It has been brought to our attention that members need to be aware of the recent appearance of Herm stamps with unlisted/unofficial overprints on a well-known on-line auction site. Please be aware that these are unofficial overprints and do not appear in any of the official Herm stamp catalogues. It is not the intention of the C.I.S.S. to stop any of its members from purchasing any of these items if they so wish. Bear in mind that these overprints are printed off a computer. They are not genuine stamps, in the true sense, with an unofficial overprint. It also appears that other Channel Islands philatelic material of dubious origins periodically appears on the same on-line auction site; so, buyer beware. If in doubt, please seek advice by emailing


Dear Member,

I hereby give due notice that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Channel Islands Specialists’ Society will be held at the Royal Philatelic Society London, 15 Abchurch Lane, London, EC4N 7BW on Saturday, 25th September 2021 commencing at 11.00am.

Please watch the Society’s website ( for further information on the agenda, annual accounts, proposed [simplified] changes to membership subscription levels and officers’ reports.

As per Society Rule 8(c) all Full Committee members, as defined in Rule 8(b), will retire at the AGM but may stand for re-election. If any member of the Society wishes to stand for any of the Full Committee positions, as defined in Rule 8(b), please notify me at at least one week before the AGM, together with the names of proposer and seconder. If there are two or more nominees for any of the Full Committee positions then a secret ballot will be held on the day of the AGM. No proxy/postal votes can be accepted.

Please note that we are in a position of requiring a new Competitions Secretary. If any member is interested in the position then please contact me at the above email address.

If you are intending to attend the AGM can you please email me at the above email address as it will help with room arrangements, given any Covid-19 regulations that may be in place at the RPSL. Again, I will notify you via this website, prior the event, of the situation in place there.

Richard Flemming, Secretary

New unofficial German Occupation overprints on Edward VIII stamps

It has been brought to my notice that a publicity flyer produced by the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey) branch, and published on its website, for a forthcoming event shows images of Edward VIII definitive stamps overprinted with a swastika and the word ‘Jersey’ below in Gothic print. Please note that these are probably 21st century copies and were never issues by the German authorities during its occupation of Jersey. If offered for sale please take heed of this notice. Members may still wish to purchase such items purely out of philatelic interest and at an outlay of a few pounds.


Fifteen members and two guests attended the first Members Meeting at the Royal Philatelic Society London on Saturday, 24rd July 2021 following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions for group meetings. Further details will be available in the September edition of Les Iles Normandes.

Some of the members attending the Members Meeting at the RPSL on Saturday, 24th July 2021 ( Photo by Richard Flemming)

C.I.S.S. attends Midpex 2021

David Winnie (left), Gerald Marriner (centre) and Richard Flemming (right)

David Winnie (Chairman), Gerald Marriner (President) and Richard Flemming (Secretary) attending the Midpex 2021 event that was held on Saturday, 3rd July at the Warwick Events Centre, Leamington Spa, on behalf of the society. Not surprisingly, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, attendance was down but it was good to see several C.I.S.S. members there. A range of society books was available to purchase bringing in £115.00  worth of sales, making the attendance well worthwhile. The next Midpex event will be in 2023.

Annual Competition Results 2021

Apologies for delay in publishing results which are published below.

The following competitions were judged by Graham winters FRPSL and the respective standard is given for each entrant:

Sussex Cup for Postal History & Postal Markings

Guernsey Early Philately, Julian Bagwell. Gold.  Winner.

Handstamps applied to mail arriving in France from the Channel Islands,1755-1839.  Richard Flemming.  Gold.

Postal History Correspondence, a different view. Steven Power. Vermeil

Society Cup for Stamps

The Constant Errors & Varieties of the First Pre-Decimal and Decimal Definitive Stamps of Guernsey. Nicholas Stuart. Vermeil.  Winner.

Guernsey 3d Regional Stamps.  John Goose.  Large Silver.

Guernsey Regional Stamps used in Alderney.  John Goose.  Silver Bronze.

Occupation Postal History and Markings. 

German Occupation of the Island of Alderney, 1940-1945.  Richard Flemming. Large Vermeil.  Winner.

The Red Cross Message Service 1940-1945.  Alan Whittaker.  Large Vermeil.

Open Philately Competition Cup.

First Official Airmails 1937-1984.  Alan Whittaker. Vermeil.