2023 Competition

Saturday 11 February 2023

Many thanks go to our judges, Graham Winters, FRPSL, and Dr Patrick Reid, FRPSL, for judging the competition entries and for providing thorough and useful feedback to individual competitors as well as general comments which will be useful to all collectors entering competitions.

Ten entries were received in five different classes.  Congratulations and thank you to all contributors. Everyone who attended the meeting enjoyed looking at all the informative displays.  The standard was very high.

All the entries as well as Palmares can be seen on this website by clicking on the COMPETITIONS drop-down menu.

Certificates were awarded by Society President David Laurillard to the participants present:

Hayden Moorcroft. Vermeil Medal Winner.
Bryan Elliston, Silver Medal Winner.
Richard Flemming, Silver-bronze and two Vermeil Medals Winner.
Nick Stuart. Winner of two Silver Medals.

Congratulations also to medal winners who could not attend in person:

John Goose, Wellington, New Zealand, Large Vermeil Medal Winner

Steve Power, Jersey, Gold Medal Winner

Doug McGill, California, Gold Medal Winner

Nick Martin

Competitions Secretary

No barcode for Channel Island stamps

Following an article that appeared in the Guernsey Press dated 30th January 2023 titled “Bailiwick ‘special’ stamps are exempt from barcode”, Bridget Yabsley, Head of the Philatelic Department, Guernsey Post, has confirmed with the Channel Islands Specialists’ Society, that Guernsey Post will not be using barcodes on its commemorative or definitive stamps at this present time. Bridget states that “Royal Mail refer to all our [Guernsey] stamps as ‘special’ and therefore they do not require a barcode.” We are indebted to Bridget for this information.

Richard Flemming, Secretary

Issues with Royal Mail and packet circuit boxes

From information received, there seem to be issues with members receiving packets once they have been forwarded on to the next recipient. A recent packet to enter circulation took 45 days to arrive at its destination from Guernsey. I am sure that this is due to the backlog of letters/parcels in the system due to the recent postal workers’ strike action and, hopefully, will resolve itself in due course. As per policy, please ensure that the sender of the packet notifies the next recipient that they are forwarding the packet, but also notify them of the date that it was sent. Can the recipient of the packet then notify the sender that they have received the packet. This way we can see if the delays in receiving packets continue. Once you are aware that the packet has been forwarded to you, be aware that it may take a few days for you to receive it, so please be patient. If there are any issues, then please contact the Packet Secretary at packets@ciss.uk.


David Gurney, Journal Editor, is seeking inform from any member who might have a similar type C, 24mm ST-AUBYNS datestamp used either as a cancel or backstamp. The image shown here is a type C ST- AUBYNS/P/AP 25/70 datestamp. Have you one in your collection that is earlier than 25th April 1870, or between 26 April 1870 – 30 November 1870? If you have, please contact David Gurney at nangurney1@aol.com.

Please see the image below. Sorry about the poor quality