New publication for 2022

DELIVERED BY THE HOTEL’S CARE: The Private Postal Services of French Hotels in Jersey by Roger Harris. This 93-page book is a study into the significance of the French Hotels’ private stationery and private cachets and their recognition by the Jersey Post Office mail sorters as instructional marks, ensuring that mail was routed straight to France, either via the Boite Mobile or in mail bags routed by French mail boats.

Offered at a special C.I.S.S. membership price of £5.00, which includes worldwide postage and packing, why not order a copy today by contacting, or writing to CISS Books, 64 Falconers Green, Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 2SX, United Kingdom quoting your C.I.S.S. membership number.

2022 Annual Competition Entries Available to View On-line

I am pleased to inform you that all of the 2022 Annual Competition entries are now available for you to view on-line.
All that you have to do is login to your CISS account and click on “Competitions” from the menu bar. You then select “CISS Annual Competitions 2022” from the menu options, which will bring up the first sheet of each entry submitted, along with the award given. If you wish to view the full sixteen-sheet entry, all you need to do is click on this sheet and the full sixteen-sheet display will be uploaded. If you then wish to view individual sheets within each entry, all you have to do is click on the individual sheet and you will get a full screen view of said sheet. Enjoy.
I wish to thank Nick Martin, our new Competitions Secretary, for his time and efforts for uploading all the individual sheets for each entry on to the website. I would also like to thank Graham Winters for judging the 2022 competition entries, and to all those members who submitted entries. Without your submissions there would be no Annual Competition Day. Start planning your 2023 entries now.

Richard Flemming


I am pleased to have been offered the position as your Competitions Secretary and look forward to contributing to an important aspect of the Society’s activities. Given that we will probably be affected by Covid restrictions for some time, it has been decided that the submission of entries for the annual Competitions Day, to be held on the 5 February 2022, will be similar to the Competition Day of 2021, whereby entries will be submitted to me so that I can forward them directly to our Competition Day judge, Graham Winters. The meeting at the Royal Philatelic Society London on the 5 February will now be a normal Members Meeting, with the usual 50-lot room auction and members’ displays. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR COMPETITION ENTRIES TO LONDON AS THEY WILL NOT BE JUDGED.

To this end, please let me have your 16-sheet entries as soon as possible, either as good quality prints or photocopies, scanned as a continuous PDF or as individual JPEGs. I will be pleased to offer any advice with this. If you use a professional copy shop, they may be able to create electronic copies of your display and email them straight to me. If you need help with any aspect of this, please contact me by e-mail –, by phone on 01452 855941, or by mobile on 07703 766477. 

Entries should be sent directly to me as Competition Secretary to or by post to: Nick Martin, 20 Vervain Close, Churchdown, Gloucester GL3 1LT. and I will forward them to our judge for judging at home.    

It will help preparation if all entrants could complete the entry form and send it to me, along with your entry/entries, as soon as possible, and to arrive no later than 28 January 2022 so that I can collate them into the various classes and then forward them on to Graham. The form can be downloaded or printed off from the CISS website or from this link –  

For your information the competition rules are to be found by clicking on this link –  

I look forward to meeting you all in due course. 

Nick Martin 

Competitions Secretary 

20 Vervain Close 



GL3 1LT 

Interesting novelty postcards for sale by Private Treaty

The Society has been asked to sell the following two novelty postcards by private treaty as a one-off favour. They will be sold to interested parties on a “first come – first served” basis. The asking prices are non-negotiable. The novelty postcard titled “Milk Churn to France”, and dated 1910, is being sold at £75.00 , and the other, titled “Camera Mail Card”, also showing views of Jersey, is being sold at £40.00. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

If you are interested in purchasing either of these items then please supply me with your name/address and CISS membership number, and the first one received will be the lucky winner. Send details please to


At the Annual General Meeting on 25 September 2021, revised levels of subscriptions were agreed for future years, beginning with 2022. These new subscription rates are shown in the table below.

ResidencyANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION RATES (in pounds sterling)
UK and Channel IslandsMember aged over 18, £15; or if choosing electronic copy of quarterly Journal, £10; Junior (under 18), £1.
Europe and Rest of WorldMember aged over 18, £20; or if choosing an electronic copy of the Journal, £10; Junior (under 18), £1

Will members please note that these new rates are applicable for 1st January 2022. Further details will be available in the December 2021 Les Iles Normandes journal.