously found Mr Bihet's address in England because there is a reply on the reverse20.0030.00
422RED CROSS - March 1941 - English P.O.W. type message form sent to Mr Briard, Chief Warder's Lodge, H.M. Prison, St Helier, Jersey. With fine German censor handstamp on the reverse - Gepruft Dienstelle/Feldpost Nr 35372 applied in Jersey. Seldom seen. Nice item 50.0050.00
423RED CROSS - June 1943 German type message form from Guernsey to a L/Corporal in England. Without reply but 6 line cachet on the reverse - NOT TO BE USED FOR REPLY etc ( Gurney type IT3)15.0015.00
424GUERNSEY EVENING PRESS newspaper - 8 May 1945. Includes Proclamation by Victor Carey, the Lt. Governor5.009.00
425GUERNSEY - June 1945 Photograph of K George VI disembarking from aircraft at Guernsey Airport4.0011.00
426GUERNSEY - 9th May 1945. Illustrated long cover to England with all three Guernsey Arms the two Jersey Arms and the set of Jersey Views all tied with a Guernsey cds12.0023.00
427JERSEY - June 1945 opened out hand made envelope - made from Chinese menu card (?). Posted to S Wales With KGVI 2½d definitive cancelled with Jersey machine cancel8.0016.00
428JERSEY - 22 May 1945 cover from Leicester to St Helier. With Leicester Victory Bells slogan machine cancel3.005.00
429GUERNSEY - June 1945 cover to Sussex. With Centenary 2d and Guernsey ½d Arms stamps . Guernsey machine cancel4.004.00
430GUERNSEY - June 4th, 1945 Very chatty letter - 4 pages - 3 pages written on 'Link -up' Liberation Souvenir stationery other on plain paper. Unfortunately without envelope12.0032.00
431JERSEY - 22 May 1945 chatty airletter from India to St Helier. With Indian censor handstamp12.0022.00
432CHANNEL ISLANDS - Oct 1945 Two different printed letters from the Passport and Permit Office, London. These relate to travel to the Channel Islands6.0016.00
433GUERNSEY - 1945 Green unused Liberation card designed by Bert Hill. Printed by Guernsey Star & Gazette5.007.00
434GUERNSEY - 1945 Red unused Liberation card designed by Bert Hill. Printed by Guernsey Star & Gazette5.009.00
435GUERNSEY - 1945 Special red unused Christmas postcard designed by Bert Hill.15.0042.00
436JERSEY - June 1945 Registered cover to London with set of 6 Views stamps all cancelled with LA ROCQUE JERSEY datestamps and LA ROCQUE registration label. With London instructional mark 'NOT CALLED FOR'20.0016.00
437JERSEY - 10 Sep 1945 - Illus first flight cover - Jersey to Guernsey by Jersey Airways. With JERSEY AIRWAYS circular handstamp. With Jersey machine cancel10.0015.00
438GUERNSEY - 10 Sep 1945 -Illus first flight cover - Guernsey to Jersey by Jersey Airways. With JERSEY AIRWAYS circular handstamp. With GUERNSEY PARCEL DEPOT datestamps20.0055.00
439GUERNSEY - 10 Sep 1945 Registered airmail cover to Southampton and the forwarded to Sutton Coldfield. With ½d, 1d , 2½d Arms stamps plus ½d and 1d on blue banknote paper. With GUERNSEY s/circle cds's40.0040.00
440ALDERNEY 21 Sep 1945 cover - with KGVI 2½d stamp cancelled with Alderney s/circle datestamp. Addressed to Capt. Alexander, R.A.O.C., 135 F.O.D. Alderney30.0036.00
441SARK - Dec 1945 - Uprated KGVI 1/2d postal stationery advertising envelope with KGVI 2d definitive. With Guernsey machine cancel addressed to Sark8.008.00
442C.I. Re Occupation card . Fine unused3.006.00
443JERSEY - Nov 1945 Rates demand for Parish of St Clement with Jersey 1d PAID meter cancel5.005.00
444GUERNSEY - JAN 1946 - Doctor's invoice sent locally. With KGVI 1d stamp with Guernsey machine cancel4.00
445GUERNSEY - 13 APR 1946. The Last Day of Validity for the use of the Occupation Arms stamps. Illustrated cover sent to England with all 3 stamps and two sent locally, 1 with 1d only and one with 2x 1d and ½d. 3 covers8.0013.00
446GUERNSEY - 1946 Peace set on beautiful illus. FDC. With Guernsey s/circle datestamp6.0022.00
447GUERNSEY 1946 Registered local cover with Peace set with oval undated handstamp on reverse - 'GUERNSEY/REGISTERED/ CHANNEL ISLANDS'8.009.00
448JERSEY - 1946 - Airmail cover to America. Correct 1/3d rate. With 1946 Peace 2½d plus KGVI definitives - ½d and 2 x 6d8.009.00
449 JERSEY - July 1946 Plain postcard with long message in German. With Austrian censor handstamp. Forwarded in error to Jersey City, America. With 'MISSENT TO JERSEY CITY, N.J.' handstamp20.0020.00
450GUERNSEY - Mar 1947 Airmail cover to Orkney, with circular CHANNEL ISLANDS AIRWAYS / GUERNSEY OFFICE handstamp8.0016.00
451GUERNSEY -1947 KGVI 2½d postal stationery envelope from Leale Ltd. Roughly opened at top. Guernsey m/cancel4.004.00
452JERSEY - 1947 cover to New York with Jersey 'E P' slogan cancel3.003.00
453JERSEY - 1946 Postcard with slogan cancel -' 30 Years/ National Savings/ 1916- 1946'3.003.00
454JERSEY - 1946 Mourning envelope with KGVI 1d stamp with Jersey slogan cancel - Don’t waste bread4.005.00
455JERSEY - 1946 - Postcard 2d rate with Jersey slogan cancel - Volunteer for a Forces Career4.005.00
456GUERNSEY - 1948 Airmail cover to Canada. With 6 KGVI stamps - ½d, 2 x1d, 2½d and 2 x 5d. With Guernsey cancels. Shows correct 1/3d rate5.007.00
457JERSEY - 1949 Cover from Jersey to Belgium. Correct 3d rate. Jersey Christmas slogan cancel4.007.00
458GUERNSEY -1948 Liberation 2½d value in block of 4 to Somerset With Guernsey s /circle datestamp, code 93.002.50
459GUERNSEY - 1948 Liberation set on registered FDC - 3 x 1d plus 2½d value. GUERNSEY registration label6.008.00
460GUERNSEY - 1948 Liberation set on plain registered FDC - 1d plus 2 x 2½d value.With St Martins d/circle datestamp and ST MARTINS, GUERNSEY registration label10.0010.00
461GUERNSEY - 1948 Liberation set on Illus. registered FDC - 1d plus 2 x 2½d value.With The Vale d/circle datestamp and THE VALE, GUERNSEY registration label15.0044.00
462GUERNSEY - Aug 1948 Airmail cover to France with Liberation pair and KGV 1½d definitive. Guernsey machine cancel4.004.00
463GUERNSEY - 1948 Liberation plain FDC with 4 x 1d and 2 x 2½d sent airmail ( correct 9d airmail rate) to Kenya. With Nairobi arrival datestamp on reverse. 3 stamps on the reverse . Guernsey s/circle datestamps code 1112.009.60
464SARK - 1948 Liberation Illus FDC with Sark datestamp12.0015.00
465ALDERNEY- 1948 Liberation Illus FDC with Alderney datestamp12.0015.00
466JERSEY - 1948 Liberation Illus FDC. S/circle Jersey datestamps8.0013.00
467JERSEY - 1948 Liberation Plain FDC. With La Rocque d/circle datestamps10.009.50
468JERSEY - 1948 Liberation Illus FDC. With St Aubin d/circle datestamp12.0013.00
469JERSEY - 1948 Liberation Plain FDC sent airmail to America. With extra KGVI definitives making 1/- airmail rate. All with St Martin's d/circle datestamp12.009.50
470JERSEY - 1948 Liberation Plain FDC. With St. Brelades Bay s/circle datestamps15.0012.00
471JERSEY - 1948 Liberation Plain FDC. With Stopford Road s/circle datestamp8.006.50
POSTAL HISTORY 1948 - 2000
472ALDERNEY - 1948 Scarce commercial KGVI airletter with long chatty message to Australia. With Alderney datestamp With Indian handstamp - UNCLAIMED AT MILDURA. Returned to sender. Nice item25.0025.00
473GUERNSEY - 1948 Scarce commercial KGVI airletter with long chatty message to India. With Guernsey machine cancel and Indian arrival datestamp10.0015.00
474JERSEY - 1949 Airmail cover to Sudan. 6d rate. With Jersey slogan cancel and Sudan arrival datestamp10.0016.00
475GUERNSEY - 1949 telegram from Doncaster to Guernsey. With Cobo d/circle datestamp12.0011.00
476GUERNSEY - 1949 Registered cover from Halfway Tree, Jamaica to Guernsey. 6d rate with Jamaican stamp on reverse. Cover damaged on route. Re-sealed on arrival in Guernsey with Official GR General Post Office tape tied with Guernsey datestamps. Nice item15.0012.00
477GUERNSEY- 1951 Registered postcard to Wiltshire. Stamps cancelled with St Andrews, Guernsey d/circle datestamps. With ST ANDREWS /GUERNSEY registration label. Item underpaid. With 2d framed surcharge mark - 2d 723 / TO PAY/POSTED / UNPAID. With 2d postage due stamp. Nice item20.0055.00
478JERSEY - 1964 2½d Regional plain FDC. Stamp cancelled with slogan cancel '409' in triangle followed by 'FIRST DAY OF ISSUE' slogan cancel . Unusual15.0015.00
479GUERNSEY - 1966 Airmail cover to Sydney, Australia with QEII 1/6d definitive and 3d Regional, making correct 1/9d airmail rate to Australia. With Guernsey slogan cancel for 900th anniversary of Channel Islands8.0011.00
480JERSEY - 1967 Unusual cover to Holland. With 3 KGV stamps ( P.U.C. 1½d, KGV 1½d & 3d) and KGVI 3d definitive. With Jersey d/circle datestamps 8.00
481JERSEY - Oct 1969 commercial airmail cover to Jersey. Sent from the United Nations in Geneva. A Swiss stamp was used to pay postage. However, a United Nations Geneva stamp should have been used. Swiss stamp treated as invalid for postage. Routed via London where Taxe handstamp was applied. Inscribed 'STAMP DISALLOWED BY OFFICE OF POSTING / TO PAY 1/6d'. On arrival in Jersey 2 x 3d and 1/- postage due stamps affixed to cover. Cancelled with Jersey datestamps. Nice unusual item20.0027.00
482JERSEY - 1970 Commercial unpaid cover to The Parish Hall, St Saviours. With Jersey surcharge mark - 8d TO PAY/ POSTED/ UNPAID. With 2d and 2 x3d Jersey postage due stamps8.0013.00
483JERSEY = 1970 Long window envelope. Unpaid from Bristol to Jersey. With Bristol 8d surcharge mark. With 4 x 2d Jersey postage dues with Jersey '409 in triangle' handstamp alongside8.008.00
484JERSEY - 1973 Cover to the British Ornithologists Union, Regents Park with invalid GB stamp. With Jersey surcharge mark 'STAMP INVALID / 6p TO PAY/ 409'+B540. No postage due stamps4.004.00
485GUERNSEY - 1974 12 ct. Airletter from Australia to St Martins, Guernsey. Surcharged in Australia with small oval Taxe handstamp. Routed via London. 2p TO PAY surcharge mark applied. With Guernsey 2p postage due stamp5.005.00
486GUERNSEY - 1975 Registered postal stationery envelope to Yorksire with Cobo datestamp and COBO, Guernsey registration label5.008.00
487GUERNSEY - 1975 Registered postal stationery envelope to Yorksire with Ville au Roi datestamp and GUERNSEY 8 registration label5.006.00
488JERSEY - 1977 Registered cover to Germany. With Roseville St., Jersey datestamps and JERSEY 3 Registration label4.004.00
489JERSEY - 1977 Registered cover to Germany. With St., Ouens Jersey d/circle datestamps and St. Ouens, Jersey Registration label4.004.00
490JERSEY - 1977 Registered cover to Germany. With Samares Jersey d/circle datestamps and SAMARES Registration label4.006.00
491GUERNSEY - 1990 Cover to Surrey. Posted at 3p letter rate but with crossed blue lines. Treated by Guernsey Post Office as registered. Surcharged £1.50. With Post Office blue label with 37mm diameter GUERNSEY datestamp inscribed 'GUERNSEY REGISTERED' and includes Guernsey telephone number. With GB £1 & 50p postage dues5.0019.00
492GUERNSEY - 1992 Cover from New York addressed to St Peter Port, Guernsey. With fine instructional mark - 'MISSENT TO MANILA'8.00
493ALDERNEY - 1993 Cover to Jersey with seldom seen Alderney meter mark in red , inscribed PAID6.008.00
494SARK - 1902 - Postcard from Wrexham to Sark. Re-addressed to Hampshire. With Sark datestamp alongside stamp8.008.00
495SARK - 1903 - Postcard to Paris routed via Binic. 1d rate. With Sark datestamp alongside stamp12.0012.00
496SARK - 1906 Postcard to Germany . With 1d stamp cancelled with fine Sark datestamp. With German arrival cds10.0010.00
497SARK - 1909 Postcard to Holland . 2 x ½d stamps cancelled with fine Sark datestamp. With Dutch arrival cds10.0010.00
498SARK - 1919 P/card to Hampshire with KFV 1d stamp cancelled with fine Sark datestamp8.00
499SARK - 1921 Postcard to London. . With 1 1/2d stamp cancelled with fine Sark datestamp.8.008.00
500SARK - 1928 - Post Office Savings Bank envelope sent OHMS (post free) to Toplis. With London PAID datestamp in red5.00
501SARK - 1929 Postcard to London. . With KGV P.U.C. 1 d stamp cancelled with fine Sark d/circle datestamp.10.008.00
502SARK - 1932 Advertising envelope from Hotel BEL-AIR, SARK to London. With 3 x KGV ½d stamps cancelled with Sark d/circle datestamps. Nice item20.0032.00
503SARK - 1933 Fine hand painted cover to America. The picture shows a ship about to enter the Harbour at Sark With KGV ½d and 1d stamps with Sark d/circle datestamp. Scarce. Most unusual40.0032.00
504SARK - 1933 Leaflet about Sark with manuscript comment on the front - From La Dame de Sark - in the Dame's handwriting. Leaflet gives list of Steamer & Motor Boat services15.0015.00
505SARK - 1936 Postcard to Holland . With KGV 1½d stamp cancelled with fine Sark d/circle datestamp.10.0010.00
506SARK - 1939 Postcard to Scotland. With KGVI 1d stamp cancelled with Sark d/circle datestamp.8.008.00
507SARK - Nov 1945 postcard of Sark Post Office with set of 3 Guernsey Arms stamps plus ½d and 1d on Blue banknote paper all with fine Sark d /circle datestamps. Addressed to Dewsbury, Yorkshire25.0025.00
508SARK - 1966 advertising cover from Loyalty Lodge, Mermaid Tavern, Sark to Guernsey. With Sark d/ circle datestamp, code B8.0013.00
509SARK - 1976 - 4p airletter uprated with 6p definitive addressed to Germany. With Sark datestamp, code B6.00
510SARK - 1975 Registered postal stationery envelope with 9p and 20p stamps. Addressed to Yorkshire. Sark datestamp, code B and 'SARK/ Guernsey ' registration label (in 2 lines)6.0010.00
511SARK - 1976 Registered postal stationery envelope with 5p and 50p stamps. Addressed to GERMANY. Sark datestamp, code B and 'SARK GUERNSEY ' registration label (in 1 line)6.0010.00
512SARK - 1978 Registered cover (70p rate) to Germany with Sark datestamp, code A. With GUERNSEY 6 figure registration label,5.0010.00
513SARK - 1982/ 92 Two covers to England with Sark d/circle datestamps, code A5.00
514SARK - 1997 Cover from Latvia to Sark. Guernsey Post Office Instructional label applied. Item not called for. Received new s/circle Sark datestamp, code A. Forwarded on to Surrey8.0013.00
515SARK - 1997 - Advertising cover from Stocks Hotel, Sark . With hotel brochure5.007.00
516HERM - 1937 Postcard to Norfolk with fine HERM. GUERNSEY d/circle datestamp150.00325.00
517HERM - 1950's Unused Employment card. Has centre fold, but rarely seen5.007.00
518HERM - 1949 Plain postcard to America with Herm ½d blue stamp cancelled with Herm half circle datestamp20.00
519HERM- 1950 Commercial cover from America to Herm10.00
520HERM - 1951 Cover to Essex with Herm 1d green map stamp on reverse, with Herm Island datestamp in green8.006.50
521HERM - 1951 Commercial postcard to Jersey. With Herm ½d blue stamp on front. However, no GPO postage paid. With fine Guernsey 4d TO PAY 324 surcharge handstamp and 4d postage due with Jersey cancel25.0038.00
522HERM - Jan 1950 cover to Jersey with full set of 4 Map stamps plus 1/- Pigeon Service datestamp. All with Herm Island half circle datestamps20.0027.00
523HERM - 1953 Coronation set of 4 stamps on reverse of cover to Sussex. With Herm Island datestamps in blue20.0020.00
524HERM- 1953 Cover to London with 1d green map stamp on reverse10.008.00
525HERM - 1953 Registered Cover sent EXPRESS to Dorset. With GB 2 x4d and 1/6d Coronation stamps with Guernsey datestamps, code 'J'. On reverse Herm 1/2d , 1d, 2d and 6d Map stamps. Herm ½d stamp in unusual colour - blue with pale brown background colour20.0028.00
526HERM - 1953 Pigeon Message form without message or address. But with set of 4 Map stamps and the 1/- Pigeon service stamp all with HERM ISLAND datestamps. Pigeon stamp on front. Others on reverse20.0026.00
527HERM - 1954 Cover to America with block of 4 x 2d red map stamps on reverse. With HERM datestamp in violet12.0012.00
528HERM - 1954 Illus FDC of Herm BEA Airway Letter Service stamp - addressed to Edinburgh12.0014.00
529HERM - 1956 Commercial p/card to Austria with Herm ½d blue map stamp15.0012.00
530HERM - 1954 Cover to America with set of 5 Crest stamps issued in 1954 on reverse10.008.00
531HERM- 1954 Postcard to London with 2d & 6d orange Crest stamps.8.008.00
532HERM- - 1957 Registered cover to Switzerland (10d rate) with set of 5 Crest stamps ( including 6d red). With GUERNSEY registration label and Swiss arrival datestamp15.0023.00
533HERM - 1954 Postcard to Dorset with bisect of 8 Doubles Crest stamp5.009.00
534HERM - 1955 Cover to Major Wood's son at at school in England. With 1 1/2d Traingular stamp on reverse8.006.50
535HERM - 1955 Two plain postcards to Australia with set of 12 triangular stamps. Cancelled with Herm datestamps8.006.50
536HERM - 1955 Cover to London with 8 Doubles triangular stamp on reverse6.005.00
537HERM - 1954 Cover to Germany (4d rate), with 4 Doubles and 8 Doubles triangulars on reverse8.008.00
538HERM - 1955 cover to America (1/3d rate) with 2 x 8 Doubles triangular stamps with Herm datestamp8.008.00
539HERM - 1957 Neolithic Man set of 5 on Illus FDC Addressed to Major Wood3.002.50
540HERM - 1957 Underpaid commercial postcard to Switzerland posted at 2d rate. With Herm 4 Doubles Neolithic Man stamp. With Swiss arrival datestamp and 10ct Swiss stamp used as a postage due. Cancelled with T in circle15.0015.00
541HERM - 1958 Cover to America (6d rate) With Herm 1d turquoise map stamp on reverse8.006.50
542HERM- 1959 FDC of HRH Princess Margaret's wedding3.004.00
543HERM - 1960 Cover used twice. First time - From Temple Press Ltd to Herm Island. Second time from Herm addressed to British Railways, St Peter Port. With 8 Double red Herm stamp. Nice item12.0012.00
544HERM- 1961 Scarce use of GB 6d airletter from Herm to America. With Herm 1961 Europa 1½d stamp15.0015.00
545HERM 1961 EUROPA set on FDC3.003.00
546HERM - 1962 Unusual cover to Holland 4 x KGV definitives with Guernsey datestamps. With Herm 4 and 8 Doubles stamps on reverse8.00
547HERM -- 1962 Registered cover to Germany (2/- rate) with GB 1962 CEPT stamps with GUERNSEY 10 regitration label. With Herm 1962 EUROPA set of 3 stamps on reverse10.008.00
548HERM - 1962 Anti Malaria set of 3 on reverse of oairmail cover to New Zealand. (1/6d rate)8.006.50
549HERM - 1964 EUROPA set of 3 on reverse of registered FDC to Germany - 2/3d rate. With GUERNSEY 10 registration label10.008.00
550HERM - 1965 Commercial postcard to London with Herm 8 Doubles Liberation stamp3.005.00
551HERM - 1968 Commercial unpaid postcard to Wiltshire with Herm 8 Doubles Anti Malaria Campaign stamp. With Guernsey surcharge handstamp - 6d/ TO PAY/ LIABLE TO/ LETTER / RATE. With 6d postage due stamp15.0027.00
552HERM - 1969 Ship definitive set on illus FDC with Jennifer Toombs signature (designer of the stamps)15.0012.00
553HERM - 1966 Cover from Greece to Herm. Endorsed in manuscript - 'Not known on Herm' . Returned to sender5.005.00
554HERM - 1970 Registered postal stationery envelope to Essex. 3/5d rate. With fine Herm Island, Guernsey Post Office datestamps and 'Herm Island, Guernsey' registration label12.0017.00
555HERM - Two covers, one commemorating the last official issue of the Herm Local Post (30 Sep 1969) and the other commemorating 50th Anniversary of the opening of the 1st Sub post office on Herm with Special Handstamp (1975)3.005.00
556HERM - 2000 Piece (with 4 Guernsey stamps - face value £1.80 - with fine rectangular PARCEL POST, HERM datestamps. Seldom seen8.009.00
557JERSEY RAILWAYS and TRAMWAYS 1896 - Time tables and Guide - small booklet containing 88 pages with adverts (Including hotel adverts). Good condition. Scarce item20.0085.00
558JERSEY RAILWAYS and JERSEY MOTOR TRANSPORT COMPANY - 1930 booklet containg all the train and bus timetables plus several adverts. Good condition8.0042.00
559JERSEY RAILWAYS - Very early notice (measures 13 inches height x 10 inches width) - Regulations as to tickets. W.N. Poingdestre, Manager. Good condition. An amazing document30.0032.00
560JERSEY RAILWAY ENGINE - Early photograph (postcard size) of engine 'ST BRELADES' in St Helier with buildings nearby including Hotel Belle Vue15.00
561JERSEY RAILWAY ENGINE - Early photograph (postcard size) of engine at St. Aubin15.0015.00
562JERSEY RAILWAY - Repro postcard showing train about to leave Gorey station, 19258.00
563JERSEY RAILWAY - Photograph of Snow Hill Cutting and water tower. With Railway lines in foreground8.0011.00
564JERSEY - Early fine unused coloured postcard of Don Bridge Station. Scarce40.0085.00
565JERSEY - Early fine sepia postcard of First Tower station with train in station with level crossing gates. Scarce view. Unused50.00130.00
566JERSEY - JWS postcard of Gorey with train leaving station. Postally used 19035.004.00
567JERSEY - Photograph of train at Gorey Station8.00
568JERSEY - Fine B/W postcard of Gorey Village Station. Postally used 1922. Scarce40.0055.00
569JERSEY - 1907 Coloured postcard of La Haule station with station sign in foreground. Postally used12.0012.00
570JERSEY - Postcard (B/W) of La Rocque station with train in station. Pitt series no. 88. Unused10.00
571JERSEY - Early photograph of 2 railcars passing at Millbrook8.008.00
572JERSEY - Small b/w photograph ( 5 x 3 inches) showing interior of St Aubin Station8.0010.00
573JERSEY - Postcard (B/w) of St Aubin showing level crossing and railway track. Unused20.0020.00
574JERSEY - 1922 Cover from Sentinel Wagon Works London to the Manager of Jersey Railways (Poingdestre)12.0029.00
575JERSEY - Unusual postcard in the shape of a Jersey cow with a pull out of Jersey views. Postally used, 1910 with Gorey datestamp5.0032.00
576JERSEY - ALLIX card no. 25 Halkett Place . Fine unused15.0015.00
577JERSEY - ALLIX card no. 26 Grand Hotel . Fine unused40.0040.00
578JERSEY - ALLIX card no 45 Guard Government House. Coloured. Linen finish. Postally used55.00
579JERSEY - ALLIX card no 58 St Catherines Basy. Coloured. Minute 'nick' top right. Unused120.00150.00
580JERSEY - ALLIX card no 60. The Retreat. Postally used to France 190920.0018.00
581JERSEY - ALLIX card no 69 Cathedrale St Thomas. Coloured. Postally used. Datestamp on front10.00
582JERSEY - ALLIX card no 113 St Aubins. Coloured. Postally used to France 1911110.00110.00
583JERSEY - ALLIX card no 131 - St. Saviours Church - Coloured. Unused. Missing lower left corner10.00
584JERSEY - ALLIX card no 142 General View of St. Helier. Coloured . Stamp neatly removed from front. 'Jersey' written on front.. On reverse, Cateret cancel with fine PAQUEBOT handstamp alongside30.0030.00
585JERSEY - ALLIX card no 147 View (Spelt 'Wiew') from Wolf Caves. Fine, unused15.0015.00
586JERSEY - ALLIX card no 187 King's Street. Fine unused30.0030.00
587JERSEY - ALLIX card no 188 Swiss valley. Coloured. Message on reverse but not postally used. Rounded corner top right85.00
588GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 2 - St Peter Port from Cotils - 2 unused cards from different printings - 1. Green back fine 2. White back showing different positions of ships in harbour. . Card has vertical crease on left side. Both B/W.6.006.00
589GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 3 - St Peter Port from Victoria tower. Green back. B/W. Fine unused5.0016.00
590GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 14 - St Peter Port - North Esplanade. With tram. Grey green back. B/W. Unused. Printed in France6.0019.00
591GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 16 - St Peter Port - Prince Consort's Statue and South Weighbridge. Tram in background Green back. B/W. Fine unused10.0042.00
592GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 17 - Prince Consort and Town Church. With early car in foreground. White back. B/W Fine unused8.0016.00
593GUERNSEY - LL Card no 22 -St Peter Port- Coal Quay and Crown Hotel. B/W. Green back. Fine unused12.0034.00
594GUERNSEY - LL Card no 35 - St Peter Port- The Reindeer entering Harbour. B/W. Green back. Fine unused30.0050.00
595GUERNSEY - LL Card no 37- St Peter Port - G.W.R. Steamer - Reindeer - B/W. Green back. Fine unused10.0013.00
596GUERNSEY - LL Card no 41 - Saint Peter Port - S.W.R. Steamer 'Lydia' - B/W. Green back. Fine unused10.0017.00
597GUERNSEY - LL Card no 45 - Two B/W cards - both white back but different printings - One is inscribed - 'Lorina' leaving. Other inscribed -Leaving "Lorma". Both fine unused15.0048.00
598GUERNSEY - LL Card no 46 - St Peter port Departure of "Frederic" B/W. Green back. Fine unused15.00
599GUERNSEY - LL Card no 48 - St Peter Port - Embarkation of passengers B/W. Green back. Message on reverse20.0020.00
600GUERNSEY - LL Card no 50 - St Peter Port - Town Church - Coloured white back. Fine unused10.0010.00
601GUERNSEY - LL Card no 51 - Saint Peter Port - Saint Paul (church) B/W. Green back unused40.0055.00
602GUERNSEY - LL Card no 56 - St Peter Port - Smith Street and Post Office. B/W. Green back. With message on reverse.10.0010.00
603GUERNSEY - LL Card no 62 - St Peter Port - Constitution Steps B/W Green back. Fine unused10.00
604GUERNSEY - LL Card no 62 - St Peter Port - Constitution Steps- Sepia - white back. Inscribed - Published by G.J. Good, 22, Smith Street, Guernsey. Fine unused15.0038.00
605GUERNSEY - LL Card no 67 - Saint Peter Port - South Esplanade - B/W. Green back. Postally used3.009.00
606GUERNSEY - LL Card no 71- St Peter Port - Lower Gardens - Candie Grounds. B/ W. Green back. Postally used15.0026.00
607GUERNSEY - LL Card no 74 - St Peter Port - The Ponds - Candie Grounds. B/W Green back postally used20.0020.00
608GUERNSEY - LL Card no 74 - St Peter Port - The Ponds - Candie Grounds. Coloured White back Unused20.0020.00
609GUERNSEY - LL Card no 73 - Hauteville Street and Victor Hugo House - B/W. White back. Fine unused20.0080.00
610GUERNSEY - LL Card no 73 - Hauteville Street and Victor Hugo House - Only inscribed in French. Sepia. White back. Fine unused15.0029.00
611GUERNSEY - LL Card no 96- Saint Peter Port - The Lodge, Elisabeth College. B/W. Green back. Postally used4.0014.00
612GUERNSEY - LL Card no 99 - St Peter Port - Prince Consort's Statue. B/W. Green back. Unused. Has words written on front - '+B638 Unveiled Oct 8, 1863'. Scarce 4 * card. Low reserve30.0036.00
613GUERNSEY - LL Card no 100 - St Peter Port Queen Victoria's Statue. B/W. Green back. Fine unused8.0013.00
614GUERNSEY - LL Card no 101 - St Peter Port - Old Government House Hotel - B/W. Green back. Fine unused20.0036.00
615GUERNSEY - LL Card no 183 - The Gouffre - 2 different printings of the same card. Both B/W. 1. Green back postally used. 2. Cream back - additionally inscribed 'The Roch'. Note incorrect spelling. Unused12.0012.00
616GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 196 - St. Sampson - The Bridge. B/W. Green back. Postally used with stamps on front.15.0025.00
617GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 197 - St. Sampson- South side (showing tram). Dark sepia. Cream back. Unused12.0095.00
618GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 205 - The Vale Mill. B/W. Green back. Postally used25.0032.00
619GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 210 - Going Milking. B/W. Green back. Postally used15.0012.00
620GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 223 - Saint Peter Port - General - B/W. Cream back. Unused10.0016.00
621GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 225 - St Peter Port - High Street - Dark Sepia . Cream back. Fine unused15.0060.00
622GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 227 - Saint Pierre Port - Commercial Arcade. B/W. Green back. Fine unused75.00120.00
623GUERNSEY - LL Card no. 229- Baie de Rocquaine - L'Hotel Imperial - Inscription only in French. . Only inscribed CARTE POSTALE on reverse. B /W. Green back. Fine unused20.0075.00
624ALDERNEY - The Roads ( 3223) - Sepia card . Unused. W & E Bailey, Valongy on reverse25.00
625GUERNSEY - Sepia postcard by F.W. Guerin - Vegetable Market. Unused10.00
626GUERNSEY - B /W postcard by F.W. Guerin - 'Milking'. Unused8.00
627GUERNSEY - Sepia postcard by F.W. Guerin - Inscribed 'Les Halls'. ( Market). Unused12.00
628GUERNSEY - Sepia postcard by F.W. Guerin - Castel Chuch. Unused6.006.00
629GUERNSEY - Sepia postcard by F.W. Guerin - St John's Chuch. Postally used6.006.00
630GUERNSEY - Early Sepia p/card of Guernsey Airport with early airplane in foreground. Unsed8.006.50
631SARK - LL Card no. 24 - Grande Greve Bay - B/W . White back. Postally used5.005.00
632SARK - LL Card no. 33- Vauroque Cottage - B/W white back. Postally used from Vanvcouver!6.0026.00
633SARK - LL Card no. 37 - Dixcart Hotel - B/W. Green back. Fine unused8.009.00
634SARK - LL Card no. 39 - The Avenue - B/W. Green back. With merssage on reverse8.0013.00
635SARK - LL Card no 40 - La Seigneurie - B/W - white back postally used. Small 5mm. tear at top of card. However, scarce card12.0042.00
636SARK - LL Card no 49- - La Coupee - B/W - 2 cards from different printings. Both cream back and unused. One card is additionally inscribed - Ch. Dubras Ltd10.0010.00
637SARK - LL Card no. 50 - La Coupee. Dark sepia printing. Cream back. B.B. & C0., Guernsey printed on reverse Fine unused6.0085.00
638SARK - LL Card no. 50 - La Coupee. Printed in blue with white border. Specially poduced for Guernsey Press Co. Ltd. Printed in France. Unused. Slight damage in lower left corner15.0050.00
639SARK - LL Card no. 51 - La Coupee B/W. Green back. Fine unused5.008.00
640SARK - LL Card no 53 - Little Sark - Fort Gorey. B/W. Green back. Postally used with stamp on front.20.0020.00
641SARK - LL Card no 53 - Little Sark - Fort Gorey. Coloured. White back. Fine used10.0017.00
642SARK - LL Card no 54 - Ruins of Silver Mines. La Coupee. Printed in blue with white border. Specially poduced for Guernsey Press Co. Ltd. Printed in France. Postally used. Scarce40.0060.00
643SARK - Fine booklet of 24 different B/W Sark LL cards. Fine. Scarce40.0075.00
644JERSEY - Postcard of Fort d'Auvergne Hotel, Havre des Pas. Shows illustrations of hotel development from 1925 to 1936 plus picture of fishing cat. Fine unused20.0020.00
645JERSEY - Royal Yacht Hotel B/W card postally used 19345.00
646JERSEY - LL Card no. 12 - Guernsey boat leaving for St Helier. B/W. Green back. Postally used12.0012.00
647JERSEY - LL Card no. 12- Later printing - B/W. Saint Helier Reindeer in Harbour. Pale green back. Fine unused12.0032.00
648JERSEY - LL Card no. 16 - Arrival of St Malo Boat. B/W. Green back. Fine unused10.0021.00
649JERSEY - LL Card no 26 - The Harbour. B/W Green back. Fine unused10.0016.00
650JERSEY - LL Card no 29 - Old Harbour. B/W. Green back. Postally used. Stamp on front12.0012.00
651JERSEY - LL Card no 35 - Saint Helier - Victoria Jetty. B/W. Green back. Date written on front. Used191022.00
652JERSEY - LL Card no 35 - St Helier - Victoria Quay - B/W Green back. Fine unused20.0016.00
653JERSEY - LL Card no 35 - St Helier - Victoria Quay - Coloured. Cream back. Fine unused20.0020.00
654JERSEY - LL Card no 37 - St. Helier - New Harbour and Regent Fort - Coloured . Postally used10.0042.00
655JERSEY - LL Card no 42 - St. Helier - The Beach. Green back. B/W. Postally used45.00
656JERSEY - LL Card no 43 - Greve de Lecq - The Strand - 2 B/W cards from different printings , both unused. 1. White back inscribed POSTCARD. 2. Pale green back inscribed CARTE POSTALE10.0010.00
657JERSEY - LL Card no 43 - Greve de Lecq - The Strand - Coloured card. Fine unused8.008.00
658JERSEY - LL Card no 46 - SAINT HELIER - Elisabeth Castle - B/W. White back. Message on reverse8.00
659JERSEY - LL Card no 48 - St Helier - The Esplanade (showing the railway). B/W. White back. Postally used8.008.00
660JERSEY - LL Card no 50 - St Helier - Grand Hotel - 2 cards - 1 B/W green back. Unused. 2. Sepia card. Postally used 1946.10.00
661JERSEY - LL Card no 59 - St Helier - The Weighbridge- Coloured Card. Fine unused8.008.00
662JERSEY - LL Card no 78 - Excursion Car leaving St. Helier. B/W. White back. Fine unused40.0040.00
663JERSEY - LL Card no 110 - Saint Aubin - General View Sepia Card, white border. From concertina booklet. Unused55.0055.00
664JERSEY - LL Card no 128 - Havre des Pas - J.S.C. Bathing Pool - . B/W. Green back. Postally used60.0060.00
665JERSEY - LL Card no 215 - Saint - Sauveur - Entance to Government House - B/W cream back. Inscribed on reverse CARTE POSTALE. Fine unused20.00
666JERSEY - LL Card no 227 - "A Sail" at Jersey - Coloured . Postally used30.00
667SHIPPING - S.S. Monarch off Alderney. Unused5.005.00
668SHIPPING - The boat Cygne arriving at Carteret from Jersey. Postally used6.006.00
669SHIPPING - The boat Cygne at Carteret. Different view to previous lot. Unused5.008.00
670SHIPPING - R.M.S. Vera. Unused5.005.00
671SHIPPING - RMS Brittany at Jersey - Unused3.003.00
672SHIPPING - S.S. Falaise at Jersey. Unused3.003.00
673SHIPPING - T.S. Lorina entering St Peter Port. Unused4.004.00
674SHIPPING - S.S. Isle of Jersey. Unused3.003.00
675SHIPPING - Early card showing arrival of boat at Carteret from Jersey. Shows passengers disembarking. Unused8.008.00
676SHIPPING - RMS Hantonia at Jersey. With message on reverse10.008.00
677SHIPPING - S.S. Alberta - Unused6.006.00
678SHIPPING - Early EL series card showing ship 'Victoria' at Jersey. Unused8.008.00
679SHIPPING - G.W.R. SS St Patrick- postally used 19394.004.00
680SHIPPING - Steamer St. Briac. Unused3.003.00
681SHIPPING - The ship Laura departing Granville for Jersey . Early unused card6.006.00
682SHIPPING- Early card of Granville showing passengers leaving ship 'Griffin' having arrived from Jersey. Unused6.007.00
683SHIPPING - Fine coloured card of ship at South Western Railway Quay, Jersey with barrels of potatoes in foreground. Postally used 19124.006.00
684JERSEY - Sepia view - Kensington Place. Pub. By F.Foot. Unused4.004.00
685JERSEY - Entrance to Gorey Village . Pitt series no. 86. Fine unused10.00
686JERSEY - Gorey Common, Pitt series no. 82. Fine unused6.00
687JERSEY - Gorey Village near Railway Station. Pitt series no. 84. Unused. Scarce card20.0020.00
STAMPS (See also Late Lots)
688GUERNSEY 1969 Set of the Predecimal Definitives (1d & 1s6d with wrong latitude) UM + 10s single with date (perf 12½) SG 19-28 17 stamps Cat £40+8.00
689GUERNSEY 1969 Set of the Predecimal Definitives (1d & 1s6d with wrong latitude) FU SG19-28 16 stamps Cat £263.003.00
690GUERNSEY - 1969 Pre-decimal definitives. 14 album pages with a wide range of listed varieties on the ½d (Exta window, lines in sky, retouches etc.); 1d (dagger flaw, retouches, extra lines etc.); 1½d rough face to Henry; 1s6d (extra line and partial line correction); 1s9d missing earring; booklet panes with colour shifts especially the green stem on the 4d. Various thick and thin papers. 15 stamps, 27 blocks (many positional), 16 booklet panes. Descriptions provided.60.0075.00
691GUERNSEY 18.05.1970 Set of the Predecimal Definitives (1d, 2d, 3d, 6d, 9d, 1s, 1s6d, 1s9d & 2s6d all on woodfree thin paper. UM & FU + set of pre-decimal Postage Dues UM & FU on album pages Cat £83+16.0020.00
692GUERNSEY 1970 Predecimal Definitives 10s & £1 perf. 13½ x 13 SG 27a & 28a UM & FU Cat £7515.00
693GUERNSEY 1969 -Brock - 1974 RNLI Commemoratives UM & FU. Includes 2 green shades of Brock 4d; broken '9' in the Brock 5d variety; both shades of the de la Rue 2½p; positional block of the de la Rue 4p with the 'line under eye' variety; Brock 2½d with complete offset on rear of stamp; Brock 2½p second printing. On album pages15.0019.00
694GUERNSEY 1971 Decimal Definitives set incliuding booklet panes UM & FU. 5p extra lines; 4d & 9d postional pairs of spot on leopard's leg; 10p extra stone; 2p & 10p reprints on chalk paper; block of 4x 50p showing bright blue sea; 20p shades (used); spectacular gold shift on 2½p and shifts on booklet panes. Set of the first Postage Dues UM & FU. On album pages10.0016.00
695GUERNSEY 1971 Two covers with the CISS 21st Year special handstamp. Both with the 2½d De la Rue stamp. One is the dull purple shade and the other is brown-purple3.005.00
696GUERNSEY 1970/1 Four illustrated covers. Two with the 20th Anniversary of Guernsey's 1st Postage stamp (½d & 1d) special handstamp. One commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Guernsey Bisect and the other the Return of the Islanders to Alderney5.009.00
697GUERNSEY AEROGRAMMES - 1969 - 1974. 12 aerogrammes including Scouts, Rotary, uprated ones and one FDI + mint registered envelopes 'G' & 'H'4.006.00
698615 Postmarks of the Guernsey Head Post Office by Leopold Mayr. Published 1990. in English. Fine. Scarce book20.0018.00
699THE GUERNSEY RAILWAY by N.R.P.Bonsor. Pub by The Oakwood Press, 1987. Fine8.008.00
700RAILWAYS OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS - A Pictorial Survey by C.Judge. Pub. by The Oakwood Press. 19926.005.40
701THE JERSEY RAILWAY B757by N.R.P. Bonsor. Pub. by The Oakwood Press. Second Reprint, 1986. Fine8.007.20
702THE JERSEY EASTERN RAILWAY by N.R.P. Bonsor. Pub by The Oakwood Press. 4th reprint, 1986. Fine6.005.40
703GOREY CASTLE GUIDE by Rybot. Published 19473.003.00
704JERSEY DEFINITIVES & BOOKLET PANES 1969 -97 by J.G. Hesketh3.003.00
706LL POSTCARDS OF THE CHANNEL ISLANDS - 1st edition 19914.004.00
707ISLANDS IN DANGER by Alan Wood & Mary Seaton Wood. Paperback. Pub. 1987. Fine4.00
708GUERNSEY - 7 Apr 1941 ½d Arms FDC with Guernsey date stamp on a pair with the imprint8.008.00
709GUERNSEY - 7 Apr 1941 ½d Arms FDCs with Ville au Roi, Les Gravees (with sheet No. 1252) and two with Guernsey date stamp (one with sheet No. 26412.0016.00
710GUERNSEY - 2 Feb 1941 1d Arms FDCs with Cobo, St. Martin's, Market Place & Guernsey date stamps (4 covers) + 2x 2½d FDCs one with the 'Rationed 2½d Stamp' label15.0019.00
711GUERNSEY - 1941-4 1d Arms covers. Three commercially used with recut numbers in the date stamp and one with an inverted '1' (4 covers)12.00
712GUERNSEY - 9th April 1942 1d Arms Blue Bank Note paper FDC. Scarce30.0030.00
713GUERNSEY - 15th March 1943 Cover to Jersey with 1x ½d and 2x 1d Arms with Guernsey m/c with recut '4' in the date slug. The ½d stamp has the white circle flaw5.004.00
714GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. KGV 1912-22 2d Bisect SG369 Die I FDI on piece cancelled with a Guernsey cds25.0020.00
715GUERNSEY - 20th Feb 1941. KGV 1912-22 2d Bisect SG369 Die I on commercial cover (BS1) with LES GRAVEES cds. Some foxing on the envelope80.00130.00
716GUERNSEY - 21st Jan 1941. KGV 1924-26 2d Bisect SG421 Die II commercial cover (BS2) cancelled with a Guernsey cds80.0080.00
717GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. KGVI 1938 2d Bisect SG465 FDC (BS5) cancelled with a Guernsey cds. Addressee name blacked out12.00
718GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. KGVI 1938 2d Bisect SG465 FDC (BS5) cancelled with a Guernsey cds. Some foxing on the card and stamp6.00
719GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. KGVI 1938 2d Bisect SG465 FDC (BS5) cancelled with a VILLE AU ROI cds.20.00
720GUERNSEY - 24th Jan 1941. KGVI 1938 2d Bisect SG465 (BS5) postcard cancelled with a Guernsey cds.15.00
721GUERNSEY - 18th Feb 1941. KGVI 1938 2d Bisect SG465 (BS5) commercial cover cancelled with a Guernsey m/c.20.00
722GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. 2d Centenary Bisect FDC on postcard (BS7) cancelled with a Guernsey cds.8.00
723GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. 2d Centenary Bisect FDC on postcard (BS7) cancelled with a Guernsey (St Peter Port) DRC.8.00
724GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. 2d Centenary Bisect FDC (BS7) on postcard cancelled with a COBO DRC.10.00
725GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. 2d Centenary Bisect FDC (BS7) cancelled with a St SAMPSON'S DRC.12.0012.00
726GUERNSEY - 27th Dec 1940. 2d Centenary Bisect FDC (BS7) cancelled with a VILLE AU ROI cds.12.009.50
727GUERNSEY - 28th Dec 1940. 2d Centenary Bisect on postcard (BS7) cancelled with a COBO DRC.8.006.50
JETHOU - The Catalogue Numbers are from Backman and Forrester's "The Postage Stamps of the Smaller Channel Islands" published in 1981
7281966 Norman Year. Set of 4 stamps (3d, 6d, 1/-, 1/9d) all corner marginals UM 40.0032.00
7291966 Norman Year. Set of 4 stamps (3d, 6d, 1/-, 1/9d) fine used40.0032.00
7301966 Norman Year. Sheets 3d B&F 21.S and 1/9d B&F 24.S UM50.0040.00
7311966 Norman Year. Minature Sheet B&F 25 UM40.0032.00
7321966 Norman Year. Proof Minature Sheet B&F 25.P.3 Colour trial with 3d in orange (rare) UM15.0036.00
7331966 Norman Year. Minature Sheet B&F 25 unlisted. Green colour inverted over other values (very rare) UM100.00130.00
7341966 Norman Year. Proofs B&F 21-24.P. Set of four in imperforate blocks of four100.0080.00
7351966 Norman Year. Proofs B&F 21-24.P. Set of four imperforate20.0020.00
7361966 Norman Year. 1/- B&F 23.M Sheet of four with no horizontal perforations. UM25.0025.00
7371966 Norman Year. Proofs B&F 21-24.P.4 Colour trials in blocks of four on a sheet60.0060.00
7381966 Norman Year. Proof B&F 22.M Unlisted 6d proof vertical pair & block of 4 with missing perfs20.0020.00
739St. MALO - Front addressed to Credit Lyonnaise, Paris with 2x 1d Lilac & 2x 1½d Jubilee (SG 172 & 198) cancelled with a St. Malo DRC and has a red St. Malo ANG. BM cachet (SG CF51a)20.0020.00