C.I.S.S. Makes History with its First Annual General Meeting held using Zoom Video Conferencing

Above is a screenshot of those C.I.S.S. members who attended and contributed to the 70th Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 5th December 2020, historically the first ever via Zoom Video Conferencing

Top row, left – right; David Winnie (Chairman), Gavin Wood, Mark Bailey (Membership Sec and photograph taker), John Triggs (Packet Sec. – Guernsey) and Richard Flemming (Secretary).

2nd row from top, left – right: David Laurillard, Mark Liquorish, Nick Stuart (Auction Sec.), Leo Mayr (Austria), David and Moira Edwards.

3rd row from top, left – right: Bryan Elliston (new Treasurer), Gerald Marriner (President) Nick Martin, Ian  Mitchelson and David Ackroyd.

4th row from top, left – right: Peter Viscusi (Missouri, USA), Robert Shaw, David Rolf, Mike Moody and Julian Bagwell.

Bottom row, left – right: Trevor Nichols, John Payne and Roger Harris.