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Title Article Author Edition Page
1775 entire commercial letter from Guernsey to Nantes23
1803 Wrapper from St Croix, Virgin Islands to Guernsey26
1812 Swanzey Ship Lre on entire Madeira to Guernsey26
1840 Entire letter – Antwerp to Guernsey via London with QV 1d Black17
1865 part cover from Guernsey to Brussels with three 1864 QV 1d rose-red stamps – a forensic study of faked plate 77 stamps7
1870 Ballon Monté Ville de Paris to Jersey7
1871 North German Confederation cover to Jersey33
1904 Unrecorded Five Oaks parcel post label34
1915 WWI Army Form POW card from Jersey to Germany28
1920 Sark uprated 1 1/2d postal stationery cover sent registered to London listed on Ebay11
1940/41 The ‘Difficult Period’ for mails between the Occupied Channel Islands and France12
1941 Augrès, Jersey Registered Envelope10
1941 cover from Newark, New Jersey to Jersey31
1941 cover from Paris to Chausey via Granville10
1941 pre-printed pre-paid business card, Germany to Jersey with cachet – CHERBOURG A PARIS29
1942 Jersey unsealed 1d letter rate8
1942 Jersey unsealed 1d letter rate26
1942 mixed franking cover machine cancelled Guernsey25
1942 Organisation Todt letter8
1943 (AUSWEIS (PERMIT) with Guernsey PAID datestamp29
1944 Belgium to Jersey cover with INACHEMINABLE cachet22
1971 Rhodesian Emergency Mail Service to the Channel Islands26
2015 Weekend meeting at the Peninsula Hotel, Guernsey Friday 24th April – Sunday, 26th April4
50th Anniversary of the formation of the twin Independent Channel Islands Postal Administrations9
59th Annual General Meeting22
64th Annual General Meeting report33
65th Annual General Meeting report – July 201529
66th Annual General Meeting report32
67th Annual General Meeting Report – 15th July 201731
68th AGM report27
69th Annual General Meeting Minutes30
70th Annual General Meeting on Zoom Minutes30
A “crashed” Ballon Monte of 24th November 187020
A ‘Bark’ letter into Jersey 191930
A 1779 letter detailing some aspects of the Battle of Jersey in the French invasion26
A 1799 Entire Letter London to Jersey33
A 1942 order of the German Kommandant in Jersey35
A 1943 philatelic postcard from Guernsey to Keil, Germany22
A 1944 Laufen Camp Theatre Programme34
A 1945 Express letter to Jersey21
A 2nd “Carrefour” registration label33
A Catalogue of Jersey Postcards published by Levy Sons and Co, Paris20
A cheque used in Occupied Guernsey in March 194527
A collection of black and white LL postcards of Jersey – a new CD published by your Society24
A colour variation of the straight line JERSEY handstamp23
A commercial use of a Jersey 1d Arms stamp in Guernsey during the Occupation18
A cover from Italy to Jersey in 194226
A Detective Story (Unsolved)26
A forged Channel Islands distinctive Maltese Cross13
A hand sewn Occupation postage due cover32