C.I.S.S. Website – “Searchable Journals”

Your Society is pleased to announce an excellent further advancement to our Website.

Today sees the roll-out of Phase 1 of our “Searchable Journals” project. Members will now be able to search our Journals from 2013 to date in a choice of user friendly different ways.

We believe this will be a very useful source of information for our members but, if we are to progress to Phases 2 and 3 whereby ALL of our Journals back to 1985 will be searchable (this will involve a considerable amount of work) then the ball is in your court. We will be monitoring usage by our Members as a way of determining whether to press on with Phase 2 and then Phase 3.

We would, therefore encourage you all to search, “play” and enjoy.

Please visit the Journal Index page here.