If you would like to submit something to the member discussion area, please email the society secretary at secretary@ciss.uk.

Wanted bottom marginal copies of 1d and 2.5d Liberation stamps.

I have copies of the imprints. It is to illustrate the jubilee lines differences as John Templeton describes in his article in Gibbons Monthly Magazine Oct 1993. Other blocks would be of interest. One is 2.5d top corner blocks to show Stamp 5/1 and 6/1.

In the first instance please reply to secretary@ciss.uk who will contact our overseas member.


Covers or Postcards with stamps from the following Post Offices: Braye Road, Forest, Les Gravees, St Andrews, St. Saviours, The Vale, as well as registered mail from these places. Please contact: Detlev Albrecht at mail@kanzlei-albrecht.com

Datestamps required

Steve Power requires the following items:

Krag cancels of Jersey, especially the Christmas ones without time codes.

Squared circles, especially the ‘nearly full circle’ variety.

Single circles with a combination of lettering, asterick, code and end letter.

Steve can be contacted on 07797 743278 or 01534 737067 or email spower1461@gmail.com

Boxed No. 4 handstamp of St. Clements, Jersey

Ron Brown would be interested to hear from any member who can provide details of any entire letters in their collection between 1838 and 1842, with the scarce No.4 handstamp of St. Clements.

Please contact Ron Brown at rbrown898@btinternet.com

Feldpost Wanted by Richard Flemming

Any of the following Feldpost numbers based on Alderney 1941-1945: 06682, 12987, 19670, 32122, 32422, 326668, 36928, 37514, 39765, 42464, 44057, 44843, 45569, 46048 and 49580.

Contact: rflemming@talktalk.net

Wanted by John Triggs

  • Guernsey and/or Jersey parish sub-offices
  • Registered REM envelopes (large or small)

Contact John Triggs at guern1974@cwgsy.net

Wants List – David Winnie

David Winnie wishes to know whether any members can meet his requirements for Registered Covers, notable by their absence in his collection, with the following Alderney and Sark registration labels. The numbers below correspond with “The Post Office in the Smaller Channel Islands” by David Gurney.









Should you have any of the above covers for sale, please contact David Winnie at chairman@ciss.uk.